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Here is the OS ,

Characterization ,

Swara kapoor : only daughter of her parents , a very bold girl but can break emotionally …..she goes to any extend for happiness lives her life to the fullest …..doesn’t give serious to relationship ..is officially gf of laksh khanna who is gonna get engaged soon ….a very popular couple of the youth

Sanskar maheshwari : a very rough and tough character ….but a jerk with a flirter quality …doesn’t leave a chance to flirt with girls ….loves to enjoy his life to his own wish ….takes relations are useless and are just time pass ….he is officially bf of ragini gadodia

Ragini gadodia : a very obedient traditional girl , has her own values ….trust everyone blindly …doesn’t know what is happiness …always bounded by her family values …..cares for others ,she is very beautiful so sanskar is being her boyfriend ….she is his gf officially

Laksh khanna : a very serious person …takes everything serious ….he is slightly protected with loved ones ….believes love is a pure feeling ….a good handsome and enjoyable person but strict with relation matters ……officially bf of Swara who is going to get engaged soon

So these are the main characters will add any in further sessions

So about their age and work

Swara – age 24 , she is a model ….from a high class family

Laksh – age 26 , he is a business man , from a high class family

Sanskar – age 26 , he is time passer but is a photographer , from a middle class family

Ragini – age 25 , she is a classical dancer from a middle class family …

So hope the information are clear …

This OS will witness all the pairs …so plz all the pair fans comment and support us

What is love ? ….let’s learn from their love story

Swara : laksh when will u stop working and concentrate on Me (she says while playing with a pen)

Laksh (serious) : don’t distract me Swara ….it’s important for me

Swara in mind : what the f**k !

With this she takes her phone and chats with her other friend who are boys too

Laksh notices her …..

Laksh (doubtful) : who are chatting with Swara ?

Swara (funnily) : my boyfriend’s

Laksh (angry) : Swara don’t u think it’s high time and u should avoid them ! We r gonna get engaged

Swara (frank) : come on …what does these friend’s do with our marriage and all !

Laksh (angry) : Swara for ur kind information our family which is gonna be yours is a highly reputed family ….I don’t everyone to say that my wife has many boyfriend …seriously

Swara gets angry …she throws the pen and leaves slamming the door ….Laksh throws his file and looks at the window angrily

The screen shifts to a coffee shop

Sanskar (playing candy crush) : haww …missed it !

Ragini who was siting opposite to him ….was just seeing him blankly

Ragini (hesitation) : sanskar ji why u called me here

Sanskar (frank) : oh come on ragini stop using that ji word …u r gf of sanskar

Ragini (trying to be frank) : anyhow why did u call me …

Sanskar (stops playing the game) : I think it’s time to open our matter to our parents ….I mean

Ragini was shocked and tensed

Ragini (shocked) : but it’s just been 2 months were are in relationship

Sanskar (cool) : listen ragini relations are just a fake matter ….come on 2 months is a long one

Ragini (hesitate) : but we didn’t even got to know about us anything and opening this matter

Sanskar (losing his patience) : listen ragini if u really love me and want to be with me ..call me in evening ND say OK ….otherwise …that’s the end of our relation .

Saying this he leaves …shocking ragini with her eyes filled with tears .

At night ,

Swara was talking with mica (her friend)

Swara : mica this laksh us getting on my nerves seriously yaar …I am f**kING bored with him and his values

Mica (advice) : i can understand …but u can’t go against ur family …will u ?

Swara : yaar that’s the problem …mom doesn’t give a damm time to me to discuss about this and dad …he is always busy with his works …both are busy with their works ….

Mica : hmm better talk with laksh about ur easines’s

Swara : that’s not that easy to talk with laksh …he will get really serious ….

Mica says something to swara which is mute (we will reveal later)

The screen shifts to ragini room

Ragini to herself ; ragini u love sanskar ji so much and then why can’t u open up the matter …

Ragini : but what about dad and mom they work for me day and night and this love and all ?

Ragini to herself ; then forget about sanskar

Ragini ; no no …I can’t …I love him

Ragini to herself : then just call and say yes

Ragini thinks ….and calls sanskar

Ragini (low tone) : sanskar ji

Sanskar who was in drunk mode

Sanskar (drunk) : ya…say me

Ragini : ok ji I will inform

Sanskar smiles : good girl …

With this he cuts the call …ragini looks on

The next day ,

Ragini get’s ready and goes to her classical dancing school

Ragini : so student’s today we will start a new session

All the children’s nods and ragini does the classical dance structures

She hears someone calling her …..she turns and looks at the direction and finds sanskar

Sanskar signals her to come , raging comes out to see him

Sanskar (happily) : so did u disuss it with your parents

Ragini (lies) : ya ya…..I will discuss today evening ji …

Sanskar smiles : good girl …anyways come to Sunway for lunch OK

Saying this he leaves ……Ragini gets tensed

There at swara side

Swara was wearing a knee length white frock and with minimal makeup for heading towards her studio

While driving she sees a car following her nonstop ….she gets doubt but then forgets it …

She goes in giving a look to the person in the car …

She goes in everyone greets her and she goes to get chamber ..

