When LOVE met DESTINY !!! FF by TRISHA (Chapter 3)

Hey guys trisha here !!
Next part of “when love met Destiny!!!”
But before that I wanted to say something … for those who commented on my previous episode thanku guys nd for my other readers who are reading ; from last two episodes I saw a huge downfall in comments ; they have drastically reduced ! If my ff is not upto your expectations then lemme know I will correct myself !!

Now let’s move to the episode !!

**when LOVE met DESTINY**


RECAP – Kanchi were in Reva’s school for a campaign when Reva meets Kabeer nd saanchi but Saachi handled the situation !!

The episode starts as follows ….

Within next few hours Reva was busy with her friends as guided by Saachi while kanchi were guest of the competitions ; they gave the speech initially …. presented gifts for students now last but not least it was the time for prize distribution …. who had to be distributed by Kanchi …!!

The last prize….

Announcer- so our last nd best presentor in today’s competition the first prize winner ;
“Reva Kapoor” pls come on stage !!

She came running as usually a little kid does ….
Kabeer was a little surprised by her “surname” but decided to leave the thought !!
They were giving. Her prize bending a little bit …
Reva blinked her one eye as a sing towards Saachi while she was shocked a little bit ….!! Kabeer too noticed nd looked towards Saachi ; all she could do was cough a bit !!

So the campaign finished !!

Saachi (mind)- thank god didn’t had any big blunder today !!

They were moving towards the car …. when someone can running from back hugging her tightly …. she at once recognised the touch ; turned nd bended even Kabeer too !!

Saachi- yes beta ?

Reva was looking at her angrily making a cute puppy face !!

Saachi pecked on her cheeks !!

Saachi- party !!

With that one word Reva was delighted with excitement hugged her once again nd ran back to her class !!

Kabeer- u know her ?

Saachi- umm …

*she knew that truth couldn’t be revealed to him yet she neither want to lie*

Saachi- yes I met her before just that !!

Kabeer- ohk !!

He drove the car back with Saachi on front seat …. he was wearing sunglasses !!

Saachi- take these down !!

Kabeer- what ?

Saachi- these stupid sunglasses !!

Kabeer- I prefer sometimes while driving !!

Saachi (irritatingly)- eeh how much times I have told u not to wear these !!!

Kabeer- how much times ?

She bites her lips realising what she jut said !!

Saachi- ok fine I am doing !

Kabeer – u can’t !!

She took them herself off saying “if u ever put them again I am going to tell aunty about your secret gf’s !!”

Kabeer- oh hello I don’t have any girlfriends !!

Saachi- how would u make her believe ? Huh !

She gave a smirk !!

Kabeer- we are heading first to furniture department ; there were some issues related to wrong things delivered so on dr malhotras order we have to solve that !!

Saachi- not an issue !!

Within next twenty minutes they reached there when Kabeer was talking to the receptionist …. he was done nd the head of the department came ….he firstly shook his hand wd Kabeer nd then Saachi !!
Someone was burning when the person wasn’t. Ready to leave her hand so soon !

Kabeer – excuse me !

Person- what ?

Kabeer – her hand !!

Person- oh yeah !

He left her hand while Saachi was shocked by his gesture …!

Person – by the way nice perfume miss ….

Saachi- Saachi !!

Person – you look hot !!

Kabeer- can we pls persuade to the deal ?

Person- ofcourse !

Kabeer-(mind)- how dare he ?

They continued his office … when Kabeer holded her hand nd looked forwards while she was looking at him !

On reaching his office , after half an hr they were done with the deal !!

Person- visit again miss saachi … or what about a coffee ?

Kabeer- (he couldn’t control anymore) excuse me miss Saachi Kabeer kapoor we are getting late let’s leave !!

Someone’s dream came true at that moment just for few seconds though !!

They were in the car !!

Saachi (trying hard to control her laugher)- someone was burning inside there !

He didn’t said anything !

Saachi- u know what dr Kabeer u r looking like a mokambo now !!

And she burst into laugher ..!!

He was trying to be angry but couldn’t control bing mesimerised by her laugher known or not … he missed her smile from last few months !!

They were back at the hospital !!

Kabeer- (murmuring) jealous ? No way why would I be jealous ! Obviously she’s a nice girl but …. what ? Did I just praised some girl ! That Kabeer who didn’t paid attention to any girl is jealous ! I seriously need to go to some psychologist !!

In cafeteria !!

Saachi told whole thing to the gang !!

Veer- may god get both of u together soon after all only then u could lessen our punishments !!

Isha- awww my baby !!

Pragya- abeo can we pls do some serious talks here if u r done wd ur baby !

Saachi- umm sure !!

Pragya- I have a news !!

Isha- u r standing in election ?

Veer- dumb !!

Isha glares at him !

Veer- I am dumb not u baby !!
(Mind- bchgya veer !)

Saachi- what type of news ?

Pragya- we r getting engaged after one week !

All(excitedly)- what ? How !

