Hey guys …it’s dolly , riya and alia here ….I know many of you are waiting with slippers to throws at us …

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We planned to give u all a Maha episode but now we r so tired so …next episode pakka

Anyways here is the story ,

Flashback ,

At night , in maheshwari mansion

Sanskar was roaming in corridors with folded handsome his chest …

Sanskar in mind : I know swara how much u love me and I know how much I love u …..but the important fact is that …my brother loves….he is my world …I can do anything for him …u can never be mine ….

I am not for u …..I need to become bad in your eyes …then only u will forget me and love my brother …..

He thinks and falls asleep with a big plan to become bad in swara’s eyes …

The next day ,

Swara was going to park ….by walk .

She was talking with sahil through phone

Swara : ya ya sahil I will be there at night ….we will practice …

Sahil : what will u say to your parents ?

Swara : hmm…sleepover with friends …that’s it

Sahil : hmm OK …where are u now ..

Swara : nothing just a walk to park …u know na how stressing is our life

Sahil : ya ..ya ..

Swara : y don’t u join me ?

Sahil : hmm ya sure ..will be there in 10mins

Swara : OK will be waiting ..

Saying this she hungs up …she goes and sits on a bench and looks at the people doing various jobs …

She takes her phone and was surfing through it.

There on the same road at the front gate

Sanskar and his men’s were running while police were chasing them …one of them was shekar

Sanskar and his men’s comes inside the park hides behind the bushes …while the police were busy searching them ….

Sanskar eyes falls on swara….he thinks of a plan

Sanskar (tears) : I am sorry swara ..

Saying this he takes knife and goes near her

Swara (smiling) : hi Sanskar

Sanskar with tears ..pulls her hands strongly (back hug position) and keeps knife on her neck

Swara was shocked ….her eyes are filled with tears …she looks at Sanskar …Sanskar also looks at her …but then shouts

Sanskar (shouts) : oh oh …police I am here where are u searching …

All police comes ….Sanskar men’s were smiling widely seeing them .

Shekar was shocked and yet worried ….

Shekar (worried) : swara …..

Swara (tears) : dad …dad….

Shekar (angry) : Sanskar don’t do anything to her …got it

Sanskar tightens the grip …swara hisses in pain

Shekar : don’t do anything ..we won’t do anything to u …leave her ..

Sanskar : not this time Mr shekar …last time also u said the same thing na …now ….no

Swara cries ….her heart was broken into pieces her love was gonna kill her ….

She got strength ….she wipes her tears ..

Swara (shouts) : DAD ……I ….AM ….SORRY

Saying this she removes the knife from sanskar’s hand and slashes it on her neck and falls …..

Everyone present were shocked …..Sanskar’s world stopped revolving …the birds stopped flying ….the water stopped hitting the shore ….

Swara was covered with pool of blood …..Sanskar’s hand trembled …..his hands were full of blood …..

His men’s shouted to run ….he couldn’t leave his swara and go …but shekar came and caught swara …

And then sanskar ran away with his men’s …

Everything happened in a nick of time ….

The ambulance came ,

Swara was taken to hospital …..everyone were informed about this .

Mishti , dadi and dida comes running to hospital as soon as they heard …

While on the other side ..ragini and sahil comes there …but they didn’t know sanskar was the one responsible for this …..

At hospital ,

Ragini was crying very badly

Ragini : why does it always happen with swara sahil ….. (cries)

Sahil was also crying ….

Sahil (angry & tears) : don’t worry ragini I work let the person live who killed my shona

Ragini was shocked hearing the word “my shona”

But now it was not the correct time to react to that ….

Shekar was consoling Mishti …..

Mishti (cries) : why always my shona….what sin she has done ….everything is happening bad with her …

Shekar (tears) : don’t worry mishti ..nothing will happen to shona …stay strong .

Mishti gets angry and pushes him …ragini , dad I and dida comes and catches shekar ..

Mishti (angry with tears) : it’s all because of u ..I said from the beginning …we don’t need this police job ….only because of your job …swara is in this state ..

Mark my words if anything happens to shona …I will die on spot …….do u get it ..