Swara : is everything ready ….I mean all the dresses have came from the designer

Uma (personal assistant) : yes ma’am ….all done ….

Swara smiles …..

Swara : the year also I should get the miss world title .

Uma : don’t worry ma’am …u have all the qualities with u ….

Swara smiles and pats Uma shoulder

Swara : for this complements only I love u so much Uma

Uma smiles .

Suddenly she sees the same man passing through the door …..Swara gets suspicious

Swara goes out of the studio ….the man goes back of her …..they were at the back side

Suddenly Swara stops and catches the boys collar

Swara (angrily) : what the he’ll ….who the f**k are u ?

Man (pleading) : ma’am leave me ….I don’t have any bad intentions …but I can’t say y I am following u

Swara (angrily) : if u don’t say …..just one call to police and u will be in jail forever

Man falls on her knees

Man : ma’am laksh sir only said me to follow u wherever u go …..he wanted the details of what are u doing ….

Swara get angry and kicks him …..the man falls his phone rings

Swara takes his phone….it was of laksh

Laksh (bossy tone) ; now say Me what she us doing ..is she talking with any boys …..and what dress she is wearing

Swara felt really bad about his questions

Laksh (bossy tone) : come on answer

Swara (angrily) : when did u keep spy on me laksh

Laksh was shocked…..

Laksh (shocked) : Swara …..I…hmm…

Swara (angrily & tears) : just shut up laksh …u r such a disgusting man…..u have a doubt on me …u don’t trust me ….don’t u ? U r such a cheap

Laksh (angrily) : ya I doubt u and I don’t trust u …because u are not loyal …I am scared …what if my going to wife be with some other boy …what will happen to my reputation

Swara (angrily) : just go he’ll with ur reputation

Saying this she throws the phone and looks at the sky .

There on the other side ,

Sanskar was in his studio taking photos .
He gets a call …it’s his friend …

Sanskar : hello …Haan rakiba say …

Rakiba (happily) : u know what ?

Sanskar : I won’t until and unless u say ! (Mocking)

Rakiba (excitement) : anyways jokes apart …we got an million dollar offer

Sanskar (curious) : then say na

Rakiba (happy) : u know na the miss world for past 3 years ….swara kapoor

Sanskar (shocked) : ya ….miss world …

Rakiba : she and laksh khanna are gonna get engaged

Sanskar : so what’s the big thing …they are getting engaged

Rakiba : array budhu….we have got an offer for this engagement shoot

Sanskar (shocked) : omg …..are u serious ! Speak up

Rakiba (happy) : ya ….we need to meet swara ma’am and laksh sir at maheshwari mansion st 3

Sanskar (happily) : sure sure ….bye and thanks for the beautiful info .

Rakiba smiles and hangs up

Sanskar was so happy …his heart felt warm

Suddenly someone from behind holds his ears

It was his mom (sujatha)

Sujatha : sanskar why don’t u just go and help ur father with his shop …huh

Sanskar : mom….. I am sanskar …I can’t work in that small shop …

Sujatha ; as if now u r working in a business office …here also u r simply sitting right

Sanskar : no mom …from tomorrow even I will become a famous photographer

Sujatha ; in ur dreams

@ragini side

Ragini was waiting for sanskar ..but he didn’t show up ..so ..she thought to leave to home

She got a call

Ragini ; ya simin say me (her best friend)

Simin : actually for Mr laksh khanna and swara kapoor we need to dance in their engagement

Ragini (happily) : really ….it’s a very big information …u all come we all will practice

Simin : ok….bye meet u at dance stage

Ragini was so happy….it was a golden opportunity

She leaves on her scooty …….while passing through a signal ….she sees sanskar eating lunch with another girl …..that too in a lovey dovery mood

Ragini felt really bad …her heart pierced .

She left from there asap ..with tears ….

@maheshwari masion

All the ladies and men’s went to shopping …only laksh were there waiting for ragsan to finalize them

Swara comes wearing half jeans and top ….looking stunning

Laksh sees this and signs “impossible”

Swara sits opposite to laksh….laksh looks at her but she avoids eye contact .

Laksh (serious tone) : I am sorry…..I didn’t mean to

Swara (without looking) : I don’t need ur sorry ..I am fed up of hearing that from u

Laksh get’s angry

Laksh (angry) : even after saying u thousand time’s also u r not changing

Pointing her dress.

Swara (angry) : what can I do if u and ur family are of 18th century….

Laksh gets angry

Laksh : it’s better to call off ….seriously

Swara : go ahead

Laksh gets angry but controls

At that time sanskar comes all handsome and attitude look

Laksh stands up …..and welcomes him …but swara didn’t even look at him

Sanskar was dazzled seeing swara …..she was like an angel from heaven . Sanskar lost to breathe

Laksh (warm smile) : welcome Mr sanskar maheshwari .

Sanskar gives a warm smile

Laksh : take a seat …..

