When LOVE met DESTINY !!! FF by TRISHA (Chapter 1)

Hey guys trisha here !

Really sorry for being so late !

I lastly posted Teaser for my new ff “mohobattan sachiyane ”
(Love is true)

I Have changed its name as some of my readers don’t understand Hindi ! So the new title is

“When love ❤️ met destiny !!! ”

And this time it won’t be a simple plot like everything else I have decided something !

So let’s begin but before that there is a message for you guys from our friend “abhilasha ”


**she has fever from few days and hadn’t recovered till yet …. so she will try to post whenever she will be recovered pls try to understand and really sorry for the delay**
Just pray for her recovery as soon as possible… she will be with us soon !


The first episode begins as follows ;

QUICK OVERVIEW : Saachi Isha pragya had taken permission from dr Anand to stay at saachis home bcz of some mysterious reasons ! All are positive even dr Anand except dr riya …! Saachi nd others are doctors at this time yet Kabeer being a senior doctor normally give them *glares* ! Except everything is same !

******chapter 1******

“Sona wake up ” she tried her 20th effort to wake her 4-5 year old daughter who was still trying hard to pretend as sleeping !

“Umm pls 5 minutes more mom pls “the little angel uttered in a sleepy tone !

“Ok baba see ur milk is here just wake up fast ” she remarked !

“No mamma pls hot chocolate” she said rubbing her eyes !

Her mom murmured “bilkul apne baap pe gyi hai huh ”

(she’s gone exactly on her dad )

“Ok now fast u r late for school ” she said being strict to her all the way silly daughter !

The little angel quickly got up nd started her daily routine . Within next 20 minutes she was ready as a little doll in her school dress …. nd till then her mom too was ready !

She was holding her mummy’s hand nd coming downstairs in a mansion not looking less than a queen with her princess !

“So today nani will drop you ok as mumma have to go early ” she said with a pleading face !

“No ” the little angel quickly replied turning her face into a puppy one !

“Ab kya chahie meri pari ko ?”
(What my daughter wants now ?)
She asked her daughter without wasting any further time …!

“Pizza ” she uttered mischiefly!

“Not again ” Saachi said !

Some one replied coming from another room …”ok promise reva ; now happy ?”

She gives a thumbs up to her masi nd remarked

” east or west
Isha masi is the best !!”

Saachi again pretending to be angry said “you have made her so ….”

Before she could say anything sound her cute daughter starring her wd her little eye nd her hands in her waist…!

Saachi- ok ok ! Just today only !

Few time skipped when as usual the day at hospital started …
The conference was held…

Anand – blah blah blah …. so dr Kabeer nd dr Saachi you have to arrange this campaign at the most precise school of abc state !

Both (together )- sure sir !

Coming outside the hall !

Kabeer- so dr Sachi I guess u will Manage the items well nd after that lemme know making sure speech topic nd all other things !

Saachi- sure dr Kabeer !

It was afternoon all were sitting in cafeteria !

When Saachi heard few waiters informing the main chef abt some coffee specially for se Kabeer she went there nd continued ….”don’t put more than one tea spoon sugar ”

Waiter – but Mam dr Kabeer told for more !

Saachi- take my name I will manage !

Waiter – sure Mam !

Saachi came back nd sat with the gang …!

Veer- so how is reva ?

Saachi- being too naughty now a days nd ofcourse giving glares !

Isha- learning from you !
She giggled with Pragya !

**Veer – Isha nd Satish- Pragya are a couple here **

Veer- hmm don’t u think it’s high time Kabeer should know about her !

Pragya- we shouldn’t talk abt that here we aren’t allowed !

Veer- don’t worry I made sure it’s just our gang here !

Saachi- thanks nd I agree wd u guys but …. he don’t even remember me , our marriage ;than reva ? I am sure everything will be fine soon Nd will wait for the day he’ll fall for me ! Again !

After some hours she went to his cabin to inform abt the items she needed to submit for the campaign…!

Saachi- here is the list dr Kabeer !

Kabeer- oh yeah thanks for this !

Saachi- my pleasure ! Nd one more thing mr Awasthi had just a mere stomach infection no need of tests !

Kabeer- I have studied their case it’s waiting for surgery !

Saachi- but it is not needed !

Kabeer- I am a doctor right ?

Saachi- even I am !

Kabeer- u r forgetting I am your senior doctor !

Saachi- sorry to say mr khduu… I mean dr Kabeer I am no longer an intern !

Kabeer- see I don’t want to stretch I know what I am doing and secondly who told u to change amount of sugar in my tea !

Saachi- you are at the initial level of diabetes so less sugar !

Kabeer- that’s my thing pls don’t interfere nd secondly wait a second how do you know this ?

Saachi- obviously I knw bcz I am your….

She stops suddenly

Kabeer- you are mine …?

When veer entered the scene!
*wdout knocking*

Veer- intern nd younger doctor ! Right !

Kabeer got his answer while Saachi thanked veer signing for handling the situation !

Dr Kabeer – dr veer one hour extra shift for coming without knocking nd dr Saachi if ur examination went wrong u will too get extra shifts.

Veer(murmuring)- forgot wife ! Forgot marriage ! But punishments … huh! Never !

He gave a smirk nd left while Kabeer was still confused about something he didn’t knew !

Saachi- one last things dr Kabeer I had some imp work wd u yesterday while u weren’t in the hospital nd your ph was too out of reach were u somewhere else ?

Kabeer- yes at a date ! Any problem !

Saachi- tumi ekdm impossible !!

She gave him a. Quick angry look nd left smashing the door hard that made him put hands on his ears !