Everyone were shocked …

Ragini (crying) : MA…….

Mishti (angry ) : no ragini not today ..it’s long ..I can’t afford to loose u also …..shona ….if anything happens to her …..I wont spare u shekar ….I won’t …

Shekar , dadI and dida understood the mother’s pain , the fear of losing her child ….her daughter

Sahil could t bear this all …just today morning she called and talked to him and now she is fighting for her life ….

Sahil goes to the doctor through back side door
So that shekar and no one doesn’t see him

Sahil : how is swara now doctor ?

Doctor : I don’t know but we fear that we can’t save her life ..

Sahil totally breaks down ….he cries

Sahil (shouts) : swaraaaaaaaaa…….

There at a lonely place

Sanskar was standing and looking at the sky

Sanskar (tears) : why swara ….why ….I never wanted to hurt u …why u came into my life ..why u become my world ….why u attracted Me …and now why u took such a drastic step ….

He breaks down

Sanskar : I am always a threat to your life ….

Saying this he takes knife and scratches his hand ….he makes many cut’s ….

Blood starts flowing from the hand …..

Sanskar (cries) : its better I die swara …. I have did a sin swara …..a sin …

He cries and later he faints ..

There at hospital

Sahil wipes his tears and calls sanskar …

He is phone was not reachable …

Sahil (angry) : don’t worry swara …I won’t let the person live who made u like this ….

Precap : will swara survive ? ……will the brothers drift start or……..?

Present ,

Sanskar was coming in car to the mansion

Sanskar (happy) : ufff ..these days were so horrible without seeing u swara ….I know after saying this news u would be so happy …I can’t wait to see your face swara ….

Saying this he remembers something and smiles

*****************what he remembers***********

Sanskar goes to swara mansion

Mishti , dadi and dida were present ….mistI was in white saree and was seeing shekar photo

Suddenly her eyes falls on sanskar in the door step …she gets very angry seeing him

Mishti (angry) : what the he’ll u need now …came to see whether I died or not …

Sanskar : no maa…

Mishti (angry) : who is whose maa ….stop calling me that …who the he’ll are u …who played with my both daughters feeling …one died and soon u will kill another also

Sanskar (angry) : maa…no …

Mishti ; what maa….even after we came front here still u were back of our family and now …see u killed everyone ..my husband is not here ..my both daughters are not here ..

It’s all because of u only …sorry sorry ..I have only one daughter who died ..this swara is an orphan ….

Sanskar : maa…plz ..I am the reason don’t say such words of swara maa

Mishti (angry) : then what should I say she is a *****
.sanskar (angry) : aunty stop ..

Dida and dadi comes ….they know sanskar is
a good person and is not behind this incident

Sanskar falls on the knees of mishti and crie’s

Sanskar : plz maa….swara is not eating properly always is in your thoughts ….whatever happened till date is all because of me …plz give me a chance ….swara wants u all ..it was me who eloped with her …

She is spoiling her health and is dying in guilty ..plz maa …..I know how much u love swara …plz MA. ..give me a chance ..I will prove who is behind papa’s death ….

I am sure it’s a not suicide but a murder

MistI was shocked and had tears …but controlled

Dida and dadi smiles …because they know mishti melted …

Sanskar : plz maa ….come to my house …swara will be very happy …she needs u all maa …plz

Mishti smiles a but

Mishti (tears ) : only one chance sanskar ..only one ….

Sanskar smiles


Sanskar smiles

Sanskar : swara u will be very shocked now …they are coming tomorrow to meet u …

Saying this he gets down and goes inside the mansion

He was confused seeing the lights switched off and there were no bodyguards outside …

Sanskar ; Rahul where are the men’s

Rahul ; don’t know sir ..

Sanskar goes in and switches on the lights …he was shocked seeing the scenario

The men’s and servants were dead and covered in pool of blood …

Sanskar then looks upstairs

Sanskar (shouts) : swaraaaaaaaaa…….

Precap : will sanskar save swara …will swara survive or this is the end ?

Plz comment and thank’s for reading …

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