When LOVE met DESTINY !!! Ff by TRISHA (chapter 5)

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“When LOVE met DESTINY ”


Recap- kabeers confession !!

The episode starts from here ….

The night passed .
It was early morning when Saachi found herself in her room … while alarm clock showed 10 am !!

Jaya came from behind …while mrs saachi kabeer kpoor was still rubbing her eyes nd blushing remembering abt the last night !

Jaya- isn’t that weird the girl who didn’t got 5 minutes late in last 5 years is getting up so late !!

Saachi-umm… maa where is Reva ?

Jaya- kya krti vo ? She’s gone to school not like you .

Saachi- uff and Isha …. shit !!! Hospital !!

She quickly got up nd ran as fast as she could ! In next 20 minutes she decided to be in the hospital !!

Jaya- wait atleast do breakfast !

Saachi- no maa pls love uh so much …just five minutes nd I am leaving !!

She was on the driver seat of her car …. but not started driving !!

Saachi- ok then certificate done !
Marriage Photos done !
Diary done !
Reva’s photos done !
Fine Kabeer I am coming ! Yes …. I am so happy finally I can tell u !!

After half an hr she was in her cabin stepping towards his cabin with a folder in her hand !

Kabeer- good morning !

Saachi- yeah actually I wanted to tell u something very important !

Kabeer- ohk !!

Just then a nurse came nd called Saachi urgently for some patient …she had to leave fastly leaving the folder on his desk !!
She left !
He thought not to open it but then saw its label “to kabeer” .
He opened it saw everything !
Their marriage certificate, marriage photos , photos of their vacations , Reva’s photos nd everything related to them !
He was shocked to see all of them when his head too pained a lot …. his dark flashes got cleared !!

Saachi came back nd was shocked to see him such a state …. he was sitting on the floor with their documents nd photos spreaded all over there … his eyes were dark red nd clearly showed what he was feeling ! At first she understood he knew everything till then …. it wasn’t unexpected to her !

Saachi- Kabeer listen …. I …. I will explain everything !!

Kabeer-(angry) just …. just shut up ! How dare u not tell me abt my own daughter before !! Leave …..

Saachi- pls just listen to me once !

Kabeer- I said just leave nd never being your face in front of me !

She couldn’t do anything. He quickly left for reva’s school met her as a father but didn’t told her that he’s her father !!
Took the permission of her principal nd went for some outing to spend sometime with his daughter.
He saw reva’s birth certificate nd birth date too as her bday was after 2 days he wanted to tell her then !!

It was late evening Kabeer finally dropped Reva to her home nd went to hospital.

The next day passed like that … Saachi tried avoiding Kabeer she knew his behaviour was as expected !! She didn’t blamed him for that instead thought to not to go in front of him again !

It was next day nd late evening she was moving towards parking when got unconscious ! Two strong pair of arms held her on time none other than kabeers!!
Her family nd friend were informed abt the whole situation.
She was admitted nd Kabeer got to know she hadn’t eaten anything from last one day. He realised his mistake even after she did that but that was for him only she herself alone managed their daughter this was not easy for her. It was early morning he took Reva to her mother nd himself prepared her fav breakfast with fruits arranged in “sorry” !! She smiled seeing that !

Kabeer- I hope u have forgiven me.

Saachi- umm I need to think !

He gives her glares !

Saachi- sorry mr. No use of glares now !

He side hugged her when both found Reva eyeing them rolling her eyes. Kabeers face was like a little child who was caught eating lunch in btw the lecture !!

So everything was perfect !!

It was reva’s birthday !! All the preparations were done perfectly in saachis house ! Before cake cutting … !!

All Saachi her besties family friends jaya kusum all were there !
Reva was looking no less than a princess in white long gown while Saachi wore a green saree looking stunning !!

Reva- uff mma Reva is waiting !

Saachi- hmm so what ?

Reva- my gift mumma u promised me to give a big gift !

Saachi- hmm look there !!

Where Kabeer was standing coming towards Reva !!

Reva- papa !

She quickly went nd hugged him! Kabeer understood Saachi had shown Reva his photo that’s why she recognised him now only !!

Reva- ab to ap Mujhe chod ke nhi jaoge na jese pehle apko jana pda tha.

Kabeer- never I am here now for always !

He understood Saachi had cooked some silly stories abt his previous meeting with Reva so that she doesn’t misunderstand her father.

Sachi had shifted to kabeers house taking Reva with her!

Few days passed like this…
It was a usual morning…she woke up seeing Kabeer nd Reva sleeping beside her . She kissed her daughters forehead nd was about to do the same to Kabeer when felt a strong pair of arms jerking her towards them.

Kabeer- uff ye haseen chehra !!

Saachi- Kabeer r u mad ! Reva is here too leave me !

Kabeer- then what ? Let her saw how much her father loves her mother .

Saachi gives him constant hires but that were total failure in front of him.

Saachi- this is why u wanna show her ! Stupid ! Leave me !

She tried getting up but till then Reva was already awake by their fight…! Her face was like someone snatched her favourite doll from her..!

Kabeer (mind)- gya aj Kabeer beta.

Saachi was signing him from eyes to leave her but instead he took their daughter in his arm !!

Kabeer- now I guess no one has any problem !

Her eyes got moist after so long she was seeing trio together of which she always dreamed of! Kabeer too saw that…!!

Some time passed trio were ready !! Brkfst was done !

Kabeer murmured something in reva’s ears to which she gave a thumbs up while Saachi was just suspicious abt them.

Reva- uff mumma good bye kiss !!

Saachi- hmm !

Reva kissed both her father’s cheek nd mother too!

Then it was kabeers turn he gave a good bye kiss to Reva nd even Saachi to which she was shocked…Saachi kissed reva’s cheek only !

Kabeer- not fair Reva !!

Reva- exactly mumma… papa gave u a kiss then you shouldn’t also do equality!!

Kabeer was giggling with her daughter while sachi was angry at his gesture !!

Finally she has to kiss him on his cheeks .

Saachi-(murmuring)- shi to kha tha mene! Baap Beti Ek jese !!!

Precap- one year leap ! Reva in sdch !

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