Sanskar sits next to laksh ….which is opposite to swara .

Laksh (fake smile) : swara ..look our engagement photographer have come

Swara gives a fake smile to sanskar ….and an angry look to laksh ….Sanskar senses something wrong .

Sanskar : thanks for calling me and if u r ready then can we go for a photo shoot .

Laksh smiles : ya sure ….Swara….

He forward his hand ….Swara doesn’t take but stand’s up …..laksh controls his anger

Sanskar : I need a back hug posture

Swara doesn’t show a emotion ….laksh hugs swara from back……and smiles …..

Sanskar : ma’am plz look at sir and sir plz u look at ma’am ….with a tilted face

Swara looks at laksh and vice versa…..there were thousand’s of emotions flowing through their eyes …

Sanskar was looking swara only …he clicks the picture .

Sanskar ; thank u sir and ma’am .

Swlak comes back to sense’s

Sanskar ; I will send u the pic ….if u like it we will talk further

Swara ; and ya…send me too in my what’s app …

Sanskar face glows to hear her voice

Swara was about to give her number ….laksh interupts

Laksh (bossy tone) : no need swara …I will forward u …..after all he is also a boy…..I don’t need u to have any boy numbers …

Sanskar In mind : such a old character …pity of swara ma’am

Swara : what the he’ll ..

Saying this she leaves from there angry

Laksh (bossy tone) ; don’t mind her and send me the pic …..hope to see u soon

Sanskar smiles and leaves …..he looks swara who was sitting in the bench in the garden ..and laksh pacifying her

He smiles seeING them …..he then leaves , by that time ragini reaches there …

She was wearing red salwar , she was so traditional

She searches for someone …but couldn’t find ..then suddenly she hear’s the voice and looks at the garden

Swalak were arguing

Ragini goes there and greets them
Laksh (warm tone) : hello miss ragini ….Plz come

Ragini smiles and comes …laksh was staring ragini the whole through …

Ragini : sir for the dance …

Swara : oh hello miss whatever …which dance are u talking about ? Huh …. (confused)

Ragini (tensed) : hmm….classical dance ma’am

Swara (jaws dropped) : classical …that too in my engagement …we don’t need u may leave .

Laksh gets angry

Laksh : sorry for the misbehavior ….some doesn’t know the traditional values though

Swara gives an angry look …..

Ragini : it’s OK sir

Laksh : u come we will talk in my office room

Saying this laksh leaves with ragini ….Swara was blankly looking at them …..

She gets tears …..she remembers laksh proposing her in front of the whole collage and now dominating her …

She wipes it and leave’s in her car

@swara mansion

Priya and ram (mom and dad of swara)

Priya (angry) : swara what”s this …..so many complaints and that too laksh

Swara (frank) : mom ….it’s not my fault it’s totally his ….

Ram (angry) : swara u r spoiling our reputation

Swara (frank) : f**k the reputation……even though it’s his fault …I am being the prey for it .

Priya (angry) : this is not the way to talk to dad , after ur marriage laksh wants u to be a housewife ..so better finish off ur job and all

Swara was shocked .

Swara (shocked) : mom my modeling is my life….I can’t sacrifice it ….

Ram (angry) : u should have taught it before accepting laksh proposal .

Swara (childish) : so what ….now I call off this marriage

Priya (angry) : what the he’ll …marriage is not a joke and moreover ur engagement is in just two days …shut up ur mouth and obey as they say

Swara (tears) : mom did dad restrict u from wearing short dresses , did he say to leave ur job or did he scold and spy on u for talking with a boy

Priya and ram were shocked ….they never saw swara getting tears …

Swara goes to her room crying …..ram and priya looks at each other …

There on the other side ,
Ragini was standing near her mom .her whole family was present .

Ragini (scared) : mom …..dad….I ….need….I ..

Shekar (dad) : say dear

Ragini (scared) : I……that …I…..lo……

Mishti and Shekar were looking at her

Ragini (tensed) : I….I ….have practice so …I will come late tomorrow ..OK

Shekar (smiling) : oh for this …u were it’s OK dear

Ragini smiles and goes to her room

Ragini (crying) : no ….I can’t ….no ….how can I ..say I love u sanskar….when u just time pass with me ..

A leap of two days ……..
(Raglak became good friends …..while laksh was very happy with her ……while on the other side …sanskar was totally in love with swara….he even forgot ragini )

So today was the engagement day of swlak

Swara was in a lehenga made of real diamonds..a royal blue color …she was with diamond set

She was not les’s than a queen of an empire …

Laksh was in red sherwani with his handsome looks

He was busy greeting the guests ….that time

Swara comes down with simi and pooja on either side …. (bridemaids)

All were stunned seeing her …laksh was looking at her happily for the first time ….

Sanskar lost his breath …….he was just memerised seeing her …..he was clicking many photos of her .