Kabeer- what happened to her ? Weird ! I shouldn’t have said that I guess but what’s the problem why I am regretting no Kabeer !
Uff …. fine ! I will clear the misunderstanding abt date but why she was so angry ! God know these girls …but she’s sweet ! Oh shut up Kabeer and girls don’t even fit in a sentence !

Precap- Saachi- btw where is the campaign !

Kabeer- abc school !

Saachi-(mind- means reva’s school…. no !!! This can’t happen I couldn’t take risk with his health)

So this was it guys. I am so nervous writing a totally different concept pls tell me was this good or worst ? Should I continue or not ?
Pls pls drop your comments guys even silent readers too if u like this!

And as for the suspense it will be cleared soon Nd past as well !

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  1. Khamoshi

    Trisha dear… it was a fantastic concept.. not at all bad or worse.. i loved it dear.. plz carry on dear.
    Best part of whole article was this:
    Veer(murmuring)- forgot wife ! Forgot marriage ! But punishments … huh! Never !
    Hahah.. i laugh loudly and my parents glare at me like i was seeing some comedy video ??

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou so much khamoshi ! I am so
      Glad you liked it !!

  2. You should definately continue it…. Update the next part soon

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou amnaa and sure

  3. Hey trishu amazing story yaar….please please please continue…its really a different concept dear and I got really very shocked to read the starting as I thought its like my story in my mind but its different!!! I would have liked to see that story as I m unable to post anything!!! Its bit same very very bit same….but very lovely episode dear u rocked it…eager to read next part dear love u…..

    1. Trisha139

      Awww thankyou so much vrushti I am really so happy you loved it !! Nd I am
      Glad I got it different else u would have blamed me ???hehe just kidding
      Love uh loads

  4. r u kidding???
    fab dear
    update asap

    1. Trisha139

      Tysm swetha

  5. NegiSanyukta

    This concept is marvellous. I don’t have words to describe this episode. I just loved it to the core. ?????
    OMG Reva is like her Dr. Kabeer, ek dum zerox copy .
    And, Raanchi convo was tooooo cute.
    Veer u said right, Kabeer bhaiya can forget about his marriage, his wife but not punishments ever. ????I m eagerly waiting for naxt part.
    Plz update it as soon as possible.
    And, definitely i’ll pray for well being of Abhilasha.
    Keep writing dear.

    1. Trisha139

      Aww thankyou so much negisanyukta !!! I don’t know I had a wide smile while reading your comment !

  6. Riyarocks

    Trishuuuuuuuu………..too too too good……….Reva’s sooooo adorable..I’m already in luv wd her..haha…btw, it’ll be really interesting to read the “love phirse” journey of our kanchi……hats off dear to ur splendid ideas………too good…….mind blowing………..luv u a lot cutie pie……….

    1. Trisha139

      Omg thanku so much riya for such mindblowing comment !! Love uh too chocopie

  7. Yaashi23

    New and fresh concept.surely go for it and
    Veer(murmuring)- forgot wife ! Forgot marriage ! But punishments … huh! Never !
    This was so hilarious…

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou yaashi

  8. Yaashi23

    Btw did u discontinued #connected by births.pls dont

    1. Trisha139

      Actually I couldn’t manage two along with that’s why but don’t will I will look after that

  9. Fantstic epsd.. Update soon…

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku dear

  10. RuCh23

    Fabulous concept Trisha ??? This already become one of my favourites ??? Kabir lost his memory, Kanchi are married, they have a daughter and he doesn’t know anything about that ??? interesting very interesting!!! Continue soon sweetie ???

    1. Trisha139

      Omg thankyou so much ruwani for such an amazing and lovely superb mindblowing comment !! Nd sure

  11. Ziyarasheed

    Hey Trisha, amazing start. And the twist is gud. Is kabir suffering from memory loss. Waiting eagerly for the next one.?

    1. Trisha139

      THANKu ziyaara!! Ahm actually both yes nd no else will be cleared in next one or two episodes !!

  12. Anonymousaa

    It was well mysterious yet humorous.The dialogues were very funny.
    Plz continue it.I cannot wait for next epi.
    Is Kabir having memory loss???

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku dear ! Sorry for this but all this will be cleared within next one to two updates !

  13. Niyaaa

    Hey trushu amaz concept kya baat kya baat h yaar nd veer ne sahi kya ye banda sab kuch bhul skta h per punishments nahi per unluckily show m bhul gaya h..uff.. Btw sweety u discontinue ur ff connected by birth i have waitting for that plzz continue both of ff plzzz if u can…lovv u tc

    1. Trisha139

      Babu u know I couldn’t continue both bcz of my busy schedule nd continuous eye pain tealkys orrh for that but I promise after this ff I will look upon some reincarnation stories !!

      1. Trisha139

        Love uh too nc tc

  14. Hey didu….amazing start….loved the concept….i am addicted of it . Do update soon.

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku niyati nd sure

  15. Aafiya

    Superb and different story

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou aafia

  16. Moonlight25

    Trisha dear..the concept is just amazing just like you.. It’s different thats what I like…great start..continue ASAP…sweetie love you loads ??❤❤

    1. Trisha139

      Awww tysm tania love uh back dear

  17. Dhruti

    trishu it was superb ff and it was totally different from others ff of yours the dialogues are superb and one dialogue was my favorite which was said by veer – “forgot wife ! Forgot marriage ! But punishments … huh! Never !” he…..he….update next one soon can’t wait for it…………….

    1. Trisha139

      Umm I am so gla you liked it !! Thanku

  18. hmm awesome super as u know my dar trishu no a word . And ru continues ur older ff

    1. Trisha139

      Thanku divya nd no dear

  19. Jessicca

    Nailed it… It was outstanding… Superb… Love you lots

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