Mlmj episode 18

Hey guys we are back and here is the story , many have been asking this and we got time today to post .

Hope you all didn’t forget this ff and us ?

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So anyways here is the story ,

Flashback ,

Swara ; do you love me sahil ?? (Straight forward)

Sahil was shocked , he looks at sanskar behind . He had a blank expressions .

Swara ; no need to look back at him sahil , answer me straight (blank tone)

Sahil ; yes Swara , I loved you . I loved you from the day I saw you . (Looking down)

Swara was taken back but yet recollected her boldness .

Swara : but sahil , I never saw us more than friendship sahil . How could you think about me this (teary eyed)

Sahil holds her shoulder .

Sahil : Swara I said I loved you , I didn’t say I love you now !! (Stops her)

Swasan looks at him shocked .

Sanskar : what do you mean ?? (Shocked)

Sahil laughs a bit .

Sahil ; do you think I can’t see your both love for each other . (Fake smile)

Swasan looks at each other shocked .

Swara : I….sahil…this (stumbles)

Sahil holds her shoulder and leans closer .

Sahil ; you can’t lie to me swara , I can see your love for him and I am really happy for you both . My brother can’t get a better partner than you (smiling)

Swara cries , sanskar was drowned In guiltness

Sahil ; hey hey , you both don’t need to fall in guilt . (Pats sanskar back)

Sanskar hugs sahil tightly and cries .

Sanskar : how could you , how could you be so normal sahil . I know how it’s inside your heart (cries)

Sahil (smiling) : love cannot be forced brother , you are lucky that you found your mate soon . I will have to go and hunt some now (teasing tone)

Sanskar hits his head , swara hugs sahil .

Swara : you are such a good friends and brother sahil , I am really thankful to God that you understood me really well !! (Hugs him)

Sahil hugs her back .

Sahil ; I am very lucky to have you ad my bhabhi swara , that sounds better now (teases)

Swasan laughs at him , sahil was happy .

Suddenly swara phone buzzes , she looks at the caller . It was shekar

Swara ; I need to get back home , dad is calling me repeatedly….please take care of ragini di , I will be here asap (tensed)

Sanhil (sanskar & sahil) Nods…swara leaves hurriedly .

At swara Mansion ,

Shekar was sitting there angrily , swara enters the house . Mishti stands up from the couch .

Shekar looks at swara .

Shekar ; where have you been swara ?? (Looks at her)

Swara : I….I..was in library !! (Lies)

Shekar nods .

Shekar : I am been calling because ragini phone was unreachable !! Do you know anything about her (eyes her)

Swara gets tensed .

Swara : dad….how would I know…she is in her friends house ?? (Tensed)

Shekar : OK then , if she calls you just inform me (silent tone)

Swara nods , Mishti signs .

Shekar : get ready at six , we have arranged your roka

Swara was super shocked .

Swara : what !!! (Shocked)

Shekar : you have promised me swara , that you will marry the person I say !!! (Harsh tone)

Swara was taken back with his tone . She gets tears .

Shekar gets concerned and hugs her .

Shekar ; I am so sorry swara , I am just mad at ragini that’s why anger took over me….I am so sorry (hugs her)

Swara : it’s OK dad !! (Fake smile)

Mishti : you go to your room and freshen up … (signs her to go)

Swara nods and leaves to her room.

Shekar : only swara can be my pride . (Smiling)

~ present ~

Doctor comes out

Sanskar ; how is swara doctor ?? (Tensed)

Doctor ; she is stable now but she is very weak (scared tone)

Sanskar holds his collar .

Sanskar ; I don’t know what you will do , but I need my Jaan !! I need her alive and healthy . Do you get it In that dumb head of yours !! (Angrily)

Doctor gulps .

Doctor ; yes sir (he leaves hurriedly)

Sanskar holds his head and sits on the chair .

Sanskar ; I will make the person life hell , that person who made my Jaan like this will pay for this…. (harsh tone)

His men raj comes .

Raj ; sir we have got the information about bhabhi’s incident

Sanskar stands up and looks at him closely .

Raj ; it’s Mr laksh dixit (blank tone)

Sanskar slams his fist on the chair .

Sanskar : that son of the b*t*h will pay for this !!! How dare he….. (angry tone)

Raj ; sir , we have got a new tape….some men’s of laksh dixit who attacked our bodyguards . They are in room 203 in hotel Grand palace sir !! (Blank tone)

Sanskar ; they will pay for this first !!! Now (roars in anger)

Sanskar ; let’s leave to the hotel , I need Michael and jase to be here in the hospital next to swara and some 40 men’s to stay surrounded around the hospital . (Orders)

Sanskar in mind : don’t worry Jaan , I won’t let that laksh sleep peacefully !!! (Angry tone)

Raj nods and leaves to do his work .
After some time ,

Sanskar with 5 men’s enters the room .

The boys were shocked , they tried to run

Sanskar : after making my Jaan life like that , do you think you can run ?? (Smirks)

Sanskar takes out his gun and shoots their legs . They all trip over each other and falls !! .

Sanskar ; tie them up !!! (Orders his mens)

Sanskar’s men’s ties them on the chair . Later sanskar orders them to leave .

Boy 1 : sir please leave us , laksh sir only said us to do !! Please leave us
…we are not connected to this !! (Pleads)

Sanskar laughs .

Sanskar ; don’t think about throwing the whole blame on him itself . I know you people , you all will pay too . (Smirks)

Sanskar takes out a knife and cuts his left hand…the boy cries in pain

Sanskar ; this is the hand which touched my home handle right !! (Smirks)

The boy winces and cries .

Sanskar ; it’s been long hearing this crying sound !! (Laughs)

The boys were all scared , the next moment everyone were dead . Sanskar shot them all with his gun .

Sanskar’s men’s came in , sanskar took the photo of the boys .

Sanskar ; send this pic to the b*t*h son . f**k off !! (Angrily)

He walks out and stand in the entrance of the hotel .

Sanskar : count your days laksh !! You touched my Jaan na….now you won’t be alive . (Smirks)


We know the episode was very boring but only managed this much guys .

We really need to get into the story for more progress . I am sorry if it disappointed you all .

As a compensation , I will update one more part today ….will that do ??

Anyways please comment and share your views .

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