Swara comes and stands next to swara

Laksh (smiling) : at last I saw u in traditional

Swara smiles

Swara (smiling) : and ya this is the last time u will see too

Laksh goes confused ………Swara smiles and thinks of mica

Sanskar comes

Sanskar : if u both would give a pose to me

Swalak smiles and stands close to each other …sanskar clicks it with a stone heart

Ap (mother of laksh) : at last ur would be wife wore something traditional (mocking)

Swara (fake smile) : what to do ……such a old style family so need to adjust

Ap shuts her mouth …Swara smiles , laksh looks at both and leaves ….

Ap and priya talks with each other , while dp and ram talks ..

Dp : it’s time to exchange the rings ….

Everyone cheers for them

Laksh slides her ring to swara ….looking at ragini

Swara also slides the ring all smiling …while sanskar had tears ..

Ram : now let’s have the dance …

Ragini ND her girls come to the stage …..Swalak sits next to each other

(Deewani mastani plays)

Laksh was just memerised seeing her ….while sanskar was shocked seeing ragini dancing .

Swara was having tears seeing laksh seeing ragini …

After all that …Swara goes to her room without anyone’s notice ….

At swara room

*******mica conversation*******
Mica : swara better run away from engagement after some time u come back ……and say u r not interested and loves someone else .

She makes a long cloth and throws it from the balcony

Down before her the balcony ,

Sanskar was drinking alcohol remembering swara ……

Swara comes down and runs from there …..sanskar sees this ND follows her ….

Swara goes and was about to sit in the car ….but sanskar pulls her

Swara (shocked) : oh hello …what the hell

Sanskar (shocked) : where are u going

Swara ; that’s none of ur business

Sanskar : say me …I will help u ….

Swara looks at him ….

Swara : will u …?

Sanskar : ya I will

Suddenly someone passes by …..Swara smashes her lips on sanskar ……..which shocked sanskar……but was enjoying it ….

Lady : oh god these youngsters don’t have common sense ..

Saying this she leaves ….

Swara break’s the kiss and looks at sanskar

Swara (hurriness) : come let’s leave ….

Sanskar (plans) : swara listen if u leave in your car ..they will get doubt …come with me …we will leave in my friend’s car .

Swara nods ….sanskar catches swara’s hand and leaves with her in car .

There at the engagement

Simi (bridemaid) : laksh sir……Swara ma’am is not opening the door …

Laksh was shocked ….he goes upstairs and knocks the door

Laksh : swara….swara…are in there

No noise so he breaks the door and was shocked seeing no one

He looks all around and goes to balcony …there he finds the long cloth

He gets more angry …..

He comes to the engagement hall and shouts
“This marriage is not gonna happen”
Everyone looked up shocked

Ap (angry) : laksh what are u speaking

Laksh (angry) : mom swara eloped .

Everyone were shocked

Priya : no no …she can’t

Laksh (angry) : aunty the fact is she eloped …no need to over react

Ram (angry) : laksh what are speaking to elders

Laksh (angry) : uncle because of ur daughter now my whole family status is in air …

Dp was all silent ….the guests starts gossiping …ragini was listening all this ….

Ragini was saw this before itself ….

Ragini was passing by and saw swasan kissing …she was heart broken and went back ….
She now started hating sanskar for his deeds ….he cheated her again

Ragini wipes her tears
Laksh (angry) : swara u will have to pay for this


There at car

Swara : why did u wanted to help me ? (Smiling)

Sanskar : from the first day itself …I came to know that u were not made for each other …

Swara smiles

Swara : ya u r right …..we were never made for each other ….anyways thanks for the help …

Sanskar smiles …

Swara : so where are we going ?

Sanskar smiles and says

Sanskar (smirks) : are u ready for goa !

Swara (smirks) : yayyy dude

Both gives hifi and leaves

The next morning ,

Swara was sleeping on sanskar’s shoulder …sanskar was driving the car and was just memerised seeing her ….

Due to the sun rays …swara wakes up ….

Swara (smiling) ; good morning

Sanskar (smiling) : good morning

Swara (shocked) : omg …u were driving the whole night ?

Sanskar : ya so what

Swara (shocked) : shouldn’t u be tired …I am an idiot ….was sleeping without helping u …

Sanskar : no no its OK …all fine

Swara (caring) : no its not ….stop the car near a hotel …let’s freshen up and can continue our journey

Sanskar smiles ….

He stops near a hotel ….they both heads in .

ReceptioniSt : good morning sir and ma’am …how can I help …

Then she was shocked seeing swara

Receptionist (shocked) : ma’am u r miss world right

Swara (attitude) : ya I am ….but don’t tell anyone..I don’t want any media here ….got it

The receptionist nods ….

Sanskar ; is there two room’s

Swara (confused) : why two rooms ?

Sanskar (confused) : why means …we can’t stay together

Swara (frank) : u r such an baby ….give us one room …that’s enough ….

Sanskar jaws drop

Swara (artitude) : and ya is there any dress shop

Receptionist : yes ma’am ….it’s just back side .

Swara : thank you ….sanskar come .