Pragya- calm down Satish ji just told me he had discussed wd all of our parents and with pandit ji too nd next month …

Isha- wedding omg !! Yippee !!

Saachi- that’s a really good news !

Veer- exactly but before that its reva’s birthday !!

Saachi- another bday !!

Isha- don’t worry yr this time atleast Kabeer is with us !

Saachi- u r right he’s ok that’s sufficient for me !

Kabeer ( from behind )- I never knew one sandwich is sufficient for u ! Last but not least either throw away your phone or try picking that !

Saachi- exactly ! You may be little sweet being a sadu dr isn’t that necessary always !

Muted ***
After a long fight they left !

Veer- you know how would a Tom and jerry baby will look alike !

Isha- what ?

Veer- obviously ? reva !

Pragya- he really didn’t called u dumb once again !

Isha got suspicious !

Precap- Saachi meets kusum !
Kabeer meets Reva in the temple !

So this was it guys! I know this was long as compared to the other hehe ? no explanation !
Nd for my dear readers if u like this drop a comment below that really means a lot !


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  1. dii…i am always with u….never bother about comment….plzz don’t discontinue that for less comments didu….pata nahi sare writers ko kya ho raha haii….sab itne depressed ho rahe hai….itna senty mat kiya karo ……main rone lagungi….about episode….u just rocked didu….awesome….can’t have enough words to describe….update soon….luv u soo much & a big hug to u.

    1. Trisha139

      AWWww thanku so much niyati surely I will update soon ! Love uh back tc

  2. Wow,,kabir jealousy lv that tooooo much.. Epsd was awsm..#

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou dear

  3. Niyaaa

    Hey trishu Awsome mindblowing jhakaas nd many more dear… Nd kabir jealousy part is just outstanding ek pal k liye laga he remember eveything nd sweety this is not lengthy from any angle so nxt time post its double hehehe.. Lovv u a load tc gud ni8

    1. Trisha139

      Aw thanku sweetie nd ofcourse next one is long !!
      Luv uh back

  4. It was good. A little thing i want, a lovely romantic os if u want so

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou maya ! I will look upon that

  5. Awesome super fabulous fantastic mind blowing episode lovely update soon can’t wait for next episode update soon

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  6. Riyarocks

    kya kahoon yaar…tumne meri bolti band kardi….too good…too amazing…too mind blowing….ek dum khidkitod….ab aur kya bol sakti hoon………….luv u loads cutie pie…….

    1. Trisha139

      Aewww thts so sweet of u my chocopie lie uh back

  7. RuCh23

    Amazing epi dear ??? jealous Kabir is just ??? soooo good

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    Awesome and superb

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    hi trishu…………..this was awesome, mind blowing, superb ff………………..and and……………. Wow………….kabir was jealous……………hmm…………..i love it……………..and don’t bother about comments…..i’m always with you…………..and don’t think too much about comment………….i know as a writer, readers point of views is really imp but give some time to everyone they will definitely comment on your ff……………akhir kar itna achha ff ho or koi comment na kare esa nahi ho sakta………………and don’t stop this ff i know i’m a little selfish just think about ff not about you sorry for that……………..love you cupcake(i’m giving you a new name i hope you don’t mind)……………………………gn……………………..

    1. Trisha139

      Woah!! Thanku so much dhruti for such a lovely comment nd ofcourse I am ok !! Cupcake ! Such a cute name ! Ofcourse I have no prblm

  10. Khamoshi

    Trisha it was amazing…..s
    Seeing kabir in jealousy avatar …is a different level of treat to us..and don’t botgere about comments dear..v r ur permanent readers and will be permanent commentors always..
    Plz post next soon

    1. Trisha139

      Awww tysm mitali ! Sure dear

  11. Neha7873

    Really nice one Trisha … update soon … love you

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      Thanku neha nd sure

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    Nice one Trisha … update soon ..love you

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      LOve uh too loads dear

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    It was really really nice trishu….loved it.

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  14. Sajnana900

    Hi di hru???
    The epi was best ever
    And that kabir’s jealousyyy avtar hahaha????
    She is sanchi kabeer kapoor
    That was really amazing
    Excited for the nxt part

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku sanjana glad u liked it

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    Very nice trisha… give next part soon.

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    Aww Kabir’s jealousy moment was the highlight!! Honestly I have no words everything you write is amazing!! Can’t wait to read the next updates

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    1. Trisha139

      Thanku so much ashnita !! Love uh too dear

  18. Its grt yr…bt wht happened wth Kabir…reveal tht soon…
    Whts the role of Riya here…??

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku Sanjukta ur every question has an answer in my next part that will be updated till tonight most probably !

  19. Nice…. Update soon

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  20. Jessicca

    Trishuuuuu… You are a magical writer… I just wanna say… Ye hath muje dede Trisha… So that i would be able to write the way you do… Haha just kidding… It was amazing… Mind blowing… Superb… And don’t worry about the comments… You are an outstanding writer and will always be… You are an inspiration for many of the writers of TU including me… ?❤ love you so much

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