When LOVE met DESTINY !!! Ff by TRISHA (chapter 6) Reva in sdch

Hey guys trisha here
Long time no see ! Really sorry for being so late !
Thanku so much lovely readers for such heartwarming comments ! You guys literally make my day ! Nd one more important information !!

“I am here for a week only after that I will be irregular may be just posting OS so just pardon me for that !”

“But I promise as soon as I get time I will definitely start another ff”

Now without wasting further time let’s continue to the story !

Recap- happy starting !! Kabeer knows his past nd Reva too knows her father !! Saachi nd Reva shifted to kabeer’s home !!

**when LOVE met DESTINY**


The episode starts as follows !!!


She woke up with a jerk hearing the irritating voice of her alarm !!

Saachi (murmuring)- what the hell ! It’s just 6 am nd I have to wake up ! What ?6 am !! Uff Kabeer nd Reva !

She quickly looked beside her nd found no one put on her sleepers nd started waking as a “sleepy Kumbhkaran” towards the stairs where she could easily see Kabeer nd Reva sitting on dining !!

Reva(shouting)- mr Kabeer kapoor apko office nhi Jana h ?? Wake up fast nd Reva tumhari to me princi se baat krugi !! Bigad rkha h ise !!

(Me Kabeer kapoor u don’t have to go office ? Nd Reva I will talk to ur princi just wake up )

Saachi was eyeing them rolling her eyes !!

Reva- if someone wants to have brkfst then come fast getting ready !!

Kabeer looked upwards towards Saachi but immediately changed the view ; how could he have tolerated her glares !!! He was super afraid !!!

Saachi murmuring went inside for a shower nd then for ready “the ones who never wake up without warning are already up ; don’t think much Saachi else … god ! Psychological issues !! Uff these baap Beti !!”

She quickly got ready in a shirt pants nd blazer !! Put her hairs in a high pouf then a pony tail …. smokey eyes with dark lipstick ….nd high heels !!

(Hope u understood her look)

She stepped downstairs where kusum was ordering the servants !! Kabeer was looking too handsome in black dress
But !

Saachi- (angrily)- Reva what is this why are you not is your school dress beta !!

Reva was as shown in pic !!

Saachi looks at Kabeer while Reva too notice that nd her father trying to hide himself from his wife’s eyes !!

Reva- mumma don’t stare my papa like this we both know he’s handsome that doesn’t mean u will start giving him lines !!

Sachi was shocked

Kabeer was signing Reva to shut else he’ll be gone !! But she was not ready to listen at all !!!

Reva- u don’t be afraid papa I am always be with you!! And don’t worry mumma will not know about our secret plan !!

Saachi now put her hands on her waist giving him deadly looks !!!

Saachi- maa u know someone really needs a dose !!!

*if anyone don’t know then dose means some slaps or beating someone*

Kusum nd sachi too sat on the dining table !!

Kabeer nd Reva were whispering in each other’s ears !!

Kabeer- no u ask !

Reva- offo papa don’t be afraid Mrs hitler won’t do anything!!

Reva said this loudly !!!

Kabeer could just pat his head with his right hand !!

Kabeer(mind)- chup hoja meri maa!! Pls stop reva! I hope U don’t want ur father to die from ur mummas hands !!

Reva- mumma Reva is coming to SDCH with both of you !!

Saachi- r u asking beta or telling ?

Reva- papa told me to say like this !!

On this kusum couldn’t control her laugher anymore nd burst out !!

Reva- pls just one day off ! My lovely mom !!

Saachi- from whom did u learned this buttering !!

Reva looked at his father when he signed “no” Saachi too noticed !!

Reva- papa is saying to not to tell u that he taught me this !!

Kabeer- satyanash !! Gya aj to Kabeer beta !!

Saachi- ok just one day !!!

Reva- thanku so much my pyarri mummy !!

Reva quickly got up to wash her hand nd kusum too while Saachi was giving him deadly glares !

Kabeer- what ?

Saachi- many things !

Kabeer- then …

Saachi- if anything happened in hospital today dr Kabeer will be responsible for that !!

Kabeer- means I need to get an apology letter already !!

Saachi- reva isn’t that shy like me !! Bs aj to bachke rehna pdega !!

Kabeer- shy and you ?

Saachi- did you said anything ?

Kabeer- nothing !!!

Scene shifts to SDCH !!
Reva sitting quietly in sdch as told by Kabeer putting her finger on her lips !!

Nurse- dr Kabeer abc is calling you !!

Kabeer- ok you go I am coming!!

Kabeer-(mind) will it be safe (for hospital staff not for Reva) to leave her like this here but I have no other option!!

He told her to not to go anywhere nd himself left. On the way he sent veer to take care of Reva for sometime but till than she was shifted to kabeer’s chair.

@in kabeers cabin !!

Reva- veer chachu I wanna go outside pls take me na.

Veer- no dr Kabeer will eat me raw if I let u go anywhere !

Reva- hey bhagwan don’t know why everyone is afraid of mr kapoor !! Nd u know my papa is afraid of mumma ! Umm
Are you sure u are not taking me out ; miss Reva Kabeer kapoor is asking u last time!!

Veer just gulped a big pack of nervousness !