Swasan goes up

Sanskar : I mean …how u r so bold …

Swara : y is there any rule only boy’s should be bold and not girls ..

Sanskar smiles and thinKS

Sanskar ; ragini will u come for goa ….it’s so nice there

Ragini (hesitates) : I am not used to go there sanskar …..there it’s ….no no …I don’t want to ..

Sanskar (rolls his eyes) : why can’t u be bold

Ragini (smiling) : sanskar only boys should be bold …..girls are not like that !

****************flashback ends***********

Sanskar smiles …..swara notices this


Swara : listen sanskar u take rest …I will go buy dresses and come ….

Sanskar : even I will come na ….

Swara ; no need sleep and take rest …..

Sanskar smiles ….

Sanskar ; but plz …take me also …

He pleads …swara smiles

Swara : after coming u should sleep ok ..

Sanskar nods his head

They both leave for shoppING ..

There at laksh mansion

They were removing all the arrangement’s.
Laksh was paying all the workers and designers

Ragini comes ….laksh smiles seeing her

Ragini : I feel bad for swara…..she is missing such a wonderful person

Laksh (smiling) : u know me …but she didn’t

Ragini : u both were lovers right and this decision

Laksh : ya we both were lovers from collage …in fact it was me who proposed her ….I thought she would be my better half ….but …..I never thought of this bad dream in my life

Ragini has tears …

Laksh : it’s OK ….now she is not mine and will never be …..

Ragini : ya ya ..OK …

Laksh : if u don’t mind can i ask u something

Ragini : sure

Laksh ; are u single ?

Ragini was shocked and then blushes

Ragini (with tears) : ya now single

Laksh (confused) : now means ?

Ragini (tears) : even I had a bad dream in my life

Laksh felt bad …

Ragini : it’s OK …now he is not in my life …..and forever ….

Laksh felt happy that no one is in her life …

Ragini smiles .

After that afternoon

Ragini leaves …taking blessings from ap and dp

Ap : such a traditional girl …unlike swara …

Dp : ya ya …correct ….

Laksh smiles listening this

There at hotel room

They came back and we’re sleeping next to each other …they were so tired .

While sleeping swara rolls and comes to Sanskar and sleeps on his chest hugging him ….Sanskar suddenly had a weight …he opened his eyes and was yet again memerised seeing his princess

Sanskar also hugs her back …but then makes her sleep properly …..

He was admiring her sleeping ….

Soon the sun goes down and it’s night

They start their journey all haply

Soon 1 week passes by ….they were in goa and all adjusted …even swara started to feel for Sanskar .m

Sanskar came from washroom wearing trax and no shirt …..

Swara comes wearing crop top and shorts …her cleavages were all easily shown …

Both heads towards the bar …

Sanskar : what do u want …

Swara : hmm vodka

Sanskar : but it will be high….is it OK ?

Swara : come on ..yaar ….

Both drinks vodka ….while swara drinks more …Sanskar was enjoying her company a lot

Due to over dosage ….swara wasn’t in control ..so Sanskar took her to the resort and made her stand in shower

Swara (drunken state) : what are u gonna do Mr …huh ….why is it raining inside the room

Sanskar smiles

Sanskar : array budhu u are standing in the shower ….

Swara (drunken state) : when did we come to shower …huh ?

Sanskar rolls his eyes ….swara wraps her arms around his neck …there was no inch gap between them ….Sanskar was all looking at her

Swara (looking at him) : will u make me yours ?

Sanskar was shocked …

Sanskar (shokced) : swara u r not in your senses …come let’s leave

Swara : no I am in my senses ….I couldn’t say but today ..

Saying this she sits in a proposal manner

Swara : this is what laksh did for me …but now it’s me doing for u ….

There is no light in my life until u came ….bow there is no darkness because u are in my life …

I felt my world revolves around the planets and all until u came in my life …but my world revolves around u only….

There is no tomorrow …of u don’t come in my life ….but if u accept me ….I will stop this moment asap ….

I love like there is no tomorrow ….like there is no life without u …..like there is no boy in this world ……..

Because I love u ….that’s it …. I love u and I want u

U reached me how I should be …which I forgot when I was with laksh

Will u accept me ..the miss world ….ur own swara kapoor to add ur name next to mine ?

Sanskar was spellbounded…..no words were there to express …..

He sat next to her

Sanskar (tears) : I will ….I love u ….I love u swara …

Saying this he hugs her …even swara hugs him…

Soon after a long hug

Swara : I acted to be drunken ……I wanted to know that will u take advantage or not ?

Sanskar smiles …

Sanskar : I always wanted everything with ur consent only

Swara smiles …..

Both sleeps hugging each other tightly …like there was no tomorrow for them ……..

Soon the wonderful days were gonna come to end ..with a storm tomorrow

The next day …
Swasan decided to tell this matter to both families ….

They both headed towards swara mansion …..

Swara : I am scared sanskar .. what if they ….what about laksh .m..

Sanskar holds her hands tightly …

Sanskar ; I am there for u …..no one can touch u or scold u without my permission

Swara closes her eyes and hugs sanskar ……he also hugs her back .

