Love in Mission – Twinj Chapter 1


Hiiii guys….me sidhansha i m back wid my ff I have choosed my ff story no 2 to write but I promise that side by side I will try to write other 2 also.i have names my ff wid love in mission. This is purely twinj story.
Cast- twinkle-jasmin bhasin
Kunj –sidhant gupta
Yuvraj-zain imam(police inspector but a common frnd of twinj who had a crush on twinkle)
Chinki-(same of serial tashan e ishq)friend of twinkle ad sis of yuvi
And others chrachters will be revealed later in ff.
So my ff begins.

A place is shown which has pics of a man wid cross sign made on it.and written revenge.on it wid dark red blood color. On other side two peope r shown walking on road a girl wearing burkha and a man is also walking wid her. They both go to the same place where that pics are placed and there two people are waiting for them. They are none other than yuki. The people who came to that place remove their get up. Girl removes her burkha and is revealed to be twinkle(Punjabi ptaka wid beauty and brains). Now boy also removes his fake beared and then his kurta and turns to be kunj(hot and dashing). Now they took their seats and started planning something. But uv was cont. staring at twinkle which was noticed by chinki. So she beat her foot on his foot. So he can come to his senses. But he screamed …..(k for kunj,u for uv, c and t for chinki and twinkle respectively) (and yes guys I said that chinki was only twinkle’s frnd because she shared her every thought wid her. But kunj shared only wid and kunj treated chinki as his sis and she don’t know that uv likes twinki but have a doubt.)
Now ff continued…uv screamed and kunj asked..
k-what happened uv .Is everything fine?
u-yess. Bro nothing like that
t-then y u screamed?

u-twiiiii…nnkle wo maine wahan cockroach dekha .
listening word cockroach chinki stood on her chair and seeing her uv started laughing.but no reaction of twinj.
c-twinki and kunj bro kabhi to has liya karo
u-kade taan has leya karo bhaji(in ajay devagan style of movie son of sardar)
twinkle and kunj gave whatever wala look and they said to start .
uv – yes here is my info. The whom u r waiting will be here after 3 days. He is coming here to find a son in law for her daughter.
t-that’s great …listening that news twinkle had a relax wali smile on her which kunj also responded and
passed a small smile back.twinj were somewhere releaved after listening news.
k-so after long wait of 2 years we will be able to take our revenge. Mr. Randhava wait and watch we r coming.
t-yes. We r back to take our family’s revenge.
And they all hii fii
At night at yuki’s home.
c-what was that bhaiya?
c-u were staring twinkle.

u-mmmm…no kab?
c-jab maine aapko main laat mari aur aap cheekhe the
u-wo..wowo…nhi I was not staring her but wo itni pretty hai ki main uski taraf se aankhen hi nhi hta saka.
c- do u love her?
u- love to bta nhi like to zaroor karta hoon.
c-ohk bhai but aapko yaad hai na usne aur kunj ne kya kasam khai hai?
u-haan ki wo jab tak apni families ka badla nhi le lete tab tak kuch aur nhi sochenge.
c-main toh bas yahi chahti hoon ki jald se jald inka yeh badla khatam ho jaye.par bhai unke saath hua kyat ha?
u-main bhi theek se nhi jaanta.time aane pe poochenge zaroor.chal so jaa bye good night.
c-good night bro.
on the other hand twinj r shown in same house written twinj villa outside.
They r living in 1 lavish house but in two other rooms.(they r living in same house as they want to show to people that they r married and secondly they don’t have any family…why ?revealed later on)

Twinkle is preparing something in kitchen. kunj comes from behind and say that all fake pages and fake ids r ready
From tomorrow u and me are honour of wedding business and I have arranged people who will help us in this business.
t-thanks kunj.
k-its my family’s revenge too.
t-hmm.have dinner I have made it.
k-thanks twinkle.i will have in my room.
t-kunj plz.we r frnds na.y r u so sad.tell me.plzzzzz
k-nothing twinkle
t-iska matlab tum mujhe apna dost nhi mante.
k-no twinki nothing like that.
t-ok then tell.
k-tom is bebe’s birthday.(and he started crying very badly . seeing him like this twinki felt bad and just started consoling him meanwhile kunj hugged twinki she also didn’t resist and carseeing his hair.after some time they saw their position and were embarrassed.they quietly went to table and had their dinner and went to their rooms.
Twinkle was in her room and thinking about the incident and smiled but after some time she brushed all thoughts and said to herself
t-what is wrong wid u? r u mad twinkle . u have to take ur revenge 1st how can u think about kunj?
Same was happening wid kunj
Screen freezes on their tensed faces.
To be cont…

Precap-flaskback of the reason of revenge.

Guys how was that? If u don’t liked it then plz comment.
Comment plz ……..THANKS FOR READING

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    Loved it 🙂 So sweet UV is a good charter in the ff so far so he is also cute and Twinj just adorable Loved them want to know the reason of their Revenge and also why they pretend to be married 🙂
    I love Revenge stories (I write 2 of them so Its ovbio Tht I like revenge and all ) Post soon can’t wait 🙂

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    ohhhhhhh god cutieeeee it was as cute as u………soo sweet luvd it
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