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Anyways even we liked sahil at beginning ….so In this ff …he will be the at a positive role

So no more bak .. bak …here is the story ,

Flashback ,

It’s been a week …..ragini have adjusted in sanskar and sahil mansion

Swara went to collage and was calling sahil continuously …..

Sahil comes from behind and taps her shoulder ..Swara turns and get’s happy at the same time angry

Swara (angry) : u idiot …how can u be so careless ?

Sahil (smiling) : u r there na Swara

Swara (angry) : huh …I am there but still ours is a duet dance for prom night and u r are so cool

Sahil (pout) : OK sorry madam ….today let’s go to my house …we will practice there

Swara pulls his cheeks

Swara : good boy …

Sahil smiles seeING her

Sahil : by the way swara ….ragini di is so sweet …she is just like my sister

Swara smiles

Sahil ; and u know what sanskar bhai us very comfortable with her …..after u it’s only ragini whom he is comfortable

Swara felt bad and ….what to say jealous too …her eyes gets filled with tears ….

Sahil : anyways come let’s go home ….

Swara gives a fake smile and goes with him …in car

They soon reaches the mansion

They both go in and find ragini and sanskar sitting close to each other and seeing TV …laughing and giggling

Swara felt really bad ….she had tears and was in the verge to cry …..but was happy seeing her sis laughter

Sanskar notices them

Sanskar (happily) : hey swara ….and sahil

Swara gives a fake smile …..ragini also come and hugs swara

Ragini (happily) : swara I just missed…y u didn’t show up huh ?

Swara (fake smile) : vo di…..heavy tension due to collage ….that’s y sorry huh ..

Ragini smiles and forgives her….sahil and sanskar were adoring their bond …

Swara (fake smile) : hi sanskar …..thanks

Sanskar smiles and comes near and keeps hand on ragini’s shoulder ….Swara looks at the hand

Sanskar (happily) : in fact we should thank u …because of u there is a angel in our mansion …it’s too lovely to eat in her hands …

Sahil also siDE hugs ragini …ragini was on cloud 9

Swara felt good for them ….but sanskar and ragini irked her …..

Sahil ; anyways swara come let’s go for the practice

Ragsan : all the best …both of u

Sahil smiles and leaves ….Ragsan leaves to hal

Swara turns and looks at sanskar …..she turns to front …..

Swara : if he would …he would have turned (unknowingly)

Sanskar then turn’s and looks at swara …which goes unnoticed by swara …

Destiny has its own plans …which only can be seen through the way it moulds the life .

Sahil and swara started practicing ….but the flashe’s of sanskar’s hand on ragini shoulder …keeps on coming in her mind ….

She stops dancing …sahil switches off the music player

Sahil (worried) : swara are u OK ?

Swara : ya ya …sahil

Sahil : swara y do u take too much of load in ur head huh

Swara smiles ….

Sahil : anyway’s don’t move from here …I will bring drink for us

Swara nods and sits on the bed ….sahil leaves

Swara to herself : swara what’s ur problem if sanskar keeps hand on ragini or anyone else .

Inner voice : that’s because u r jealous

Swara to herself : jealous come on ….swara and jealous no way

Inner voice : OK if that’s so ….then y don’t u feEl jealous when u see sahil with any other girl

Swats to herself : because he is my friend and nothing else

Inner voice : ya sahil us ur friend …but sanskar is ur love

Swara was shocked : do I love sanskar …?

Precap ; Swara realizing her love for him …but it becomes late !

Present ,

The light have faded in the mansion

Swara was fully covered in blood fighting with the life , ….she wanted to see sanskar before she dies …..

But her body was not functioning with her …she was lossing her soul …

Her life was vanishing from her in front of her eyes …….

This time destiny also doesn’t help her ….she closes her eyes


Precap : will she die….is this the end ?

Hope u all like it and plz comment ….crazy princess demand us any ff ..

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    Hey not fair
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  2. OMG…….wat a update…… Please update soon.

  3. nice ragsan scene amazing

  4. crazy princess

    oh shit !!!! ????????no she can’t die yaar ??hmm plz show sanskaar in nxt episode??? where is he hope he will cum to give???to laksh so he noes that never to touch sanky girl??? hmmm waitng for nxt plz upload as soon as possible???????

  5. crazy princess

    will go for my love meri jaan ff want to noe wa5 happens nxt plzzzz dieing to noe wat happens with swara????how sanskaar reacts to d situation????plz post nxt update soon ??and sum romance of swasan also????????

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  7. Wow.. This is an interesting story. Read all the parts in one go.
    Loved it.
    Plz update soon.

  8. SNY

    Awesome dr…
    Nxt one soon..

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    Awesome dear…. Continue soon

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    Awesome loved it nothing should happen with Swara

  12. Nooo….plz …it’s nt end….
    This part was superb

  13. Raglak,swasan,ragsan,swalak fan (dipti)

    Awesome…epi. Please update first love is always first dolly..I asking u long time dear …please don’t leave that story like meri aashiqui,will u be mine forever.. I hope u
    Will read my comment..if I hurt u means so sorry

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    Sanskar where r uuuuuuuuuu

  15. Superb awesome

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    First of all,a bigggggg sorry for not commenting in previous chappy and other two ff bcz my so called boyfriend had came to meet me..Don’t you wanna know who is he.. Then let me tell you…
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    About chappy,superrrr.. Aww, my poor doll, she is jealous??..Hope ragini unke beech kabab mein haddi na baneh??.. Aww, sahil is positive,good…Noo,kuch nehi honi chaiye meri doll ko, otherwise I am ready with broomstick,itching powder,gun?.. Now choice is yours*bossy tone.. Keep it up guys.. Waiting for nxt..
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