Both heads in ..

Priya was like a lifeless women sitting and weeping inside ….while ram was also same …after all she was their only daughter

Swara and sanskar steps in ….Priya eyes looks at them ….

She runs to them and hugs swara tightly

Priya (crying) : swara ….mm swara. ….mu came ….back …..swara..

Swara also hugs her back and cries ….

Swara (cries) : I am sorry mom…..I am such ‘s bad daughter ….I left u all

Ram also comes and joins the hug

Ram : no swara ….u escaped …..laksh was not ur Mr perfect …..he is was not ur match ….we forced….u ….we r very sorry dear ..

Swara hugs him tightly and cries

After all the family moments …Priya ND ram looks at sanskar ….who was admiring them

Ram : who is he swara ?

Swara goes to sanskar and catches his hand comes forward ….

Swara : mom dad he is sanskar …the one who helped me …..and …..now …..who is gonna be my life partner ….

Ram and priya were shocked ….but now they trusted swara

Sanskar : uncle aunty don’t worry …I am not laksh to bound her with values …love is not just for name sake …it’s for us to understand each other ….adjust with each other and live …..
Swara will live her life as she wants….my reputation is not more than her happiness …..

Because I love her…….not my reputation or status

Priya and ram were overwhelmed …..both agreed

Swasan hugged each other

Swara : mom what about laksh

Ram : just last week laksh married a girl called ragini

This shocked sanskar ……..

Swara : so he moved on his life huh !

Ram : don’t talk about him …swara …he didn’t deserve u ..mm now it’s only my son sanskar ..

Sanskar smiles and hugs him …..

Sanskar takes swara to his home …

Sujatha and rp were so happy

Sujatha : I am very happy sanskar …u choosed the best daughter for Me

Swara smiles …

Rp : hmm ya but status …

Swara goes to him and holds his hands

Swara (smiling) : uncle status is nothing in front of love

She then looks at sanskar ….sanskar was admiring ….

Soon swasan gets married ….. (we don’t want to drag )

It was their first night (alia is there for this part …kiddo’s stay away …)

Swara was siting in a hotel room honeymoon resort ….

She was in white strip less gown looking like an princess ……

She was hell nervous ……after all she was a Virgin ….

Sanskar enters …..in his black tuxedo ….not less than a prince

Sanskar had a smirk seeing her ….he was so happy …that’s now the miss world is his wife …

Swara’s pov ,(18+content)

he pulled me close to him, nuzzling my neck. I had imagined this night a hundred times before, but in reality, his proximity, his touch and his smile filled my senses much more than I ever thought possible. It had a deep impact on me as I moaned to his touch.

I sensed him inhale sharply as he cupped my cheeks, pulling me closer to his lips. His lips lightly brushed mine and I felt a current pass through me…

He guided me towards the room as we both admired the way they had decorated it. He caressed my cream colored, flowing silk dress as I smiled back at him.

He switched off the lights and lit a few candles. Immediately, the room was filled with a faint fragrance of vanilla; not too strong and not too faint which made this wedding night experience just perfect for me.

He cracked open a bottle of champagne and poured two glasses for us grinning widely. I could see and sense his happiness, we both felt like we were on cloud nine.

Without a shadow of doubt, he was meant for me just like I was born for him. He handed a flute glass to me in a grand manner and his exuberance was contagious. I laughed with him, unable to contain my delight.
Clinking glasses, we chorused, ‘To us!’ and drank everything immediately. I wondered whether it was because of our impatience to touch each other. I did not want to get drunk and shook my head no when he offered a second glass. He however, downed the drink and smiled happily.

I sat on the bed, shuffling my silk gown, staring at my man who looked breathtaking in his tuxedo. He towered over me but his mannerisms made him look like a gentle, handsome giant. I eyed him hungrily, anticipating our time together.

God I didn’t want to disappoint him and wanted to be perfect in every way. I read somewhere that men loved bold women and since I knew that he loved me, I wanted to be confident and please him.

However, my nerves were frazzled just looking at him. The anticipation was killing me.

He walked towards me, smiling a brilliant smile that made my nerves tingle all over again. His eyes shone in the dark and I could never forget the way he stared at me.

His blue eyes roamed over all my features, making my desire go up to a fever pitch.

He did not even touch me and I was already weak in the knees and if he touched me, I would have probably combust right there

‘Do you know how beautiful you are? How did I get so lucky and get married to you? This is a mystery I’ll always wonder about,’ he said, in his deep husky voice. I remembered the time when just his voice would do things to me and it never failed to amaze me.

‘I’m the one who’s lucky here. I’m sure you’ve broken a lot of hearts today. I can’t believe we’re finally together,’ I said coyly.

His thumb caressed my cheek as were talking and I held my breath as he came closer to me. ‘Is that so Mrs.? I’m not sure about broken hearts but my heart will break if I don’t touch you now.’

Slowly, his lips brushed mine. For a few seconds, we both stared at each other as the tension surrounded us, making me gasp for breath.