Veer(mind)- if I took her out then dr kbeer won’t spare us but if not then wht she will do with me o god kha fasadiya !!

Veer(after gathering lots nd lots of courage)- yes I am sure I am not taking u out.

Seen shifts to ladies washroom someone was constantly peeping onto riya !! She went outside talking on phone leaving her purse inside ! Came back put on her red lipstick nd
Her scream was loud enough to be heard by all hospital !!
Now see what she got
Red mirchi in her lipstick nd a cockroach in her purse!!

Reva is seen hiding nearby nd then vanished from there too !

All gathered near riya. !

Riya- who the hell did this I won’t spare anyone!

Saachi looked angrily at Kabeer while Kabeer was clueless nd ran back to his cabin as fast as he could !
Let’s see what made him sigh out of fear!!

Veer was there his hands were bandaged with each other lips too …nd a top tied over him nd the chair !!

Kabeer quickly went nd opened him both of their eyes read the one thing only
(Fear of Reva”

Kabeer- Reva ?

Veer- only god knows where is she !

Precap- where is Reva ?
Who is in danger Reva or staff ?

So this was the next part guys hope u liked it pls pls drop a comment if you guys liked this!

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  1. Neha7873

    Seriously Hilarious epi ! I shoul say Reva is quite notorious .update soon

    1. Trisha139

      Glad u liked it neha. Nd sure

      1. Trisha139

        Nice dp btw ?

  2. Riyarocks

    Trisha Trisha Trisha……………abhi tak pet mein dard ho raha hai has haskar…………….sooooo hilarious………..really yaar…………u r a Gem of this SDCH TU………koi bhi scene ho…….romance, emotion, comedy……….tum har ek kasauti pe khade utri ho…………luv u lot my cutie pie………..

    1. Trisha139

      Omg thankyou so much riya for this over whelming lines I am really grateful to u !
      Love uh more my chocopie ?

  3. hahahaa too gud yaar

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou swetha ♥️

  4. Khamoshi

    Definately Staff is in danger…
    Hahaha Hilarious episode dear. Plz post next soon.
    Reva is like CHHOTA PACKET BADA DHAMAKA.. mind blowing

    1. Trisha139

      HAHa ? ofcourse !

  5. The staff is in trouble…. Amazing bonding between father daughter…. Update soon

  6. Moonlight25

    Yogita dear..the epi was so hilarious…i still can t control my laughter…Reva is so cute..
    Just wanna eat her…..you are so talented post ASAP…….love you loads ????❤❤

    1. Trisha139

      Awww tysm tania
      Luv uh more

  7. Hatts of to u didu….u just nailed it….such a hillarious episode….love it too the coree…do update soon & lots of love to u sweetie.

    1. Trisha139

      Aww tysm niyati dear
      Lv u tko

  8. Aafiya

    Mind-blowing and superb

  9. Priyanshipp

    Superb dear. U nailed it. It was fabulous.
    Reva rocked nd kabir shocked ???????????????????????

  10. Dhruti

    cupcake it was superb and comedy too but i enjoyed a lot ………………………and obviously hospital staff in danger………..and kabir too……………..
    can’t wait for next one update soon………………….as khamoshi said for Reva……………she is “chhota packet bada dhamaka””………….i love Reva’s character……………………

    1. Trisha139

      Tysm dhruti nd yeah

  11. Abhilasha

    O Teri …Reva to tsunami h achchi khasi …hilarious….loved it!!

  12. I just loved it!!!!! Oh trisha! I just love ur writings….plz update asap yr…eagerly waiting 4 next episode!

    1. Trisha139

      Awww thanku dear

  13. Terrible Reva…Omg how naughty she is!! nd,,soooooo cute…
    I liked the way she treated Riya…Just LOL…

    1. Trisha139

      Haha ? thanks

  14. Palak.Sharma

    The staff is soo gone!! Like Khamoshi said chhota packet bada dhamaka. And trisha you are just fabulous!!! I was studying for a test and was so bored your ff brought up my mood (lol doesnt make sense)!!! Outstanding super duper funny

    1. Trisha139

      That’s really an honour dear thnku

  15. Hey trishu koi shaq nahi hamein obviously staff hi honge bechare jo is aafat ki pudiyan ko jhel nahi paa rahe honge junior khadus cum prankster.. Ria ka kya haal kiya mera to has has kar bura haal h sara seriel walon ka gussa yun gayab ho gaya.. Lovv u sisy post nxt asap ..bye gud ni8

    1. Trisha139

      Haha ? acha hai thanks luv uh too

  16. RuCh23

    ??? oh god!!! I seriously can’t control my laughter. It’s exactly 12.49 p.m. and my mom asked me if I’m sleep talking ??? coz I suddenly started to laugh and she was fast asleep ???

    1. Trisha139

      Aww thankyou ruwani

  17. Ruhanika188

    This was so cute Trishu di. I loved it. Can’t wait for the next. Love u

  18. Yaashi23

    It was amazing and hilarious dear…

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku yaashi

  19. Di…when u r going 2 update next part…i m eagerly waiting….

  20. Jessicca

    Fabulous… Amazing. Outstanding… Brilliant .. Fabulous

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