Hey guys …it’s dolly , riya and alia back again …thanks for the comments and love u all are giving us .

Yayyyy ….it’s 15th episode …it’s a great achievement for us …

So here is the story with happy mood ,

Ragini just sits on the chairs and thinks ….

Sahil don’t know who to take side ..one side his brother and another side his love ….his angel

But he was praying for both of them .

At last his prayers was heard I guess

The doctor comes from sanskar ‘s ward and says

Doctor : he is all fine…the cut wasn’t deeper so no nerve was cut …he is good u can meet him

Sahil was very happy …even Ragini ….both goes in to meet him

Sanskar was sitting on the bed looking at his hand .

Sahil sits beside him …sanskar looks at him

Sanskar (blank) : how is swara ?

Ragini looks at him

Sahil (controlling tears) : hmm…she is …serious

Sanskar cries ..

Sanskar : it’s all because of me Sahil …I don’t know ..I wanted to run away from the police …I don’t why I used swara …I really wanted to go away from her life …..because I …already …lo…

He stops ….Sahil didn’t notice the last lines …but Ragini was .

Sahil (concerned) : it’s OK …bro…calm down its not your fault ….I don’t know what was in her mind ….

Sanskar (cries) : no sahil …I am the reason….she is like this because of me …

Sahil don’t know how to control him …Ragini keeps her hand on his shoulders ..

Sanskar looks at ragini

Sanskar : I am sorry ragini because of me your sister is in this state …

Ragini : it’s OK sanskar ….don’t take tensions …leave it ….

Sanskar didn’t understand her …there were emotion in her eyes for her sister (why will it be she is mad now)

There at other side

The doctor comes .

Doctor : we have saved her …..

Everyone gets happy and relieved .

Shekar : thanks doctor ….thank’s a lot …

Doctor smiles and leaves …

Nurse comes

Nurse : u can meet her she is awake ….but don’t give stress ..she is weak now ..

All nods …

Shekar and mishti goes in

Swara was looking down with tears dried all over face ..

Mishti hugs her and cries ….

Mishti (cries) : why u took this step swara …why u wanted to leave your mom all alone …huh .

Swara gets sad ….but she couldn’t say anything .

Swara (tears) : now i am fine na MA

Mishti hugs her tightly ….

Shekar looks at them …swara looks at him

Shekar : mishti let me have word with swara

Mishti nods and leaves the ward .

Shekar sits on the chair and holds her hand

Shekar : you are very truthful na

Swara nods …

Shekar : u never say lie to your father na

Swara nods…

Shekar : do u love sanskar ?

Swara was shocked and she widens her eyes

Shekar : u should answer me the truth

Swara Nod’s with tears …

Shekar : u must be thinking …how I came to know huh …always my driver comes with u …he saw u going to sanskar’s mansion ….

And two days before I heard in your room …you were talking to yourself …about sanskar …so

Swara look’s at him .

Shekar : see ..because of sanskar u are in this state ..only because of him ..

Swara looks other side and tears flows from her eyes

Shekar : do u want your rest of your life to be in hospital bed

Swara nods No

Shekar ; then ..

Saying this he keeps swara’s hand on his head .

Shekar : then promise me …u will never meet sanskar …u will cut all your relation with him ..and u will marry the person me and your mom choose …

Swara wad shocked …she was very very shocked …..

But the trust on sanskar …, the love for sanskar everything was decreasing ….her parents suffered a lot …so it’s time for her to choose her parents ..

Swara (low tone) ; I promise ….

Shekar smiles and kisses her forehead …

Shekar : take rest dear ..I Will make the formalities for discharge

Swara nods …shekar goes out ….


Ap and laksh reach hospital .

Ap (fake tears) : oh god …how is swara now ..ji

Mishti (mild smile) : she is all fine ji …how are u
Laksh beta

Laksh takes blessings

Laksh : I am fine aunty ….after I heard the news I was so worried ..for swara …

Mishti smiles seeing him

Ap (in mind) : very good acting laksh …..

Ap : hmm can we meet swara ji

Shekar : haan sure …

Ap and laksh goes in


Ap : swara how are u dear (chessy)

Swara smiles and bit and nods .. (she couldn’t talk because neck wad having heavy bandage)

Ap : I am feeling very bad seeing u like this dear …last time I saw …u were so bubbly …now so pale .