Without wasting another second, his lips crashed on mine. It felt like a dam had burst, releasing all the pent up energy that was held in. We had saved this for our marriage and our patience was fruitful now.

His tongue ravished every corner of my mouth, as his kiss deepened. His hands worked to remove my dress as mine worked to remove his tuxedo. Suddenly, we were both frantic, trying to fulfil out urgent need.

I had a lot of layers of clothing and he set to work, admiring them and removing it all one by one. Pulling me to stand up, he unzipped my strapless layered dress making it pool near my feet.

He stared at me as I stood almost bare in front of him, with only my bra and satin petticoat. He was lusting for me and quickly took off his jacket and shirt as he moved in closer to me.

Grabbing my hair, he pulled me towards him as his tongue worked its magic again. His hand roamed over my br*ast as he cupped it. I inhaled sharply as a deep ache spread between my legs.

His other hand worked on the loop of my petticoat and I stood there, waiting for him to explore me. With minimal clothing, he did not unhook my bra but instead pulled it down, caging my already heavy br*asts.

He pushed me towards the bed as I lay down, waiting for him to take me.

‘I want to do something, but first I want to know if you’re okay with it. I don’t want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable,’ he whispered.

I waited as he pulled out a piece of cloth, made of satin, from his pocket. Confused, I blinked at him but as he started blindfolding me, I understood.

He was going to touch me and I wouldn’t be able to see him. It seemed unfair that I could not but it was extremely thrilling at the same time.

I nodded my approval and his lips were on my br*asts that were spilling out of my bra. I moaned out loud as his tongue moved in soft, slow circles on my nipple that was taut already.

His hands worked on my br*asts, plumping them and making them soft, tender and unbearably sensitive. I clutched his hair as I cried out, unable to contain my pleasure.

His lips trailed down my shivering body, trailing soft kisses and licking every inch. His fingers touched my core as I groaned loudly. I wanted the barrier between his fingers and me removed and prayed that he would remove my panties too.

I was really wet as he tore my panties, pushing his finger carefully inside me. I could not see what he was doing but this was painful and pleasurable at the same time.

‘I want to please you my love. I want you to remember this night forever. I want to show how much I love you,’ he whispered

I tasted the tip. Then my lips took him in, drowning him in pleasure. Slowly, my mouth swirled around him, making small circles and without wasting time, I took him in deeper.

I watched his eyes glaze as he was unable to contain the pleasure I was giving him. Emboldened, I continued, swallowing everything.

I worked faster now as my tongue worked on him, just as he had a few minutes ago. He grabbed my hair but I continued, mystified by the electricity in my body.

His body shook as he warned me, ‘I’m going to…’ but I continued as he came, quaking violently. I happily swallowed everything mindlessly as it was the most sensual moment of my life.

Watching him fall apart, just like I had, I worked my way up to his lips as he kissed me deeply.

Sated and content, I nuzzled up next to him, but he pushed me down, towering over me. He was not done, not yet anyway. I thought I was done as my body was limp but as he slid a finger inside me, my body reacted again.

I thrust my hips towards his fingers, eager to find friction. His finger worked fast now, making me cry and shift restlessly.

He removed his finger but slid two fingers again. Working in circles, his fingers drove me to a desire I had never known before.

Crying out, I clutched my br*asts as I was about to come. Sensing that, he slowed down and as I gaped at him, he pushed himself inside me.

‘You’re so tight,’ he growled as I experienced immense pain and pleasure.

‘Tell me if it hurts you,’ he said, making me love him more as he thought about me even in his throes of passion.

He moved faster, thrusting himself inside me as my hips thrust against him. Our bodies worked together, as if we were meant for each other. The pain dissipated as the pleasure took over, making me senseless as he thrust himself deeper.

His body shook and his features hardened, making us both come at the same time. He lay on top of me for a while, panting breathlessly.

Our bodies soaked in sweat served as a reminder of the most intimate moments we had together.

We lay next to each other, happy and grinning widely.

The next day ….

Swara was sleeping with a smile on her face …hugging sanskar tightly ….

Sanskar felt her grip …he opened her eyes …

Sanskar was admiring his wife …..she was officially his now …he had planted the seed in her …..now one can take her away from him .

Swara also opens her and eyes and smiles ….

Swara (smiling) : good morning …sanskar

Sanskar : good morning princess …

Saying this he kisses her forehead .

Swara looks at the time

Swara : omg ..it’s late ….I need to be responsible

Saying this she was about to wake up but sanskar pulls her back

Sanskar : swara u don’t need to worry …there are no rules …u r set free from cage

Swara comes to senses and smiles

Swara (tease) : I can now go if u would free me from ur cage ?

Sanskar (smirk) : na na …that wont happen ..because always u r locked in my love cage

Swara blushes ………….

