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Anyways here is the story ,

Flashback ,

Mishti was praying to God to give her shona back .

While shekar was standing in guilt ….if he was not a police this wouldn’t have took place

Even though he was in guilt , a question was striking his mind …why swara took such a step

This had happened last time also ..that time she was brave enough and now suddenly ….

Who ones (only u readers and Me ?) what was in her mind .

Doctor comes

Shekar and mishti goes to him

Shekar (tensed) : what happened doctor how is she ? ….is she fine !

Doctor : we can’t say anything …she is in critical condition …we r trying our best …..

Saying this he leaves …mishti and shekar are broken …..

Ragini was seeing all this ….her little sister is fighting for life and she couldn’t do anything …

She wanted to do something ..but what …?

She goes to sahil who was standing like a life less body …

Ragini (tears) : sahil u never told me u like swara?

Sahil (smiling faintly) : I never said it to anyone .but now my swara is there fighting for life …what will I do ….

Ragini also smiles faintly …

Ragini (tears) : maybe god will hear your prayer because true lover prayers always been heard

Sahil looks at Ragini …

Ragini : where is sanskar , did you inform him …he must be worried as we are not at home .

Sahil : I have been trying to call …but he is unreachable …

Ragini nods …

There at sanskar’s place …

One of his men takes sanskar’s phone and calls sahil .

Sahil ; hello ..bhai …where are u

Men : sahil sahib sanskar bhai had fainted and his wrist have been slashed …

Sahil (shocked) : whattttttt !!!!

Men : haan sahib ….what should I do

Sahil ; u first say me where u are ..I will come

Men : **** …****

Sahil (tensed) : wait there and try to wake him up …

Saying this he hurriedly calls a doctor and leave’s with him to the place …

There in ICU

Swara (murmurs) : sanskar ……sanskar ….sanskar .

The doctor were happy ..as she is responding to the treatment ….

They come out and says this to the family .

Everyone becomes happy ..

Mishti : babaji thanks a lot ….u gave my shona back …(she cries)

Shekar hugs her …dida and dadi were also happy ….ragini was also …

Ragini : can we meet her doctor

Doctor ; ya u can …but after an hour and by the he way who is sanskar …

Ragini (confused) : sanskar…

Doctor : anyways ..she is murmuring only his name …maybe due to him we got her back .

Doctor leaves ..leaving ragini confused …..

There at sanskar place ,

Sahil goes and finds sanskar semiconscious …

Sanskar : swara….swara…I am ….sorry …..I …am…sorry ….because of ….me ….

Sahil was shocked …he took sanskar in his lap

Sahil (tensed & cries) : bhai…bhai .what happened ….bhai …doctor plz check …

Doctor checks him

Doctor : we need to take him to hospital immediately ..

Sahil with the help of his men’s ..took him to th same hospital where swara is ….

Shekar family doesn’t notice him …thy quickly took him to the next ward …just next to swara ..

Just a screen was between them …

Sahil was waiting outside ..he goes to the god’s idol and prays

Sahil (pray) : why God ..why …this day couldn’t never be so worst then this ..one side my love and other side my life …both are fighting for their life …..plz ….if u really love your children and have concern for us …

Save them both …..I want them both …if u won’t give them to me …

I will forget that u even exist …

Saying this he leaves …and sits outside ..

There at laksh mansion

Ap (smirks) : u heard the news about swara na lucky

Laksh (smirks) : haan MA

Ap ; this is the right Time….we can easily make shekar and msithi agree to get u both married

Laksh smiles

Ap : let’s go to hospital and act ….

Laksh smirks and smiles ..

At hospital

Ragini comes to sahil and sits next to him

Ragini (tensed) : what happened to sanskar …sahil …

Sahil (cries) : don’t know di…..he tried to commit suicide …

Ragini was shocked ……

Ragini (shocked) : why and now how is he …huh!

Sahil ; don’t know di …but he is not good ….

Ragini was shocked and cries too ….

Then suddenly sahil remember’s sanskar murmuring swara’s name ….

Sahil goes to the men’s ..

Sahil : what happened in the park ..u were with him right …

Men ; yes sir ..actually police were behind us and we went inside the park to hide but then sanskar sir got hold of swara ma’am … (sahil was shocked )

He threatened the police who was swara ma’am’s father ..

But don’t know what was in ma’am mind ..she took the knife and slashed herself …

Sahil was in extreme shock ..ragini who was hearing this was also in shock …..

Sahil (shokced) : so sanskar bhai is the reason for this ….

Ragini keeps her hand on her mouth

Sahil : but why does he have to do that ….and swara why does she ha’s to do that

Ragini (in mind) does swara love sanskar …that’s y she slashed herself ..because she didn’t wanted to die in sanskar’s hand …or her love

Ragini had tears ..yes swara loved sanskar …that’s y swara was behaving abnormal with her whenever she was close with sanskar ….

But ragini was also a girl ..even she loved sanskar …

Ragini (wipes her tears) : I won’t let swara to take my sanskar …from Me

(What the hellllll )

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  1. Awesome dear

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    Hawwww ragini dont do that

  5. Dis is my 2nd comment… I have commented in episode 1…its really awesome ff…. I have read all 13 episodes and ur os in one go…. its really amazing… good going

  6. Soujanya


  7. Shubhangi

    Ya seriously WHAT THE HELL I mean yes she’s also a girl but isn’t she a sister first I really don’t understand is love (or in case of Ragini her attraction) really can make someone so mad to forget their own blood for someone who just entered your life,can that sanskar replace 23 years of her bond with swara and if a person cares for you you just fall in love with them with or without their consent aghhh no hard feelings however Ragini is just a character here so…. Hehehe koi na
    And episode was awesome obviously it had to be as its written by our tri ratnas love you guys keep posting and plz complete other ffs I hope Ragini changes her view about her so called love because every relation or emotion needs a sacrifice, fingers crossed love you guys

  8. Vyshu10

    Yes really WTH….how dare she thinks of separating swasan. My babies r not well…unite them soon

  9. Mica

    what the hell….. your ff soo awesome..ummaahhh

  10. Arshaanya

    Wth ragini first u loved laksh n got prgnt n nw knwng swara loves sanskar how can u even think of snatching her love ???

  11. Deeksha

    Awesome dear…. Continue soon

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    So Sad about my ragini …..nice epi

  13. Awesome story.can any 1 give me the link of CH 4 and 10.

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    Ur sanky jaise paida ki thi. Are swara k wajah se tum sanky se mili warna lucky k betrayal me god….. Shameless creature.

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    Keep smiling?

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    awesome and interesting dear.waiting for next part.

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