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Flashback ,

Swara was shocked ….her eyes was filled with tears ….yes she was in love …for the first time …

Swara (confused) : but I shouldn’t just assume …maybe it can be a attraction….I need to consult with someone

By that time sahil comes

Sahil (smiling) : hey Swara in which world are u ?

Swara : nothing just thinking about prom

Sahil : actually y do u stuff this much in your mind …huh (mockingly)

Swara (fake anger) : shut up ok …what can I do if my best friend is careless it’s my job to correct his also na ….

Sahil smiles and gives her a glass of juice …Swara smiles

Sahil : hmm swara don’t worry this juice is specially made by your di. …..so u can taste it’s fresh orange juice

Swara (smiles) : don’t worry sahil I will teach u cooking soon ….

Sahil smiles ….

Sahil : u r so sweet

Swara : by the way y my sister suddenly juice and all ?

Sahil : because sanskar loves oranges ….

Swara spits out the juice …and coughs

Sahil gets concerned

Sahil (concerned) : are u OK ?

He pats her back

Swara (stops coughing) : ya ya….I am OK ….

Sahil smiles

Swara : can I ask u something ?

Sahil (smiling) : sure go ahead

Swara (bit concerned) : Sahil my friend prima wanted a help …that is ….she feels bad and unpleasant when nikhil talk’s with other girls …why is that so ?

Sahil (smiling) : that’s because of her jealousy !

Swara (confused) : but she is not jealous imof seeing u with me any other friend

Sahil (smiling) : that’s because she loves nikhil
Swara listen ….love and affection are two different words ….

Love is like u will do anything for him and u will even leave ur life forever for him

But affection is like u will live with them forever as a friend !

Swara smiles

Swara : thanks for the clarification .

Sahil smiles

Swara (teasing) : u have a very good definition of love ….why don’t u love someone……because I am sure everyone would fall for u

Sahil (lovingly) : I love someone but it just need her to see my love for her

Swara was confused

Sahil : leave all that ….let’s practice ….

After a long tiring practice it was 8 pm

Swahil goes down ….ragini was preparing something ..in the kitchen and sanskar was ordering his men’s

Swara was smiling lookING at sanskar

Sanskar notices her and she hides her smile

Swara : ok sahil bye …bye ragini di and bye sanskar

Ragini : oh hello where are u going ?

Swara : to home

Sanskar : have dinner and go na swara

Swara : come on sanskar ….it’s been like I am staying here forever I need to visit my house also na

Sahil smiles

Sanskar : ok then take care and come tomorrow also ….

Swara smiles …ragini hugs her and bids bye

Sahil drops her till the car and closes her door

Swara waves bye and leaves …sahil was seeing her till she vanishes from his eye’s

Sanskar comes and pats his shoulder

Sanskar (teasing) : how many days are u gonna hide ur love for her ?

Sahil smile’s

Sahil ; after u confess ur love to someone

He winks at ragini

Sanskar : shut up …she is my friend and sister of swara….

Sahil ; ok ok ….

Both sahil and sanskar laughs …

@swara mansion

Shekar ND misthi were discussing something

Mishti : it’s high Shekar we need to discuss about swara …..

Shekar : ya but still she is a small kid only na …marriage and all ?

Mishti : I am sure laksh will keep her happy …we can find any other for ragini….

Shekar ; but ragini is elder and ?

Mishti ; come on Shekar we r not in 18th century to think all that ……it seems they are a good family ..if they are interested In swara ….it’s absolutely ok with me !

Shekar thinks ….by that time swara reaches there

Swara (smiling) : hey mom ….hey dad

Shekar and Mishti smiles at her

Swara (sits on the sofa) : so what are u both discussing about ?

Mishti (caresses her hair) : nothing just about ur future

Swara (mockingly) : seriously so fast…I am a kid mom

Shekar smiles seeing his daughter

Mishti (fake anger) : a kid with age 23

Swara bites her tongue

Mishti : anyways y r u always late to home dear .

Swara (smiling) : I said na mom about prom night …so practicing for it

Shekar : ok ok but be careful ok….it’s not always safe to drive late at night

Swara : ok ok dad ….OK so I am tired I am going to room …bye

Saying this she pecks both and leaves

Shekar and mishti smiles….

@maheshwari mansion

Ragini was surfing her phone and was descending from stairs …suddenly she misses a step and was about to fall

Ragini : ahhhhhhh

Both strong arms holds her from falling …..ragini open her eyes and it was sanskar

Sanskar (angry) : ragini I said na be careful …what would have happen to the baby

Ragini was just staring her ……

Sanskar : ragini are u alright ….saying this he shakes her a bit

Ragini comes to her senses ….she frees herself from his hands

Ragini (smiling) : vo …sorry….ya I am alright

Sanskar signs a relief and leaves from there …ragini was looking at sanskar and admiring him

Ragini : I really love u sanskar

There in swara room

Swara who was seeing sanskar photo

Swara (smiling) : I really love u sanskar …

The screen freezes

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