There at laksh mansion

Laksh kisses ragini for head

Laksh ; ragini take care …say mom if u need anything …don’t streas ok

Saying this he bends down and kisses her baby bump … (yes ragini was pregnant)

Ragini smiles

Laksh ; princess don’t trouble mom a lot ok …bye love u

Saying this he kisses the baby bump …after that he leaves

Ragini sits in the bed and thinks about her life taking 360° turn …..

But now she was happy ….she don’t need to worry about laksh being with another ..girl unlike sanskar ……

Laksh made her life heaven ..which she always dreamt in her life .

Ragini smiles seeing their wedding photo hung on the wall ……

At night ,

Swara was arranging the dresses …sanskar comes and back hugs her …

Swara ; sanskar ….

Sanskar : yes sweety

Saying this he twirls her around ….she wraps her arms around his neck …sanskar holds her waist .

Sanskar : u know what after seeing many babies …I thought y don’t we have a baby for our own to play with

Swara blushes …..both keep their forehead closer to each other

Swara : baby mother is ready …..I don’t know about father .?

Sanskar was shocked ….it was his old bold swara

Swara winks at him …..sanskar plays a romantic song and both get one once again …..

A leap of 7 years ,


Principal : u both are always fighting y don’t u both give a rest ….so I have called ur parents today .

There was a boy and a girl …… (age 7 )

Swara enters ….

Principal : hello ma’am ..plz take a seat

Swara sits …

Principal : ur son is always fighting with mishka..we have already said ….but no response so thats y we called u ….

Swara : sanky did u fight

(Yes sanky is swasan son)

Sanky ; no mama ….she only started ….

Swara : but still u should forgive na …

Sanky puts his head down .

Swara : it’s OK say sorry to her

Sanky (smiling) : sorry mishka

Mishka smiles ….

Swara : now problem solved ….come sanky

Saying this she leaves …principal was haply seeing this …

Mishka leaves to class .

Later that day ,

Swara ; sanskar because of u sanky is also getting sake attitude …

Sanskar and sanky were playing xbox

Sanskar : ayy ..cheater see I will only win

Sanky ; no dad …I won’t leave u

Sanskar : champ not fare

Swara (angry) : it’s OK no one listenning me na ..ok then don’t talk .with me

Saying this swara was about to leave ….sanskar and sanky were with bending In front of her

Sanky : sorry mama

Sanskar : sorry swara darling

Swara : aww

She hugs both ….sanskar carries swara in his arms ….sanky smiles

After an month ….it was a business party ….

All were present …..raglak along with their daughter …

Even swasan with sanky

Sanky and mishka meet and both play

Mishka : let’s make our parents meet …let them also be friends ….

Sanky nods …

Sanky calls swasan ..while mishka calls hers

Swasan and raglak comes towards each other.

Four of them were shocked ……
mishka : this is my parents *pointing raglak*

Sanky smiles ….after they both leaves ….

Laksh was looking at swara …she was traditional in saree with vermilion on her hairline.

Ragini was also staring sanskar ….

Four walk towards each other

Sanskar : how are Mr and Mrs khanna

Laksh (smiling) : all fine …Mr maheshwari …and u both

Swara (bold) : fine Mr laksh khanna ..nice to meet u

Laksh was looking at swara ….

Ragini : let’s join the party

Sanskar looks at her

Everyone were talking with each other frankly

Swara was drinking juice …laksh comes to her

Laksh : looks like u r happy …

Swara : ya …very much …who doesn’t want a happy life …

Laksh : I am happy for u

Swara ; thanks and even me ….u got the life partner which u deserve …

Laksh smiles

Swara : don’t put over conditions ……or else ..like me only …

Laksh laughs…swara also …

Swara : anyways ….we were never made for each other right ?

Laksh ; ya correct …

Swara : but still I wanted to give u something

Laksh (confused) : what’s that ?

Swara takes a ring from her handbag and gives it to laksh ……

Laksh was shocked ….it was their first love anniversary ring

Swara : I may have moved on in life and have all the happiness …but once the first love is always first love ….laksh …even though u have been serious with me …or I have taken the relation ship slightly the fact is I loved u …..

But now no ….because I have my own family …and u have ur own …..

But always as a friend and we’ll wisher ….my best wishes for u

Saying this she leaves …laksh was standing there looking at the ring ….he was guilty …guilty enough

Ragini and sanskar were standing there …

Sanskar : when did u start wearing gowns .? (Funnily)

Ragini smiles : u never change right …

Sanskar : never ….at last u got the one who u wanted

Ragini smiles : yes sanskar …I don’t take relationship slightly ..I am happy that u took swara relation with great responsibilty …my best wishes…I don’t want u to make her life a dark dream …like u made mine in past ….

Sanskar looks on …Ragini leaves ….

Both laksh and sanskar understands what’s actually love …

Ragini (looking at sanksar ) : Love is a very serious relationship …which shouldn’t be broken till eternity ….love shouldn’t be taken slightly

Swara (looking at laksh) : love is not only for reputation …it’s for life long time cherishment …..

SwaraginI goes to sanlak

Swaragini : this is what we learned from “?OUR LOVE STORIES”

the end ….

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