Swara looks on …

Ap : OK dear ..Laksh will talk to u now ..u take care of health …don’t stress …

Saying this she leaves …

Laksh come’s in

Laksh : swara how are u

Swara nods

Laksh : oh I am sorry u couldn’t talk na …swara u know what after seeing u ….I couldn’t mingle with any girls ….I left all the bad habits ..inky for u swara ..

Swara looks at him

Laksh : I know …u must be feeling bad for your sister and the words which I spoke …to u before na

Swara nods

Laksh ; that was all my selfishness …u know what I called your ragini after that also but she said she loves sanskar and will not come (acts)

Swara was shocked ..but she already knew ragini loves sanskar …by seeing her acts .

Laksh : now I am a completely changed person …that too only for you ..

Swara looks at him

Laksh ; take care …

Saying this he leaves …swara looks on


After an week ,

Everyone were back to normal ….

Swara : dad ….

Shekar : yes swara

Swara : can I have a word with sanskar and come that I am breaking all the relation with him

Shekar pats her cheeks

Shekar : yes dear ..u may

Swara smiles a bit and leaves …

Swara goes in car to sanskar mansion

She ring’s the bell ….

Sahil opens the door and was happy seeing her

Sahil : swara (happily)

Swara smiles and comes inside the house .

Sahil : hmm are u all fine and alright ….

Swara : yes sahil …can u do me a help ..

Sahil ; ya sure …

Swara : actually can u collect the notes from tina house ..I forgot that’s y ..

Sahil : oh sure ..u wait here ..I will go and bring

Swara smiles ..

Swara : where is ragini dI

Sahil : she went to market

Swara : oh k

Sahil leaves ….swara goes to sanskar’s room

Sanskar was trying to wear his jacket ..swara stands at the door looking and him …with tears

Sanskar eyes falls on swara and he immediately turns to her …

Sanskar (tears) : swara .

Swara (angrily) : stop your fake tears sanskar

Sanskar was shocked seeing her angry but justified

Sanskar (tears) : swara …I …

Swara (angrily) : enough sanskar i have heard a lot ….now let me speak ..

Sanskar looks at her

Swara (angrily with tears) : do u know how much I loved u …do u know how much I am loving u ..seriously I didn’t even respect my single feeling sanskar ….u have changed ….

Sanskar looks at her …

Swara (tears) : don’t worry I won’t be a obstacle in your’s and di’s life ..u both be happy

Sanskar was shocked …

Sanskar ; what are u saying (confused).

Swara : sanskar let me speak …

Sanskar keeps quiet

Swara : listen I didn’t come to make our friendship start once again or to say how much I love u …I came here to break our connects …that’s it everything over between us ..

Sanskar was shocked…

Swara : you are no one to me ….u r just the same old gangster a ruthless , heartless gangster ….OK …

Sanskar (shocked & tears) : swara plx …don’t do this to me

Swara (shouts) : who I am to u sanskar …

Sanskar shuts up …he couldn’t say ..he remembers his brother

Swara ; just your brother’s friend that’s it …

Sanskar looks at her ..

Swara : that’s it everything over …I am leaving u forever from my cage ..be happy and free …enjoy your life ..

Saying this she leaves …..sanskar couldn’t do anything but helpless

Swara stop’s and turns

Swara (tears) : don’t worry sanskar I won’t curse u …because for me my dI is important she kves u more than I do …I know u will keep her happy ..maybe she will get the love which u wanted from u ….

Tears from sanskar’s eyes flows .

Swara (tears) : I guess … I am not lucky to get u or the love from u …..good bye

Saying this she leaves crying …..sanskar sits in the bed with a “thud”

Present ,

Sanskar rushes swara to hospital ..swara was taken to ICU

Sanskar shirt was all blood….he gets really angry breaks the window’s .glass ….

Sanskar calls his PA

Sanskar : (shouts) : where there hell are these men’s….I will kill them for sure

His PA gets scared …

Sanskar (angry) : I couldn’t control …I couldn’t …control ….swara my love…my jaan is inside …in this state fighting for her life ..God damn

Saying this he break’s the chair …

Sanskar (shouts) : who is the person behind my jaan ..who is he ..I want him , I want him alive ..I will kill him with my own hands …he will get a punishment more than death …

Saying this he roars in anger ….

Hope u all like it …plz comment….

Actually today is alia di’s birthday ….we wish her a very happy birthday …we r lucky to have her as our di …

This is dolly posting ….

Thank’s for reading ..

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