Love in Mission – Twinj Chapter 12


Hlo guys……. As u all requested to post mu ff fast I m here to post it…..
Let us start
Twinkle and kunj went to randhava’s mansion……they reached in about 20 mins…. They both complimented each other in their own style….
t-kunj well done mansion is looking like palace….
k-yes I know thanks to u too and here I can see a cat is also looking like peahen…
t- and yes a monkey is looking like peacock…..
k- very funny
t- tit for tat
k- waise thanks u said me handsome….

t- no
k- yes
k- see I said naa
t- no u tricked me….
k- yes I did
t- ok I give up…. U are looking like prince…happy
k- very happy u r also looking like a doll
t- thanks think I want to be ur doll forever
she was out of her world when kunj snapped befor her and said are u ok?
k- lest go then

sshe again thought………..twinkle control okay after this mission u can say that to kunj..
kunj went to uv’s room and uvraj hugged him….
Uv- I m feeling nervous.
k- be confident
uv-I ‘l try
meanwhile twinkle entered…. Uv got flat on seeing twinkle… his eyes were stuck on her. He was continuosly staring her..
uv- twinkle looking hot…wo I meant pretty
t- thanks
t- r u ready uv?
Uv- yes

k- come down then..
uv- okay u both go I will come..
t- I m going to kavya kunj u come wid this monkey…
uv- twinkle tu ulta bol gyi… uv wid this monkey right…..
t- no kunj wid this monkey(pointing towards uv)
uv- me monkey??
t- offcourse tu and kunj can’t be monkey he is looking dashing
uv- and meee?
t- joker….
k- twinkle r u fine ? what happened to u ?
t- love…(noy being in sense)
k- what?
t- wo..wo.wwo kuch nnhi bas aise hi
and she ran out of the room and went to kavya..

ka- hlo twinkle looking pretty
t- u too.. ready for acting
t- ok lets go then
twinj came wid yuvya down and yuvya exchanged their rings..
raghav danced on song kya karun main ladies from ladies vs ricky bahl
kavya’s frnd danced on kamli song and after that she pulled twinkle and made her dance.
Twinkle danced on sun saathiya…..she danced very well( same walafrom film)…. All the three boys kunj…..yuvraj……and raghav were staring like hell…
When she came back after dancing….
k- It was awsm twinkle
t-thanks kunj
y- it was gud

t- thanks yuvraj
r- it was hot….
Kunj got angry listening this
t- whatever
kunj was also made danced on the song sau tarah ke … he exactly danced like jhalak..
twinkle was also staring him..
when he came back..
t- even u danced well..
k- thanks doll
she blushed a little but hid it from kunj….
y- bro awsm yaar (slowly in ear)
k- thank you
like this function got over…. Guest went away and slowly slowly all went o their rooms now only twinj were left….they were discussing for next program and twinkle felt thirst so said to kunj that….
t- kunj I m feeling thirsty… I will drink water and come..
k- ok
twinkle went from and was pulled inside store room by raghav
t- what the hell!!! Ru mad raghav.
r- yes in ur beauty
t- shut up

r- y haan… todauy u will be mine…
twinkle tried to go by freeing her hand but he didn’t let her go…. He pushed her and closed the door and again came close to her she was trying hard to get out from his grip but he didn’t let her….
On other side kunj was seen looking for twinkle as she didn’t returned from much time..
In store room Twinkle bite raghav’s hand run from there and she banged the door which was heard by kunj…..she tried to open door but raghav held her…. Kunj came to know that twinkle was there as he was able to see a shadow and he ran towards the room
In room Raghav is seen upon twinkle and twinkle’s dress is torn from shoulder nd from waist too her waist is fully visible…her hairs are messed up… and she is crying for help and kunj reached the room and broke the door and went inside and was taken back after seeing raghav on twinkle and twinkle was in her worst condition he pulled raghav and beated him black and blue raghav was full of blood and hearing sound kavya also came and saw twinkle’s state and hugged her tightly as she was not crying because she was in shock…… kunj came to twinkle and hugged her….

Twinkle was feeling safe in hi arms and she started crying viguorusly and kavya called police… after 15 mins police came and kunj told everything to police and arrested raghav… whole family got the news and evry 1 aggred but mr randhava didn’t.. he tried to stop polics but can’t do anything……police also said that after 2 to 3 weeks only you can take him out….

Precap- twinkle’s bad state and kunj’s relisation of love for……

How was it guys…. Hope u liked it thanks for reading…

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  1. Ramya

    Hayeee cutieee it’s awesome loved it
    I felt bad fr twinkle yr
    By episode was awesome.
    N really I cabt wait fr next one plsss asap

  2. SidMin23

    It was mind blowing and thanks god Kunj save twinkle as always on time and yes next episode seen to be amazing finally Kunj relized his love for twinkle. Can’t wait. Post soon take care of ur too.

  3. Sohi

    Hey the episode was awesome plz post soon and I think kunj has realise his feelings for twinkle but your precap Is saying to aspects waiting for next with hope that he loves twinkle do continue

  4. Awesome…. amazing…excited for nxt luvd it i hope he realise his feelings plzzzz

  5. Awesome…. amazing…excited for nxt luvd it i hope he realise his feelings plzzzz post nxt asap

  6. It was a Mindblowing episode and the precap was damn interesting plz plz plz post asap I’m too eager to read the next

  7. Supriya18d

    Cute epi frm Cutiee….awsm epi

  8. Wow epi is awesome and nice I loved it….filling bad 4 twinki and precep is interesting pls post soon…bye and love u…..

  9. Simiyy

    I enjoyed reading it
    Please post soon

  10. Hey cutiee,
    Firstly a big wala tq for posting soon.Awesom plus amazing epi.Luved it.Precap toh aur bhi acha tha.Kunj realizing his luv, so excited.Post soon.

    Lots of luv,

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing… shocking epi…..bechari twinkle

  12. Chiku

    It’s awesome ????lovely. I am loving ur ff alot. Now its my fav. Plzzz post next soon plzzzz
    Love u?

  13. Kritika14

    It was so good! Post soon! x

  14. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….awesome episode. ..
    Post next part asap….

  15. Hey Cutiee! it was awesome amazing superb epi… loved twinjs cute complement for eo…. precap seems interesting as well as suspensive…. well post next asap..

    Lots of love n keep smiling


  16. Aanya_pandey

    Superb episode dear

  17. Awesomeee.. felt bad for twinki though??.. finally kunj will realize his love for her.. do cont soon ??

  18. Adya

    Hi cutie…
    Well it was awesome…damn good… was lovely.
    Plss post soon…
    Sry for the short comment

  19. SidMin

    Loved it the episode was too good and the precap is soo exciting I can’t wait for the next please post soon 🙂

  20. Baby

    ohhhhh god cutieeee dis was spr cute episode jst like u
    haye yr srsly loved d episode to core of my heart♥
    beautiful huh dis uv raghav well dats gr8 raghav is now in jail☻
    n yr itna cute tha twinj moments all were amazing n den
    dat was really ridiculous worst of raghav to do dis to twinkle
    n itna suspense yr lyk srsly i cant w8 or ur nxt episode post asap dear plsssssssssss…☻♥♥♥♥☻
    love you lods sis..☻♥♥♥♥♥♥☻

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