When LOVE met DESTINY !!! Ff by TRISHA (chapter 4). Past and confession special !!

Hey guys so trisha her with next chapter !!
Without any lecture let’s peep into the chapter !!!

**when LOVE met DESTINY**


Recap- kanchi in reva’s school nd Kabeer super jealous !!!

The episode starts as follows –

It was normal Sunday !! Doctors were not on leave except dr Kabeer !! He was on one her leave !!

In a nearby sacred temple …!!

“Hey bhagwan I am getting old nd these children” kusum said doing acting (actually overacting ) !!!

Kabeer was too with her going upwards the stairs !!!

“Are u even listening to me Kabeer” she said turning her face towards him.

“My over acting maa I am not at all interested in marriage” Kabeer said covering her statement .

After a few more minutes of over acting they finally reached inside the temple … Ashe was praying to lord when Kabeer took a break nd when outside to attend a call !!

On the other hand as there was a lot of rush…jaya too came with reva ….
She was praying !!

Reva- uff nani pray some extra u know Reva wants to be big soon !!

Jaya – theek hai meri maa but stay here with me nd don’t go anywhere !!

Reva- promise ! Pinky promise !!

Jaya closed her eyes standing there while Reva rolled her eyes seeing her “crossed fingers” !!

In no time she was in the little garden in back side of temple nd coincidently Kabeer too came there due to rush outside the temple as there was a little calm atmosphere !!

He saw her trying to reach a flower ; when the call was cut !!

Kabeer- may I help you !!

Reva- no Reva will do this herself !!

Kabeer- hmm okk !!
He stood there for few seconds nd finally picked her up nd she got the little flower !!

Reva – thanku mr… you are that school one hnna ?

Kabeer- umm yes and you here ?

Reva- offo these men !! I came with my nani but U know one thing …

Kabeer- what ?

Reva(coming to his ears )- she’s getting old nd act as Hema Malini hehe ? !!

Kabeer- such a naughty girl !!

There was a nearby place to sit where both were !!

Kabeer- so what do u like ?

Reva – Reva liked hot chocolate pizzas ; allu ke pranthe, and !!

Kabeer- wow even I like all these .

He felt a connection with her but was unaware !!

She saw her nani searching for her from some corner !!

Reva- oh god ! She’s gonna kill me wd her taunts …. nd listen mr… what should I call you ?

Kabeer- ap Mujhe ummm ?

Reva – wow apa ! Nice name !

Kabeer- isn’t that weird ?

Reva- umm koi nhi “apa” and yes don’t tell my nani that I was here smjhe !!

She was eyeing her pretending to be angry!

Kabeer- ofcourse smjhgya (got it ) !!

She left while on the other hand kusum was too waiting near the car !!

***in HUNGARIAN (a language) we call father … “apa”***

Few hours passed by !
In sdch !!
@dr kabeers cabin !!

A nurse came to inform abt something !
After that…

Kabeer-… and have you seen dr Saachi anywhere .

Saachi- no sir I haven’t seen her since morning !

Kabeer – ok u may go now !!

She left !!

Kabeer- don’t know where she went !

Approx half an hr passed nd again in dr Kabeer cabin !

Saachi entered !

Good afternoon noon dr Kabeer I got to know u were searching for me !

Kabeer- yes ! Where were u since morning I tried searching you everywhere but …. didn’t u found that essential to tell me once !!

Saachi- I informed dr Anand !

Kabeer -really couldn’t u bother to tell me ! Anyways … here are few files that dr Anand wanted to be studied by you as well !!

When a conference was held on immediate note !

Anand-blah blah she here is dr riya back with all of us as a full fledged doctor !

Riya- (mind) perfect ! What u couldn’t do ! Destiny did that now I will see who separates me from my Kabeer nd ofcourse Saachi I will never let u come near my Kabeer again …I love him so much see as soon as I got to know I fastly completed my monthly chart nd here I am back !!

Veer(murmuring)- gareebon ki super model is back !

Saachi went to record room for some work . When Kabeer got to now this from miss Fernandes !

Kabeer- oh shit ! She’s afraid of darkness nd there is no light supply for next six hours… I need to rush !!

He ran as fast as he could but btw all this a thought striked his mind ” how did I know she’s afraid of darkness? Anyways leave at this time going there is more important !!”

As expected she was about to shout when felt a pair of arms hugging her tightly … she recognised the touch at once …she missed being in his arms during all those years !

For next few moments they stood as they were ! With some knocking at the door both came into senses !!


It was a left by dr Anand for riya but all doctors were invited !
Jaya was handling Reva in the evening when the night cane up !

Guests started arriving in the party … Kabeer arrived in a black suit looking no less than a Greek god !! His eyes were searching were for that one person who arrived after few minutes looking stunning in a ohh white nd black border saree !!

He just couldn’t took his eyes off her. !

She met everyone nd got to a corner taking a drink while some random person was constantly asking her for a dance ?? when Kabeer came nd rescued her !

The main couple dance started last one left was kanchi ! Anand made them agree for a dance !!

It was a romantic yet emotional one for her … she was crying from inside with each move she felt him more ; he wasn’t with her even after being there ; they were so lost the the song ended nd they came back to senses with the announcement !!

She left the left drive to a nearby shore nd jumped off in the ocean !! He too could saw her tears at that time nd followed her in another car !!

He too jumped in as acc to him she didn’t knew swimming !
Kabeer got her outside !

Kabeer- are you mad ? Literally ! Do you even know what were you going to do ?

Saachi-(crying) yes I know well nd pls leave me like you did always… indeed why u r here just just go where u should be ?

Kabeer-(being irritated nd angry too at the same time bcz of her this act)- just shut up ! Did u got what I said ! U wanna know right why I did that bcz I love uh for god sake I love uh damm it.

She was shocked by his sudden gesture …. few tears escaped her eyes which didn’t went unnoticed by him he immediately took her in a bone crashing hug !! The atmosphere was normal by then he sided the tangles of her hair… both shared a passionate kiss … the night witnessed union of a beautiful couple in all means.

On the other hand kusum was talking on phone with jaya abt what happened few years back !


Sachi had completed her internship when both confessed their love for each other despite all the hurdles created by Riya ! It was one year to their marriage when she was waiting for him to return from a foreign trip as she wanted to give him the news herself that she was pregnant !!
Days weeks months years passed by but he didn’t returned just a message came that he had a severe accident on the way back home on the road ! She was shattered nd never believed the news instead put her all efforts in bringing up their daughter…it was 4 years when he came ; it was said his treatment was going on in some local village of accident spot ! He was in coma for whole four years nd the stars changed he was fine by then ! But had lost his memory of last few years he just remembered Saachi as his intern . Kabeer was told abt his accident except to the fact that he had partial amnesia as that could affect his health . Reva was also told that her father is gone on a long foreign trip as soon as he’ll come back he will straightly come to meet her yet Saachi never let her saw her father’s photo ! Dr Anand informed all the staff to not to talk abt Kanchi’s marriage or anything related to the years when Kabeer was not there !!!

Precap-kabeer(full of anger nd rage)- how dare you ? How can you even think abt not telling me before abt my own daughter !!…. leave !! I said just leave nd never come in front of me again !

Uff such a long episode so this was it guys. I want to clear few things before !
I could delay the confession but that would just mess up the story nd secondly past could be showed in next few episodes but that would detach us from the original plot and last but not least I will add few past moments in upcoming chapters. Just hope u guys liked this as well
Pls pls drop a comment guys if you liked this episode nd even silent readers too tht really is an huge booster !!!

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