Hey guys ..it’s dolly , alia and riya back again ..thanks for the beautiful comments …

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Guys I know many of u want present track also ..but guys let’s us finish the flashback and then come to present track …because it’s difficult to handle both ..so plz understand us …

Anyways here is the story ,

Swara goes to her home and locks the door and cried lying on the bed..

Swara (cries) : I really loved u so much sanskar…I couldn’t forget u …but now my dad is important to me …

Saying this she looks at sanskar’s photo in her bag …she takes it and tears it in pieces …

Swara (angry) : I don’t need any of your presence in me …

At hall

Shekar : I am dixit’s today to make roka for Swara

Mishti (sad) : but ragini…she is elder na

Shekar (thinks) : hmm…then will call Singhania’s also …

Mishti nods ..

Shekar calls singhania family

Shekar : hey ram how are u ?

Ram ; I am fine Shekar ..how are u

Shekar : all fine …hmm I called u to ask whether

Ram smiles

Ram ; I heard all the news ..is Swara fine ?

Shekar : hmm ya she is fine …I just called to ask whether I can ask hands for ragini ..

Ram : hmm sure don’t worry …we will meet tomorrow and have roka ….who doesn’t want a beautiful girl like ragini

Shekar smiles ..

Shekar : thanks a lot ram

Ram : it’s my pleasure dude …

Saying this both hangs up .

Mishti (prays to God) : god keep my both daughters safe in your hands …

At maheshwari mansion

Ragini comes inside the home ….suddenly she gets pain ….

She falls down in hall and shouts in pain ..sanskar who was upstairs ..hears it and comes

Sanskar was shocked and panics seeing it ..at that time sahil also comes …

Sanskar : take this keys start the car ..we need to leave to hospital ..she got labour pain (tensed)

Sahil nods and starts the car …sanskar picks ragini in arms and goes to the car …

He cools her down while going to hospital

Ragini (cries) : ahhh …ahhh ….I couldn’t ….shh

Sanskar pats her cheeks …and cools her down

They reach hospital and ragini was taken to labour ward …

Sahil and sanskar were waiting for outside ..

Sahil ; I need to call Swara now …
Saying this he calls her ….sanskar looks on

********Swara room*******

Swara phone rings…..she takes it without looking at the callers name

Swara (pale) ; hello

Sahil (tensed) : Swara it’s me

Swara (tears) : hmm..

Sahil (confused) : Swara are u there ?

Swara (tears) : haan say

Sahil : vo actually ragini got labour pain suddenly and we r in hospital now ..

Swara stands up

Swara (shocked): it’s her 7th month only ….then how come

This strikes sahil’s mind …

Sahil (tensed) : plz come to hospital we r waiting

Swara (tensed) : ya ya …I will come ….

Saying this Swara hurriedly takes her bag and leaves to hospital …


Swara comes asap and goes to sahil …sanskar looks at her pale face where tears were dried up and eyes were swallowed

Swara (low tone) ; how is ragini di …is she fine ?

Sahil ; don’t know doctor is not saying anything

Swara sits on the chair and starts to cry …sahil sits beside her and holds her shoulders …

Sanskar couldn’t see it …he wanted to badly hug her right now and say I am there ..

But he is helpless ..now

Sahil (sad) : don’t cry Swara …control noting will happen

Swara (cries) : how could I control …it’s her 7th month ….it’s dangerous na ….

Sahil consoles her while the doctor arrives

Trio goes to him

Swara : how is she and baby doctor ….

Doctor : I am sorry but we could save only one ..right now

Everyone were taken back

Doctor : who is her husband ….we need him to say …

Swara : doctor plz save ragini…

Doctor : OK but we need the husband’s sign otherwise we can’t …..and the time us going on

Sanskar (stone heart) : I am her husband ..give me I will sign …

He signs and looks at Swara

Swara was shocked ….she couldn’t hold herself
She knew he did it to save ragini but the word husband pierced her heart ….

Swara (controlling tears) : excuse me

Saying this she runs to washroom …sahil looks on confused …

Sanskar looks at the way she went and follows her …

Swara goes to washroom and cries looking at the mirror …

Swara : ahhh ..I can’t see him with anyone …why .m.why ..God ….why u made him enter my life now ..see ….I can’t break my promise to dad ..

God damm…..

Saying this she splashes water on her face

Swara : Swara forget him …he is not for u ..he doesn’t love u …he loves ragini di….don’t be a obstacle …

She splashes water on her face continuously

Sanskar enter’s and locks the door …Swara looks him through the mirror …

Swara turns to him .m

Swara (angry) ; what the hell….how are u enter a girls washroom

Saying this she holds his collar ….sanskar smirks but then

Holds her hands and pins her to the wall …

Swara (angry) : sanskar leave me

Sanskar (angry) : if u have this much attitude and presence of mind ..why the he’ll did u enter a men’s washroom

Swara looks on shocked …but thank god there was no boys ….

Swara looks down

Sanskar (tears) : it’s hurted u na ..when I said I am ragini’s husband

Swara (avoiding eye contact) : no ..I didn’t get hurt …

Sanskar (tears) : really but I got hurt when sahil says he loves u ….when he says he like’s u ..when he says u are his angel ..

Swara was shocked …

Sanskar goes closer to her

Sanskar (tears) : don’t u see the love in my eyes …don’t u …say me damm it …

Swara looks on

Sanskar leaves her harshly

Sanskar (angry) : u won’t ..u can’t …u can’t see that sanskar belongs only to Swara and Swara belong’s and was born only for sanskar ….

Hope u all like it and plz comment for an longer part next time

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