I Love You (Meri Aashiqui tum se hi,Naagin and Vishkanya) Epi-6


Ranveer gives his blood to Ishaani.He falls sleep………….ishaani is falling down from mountain when Ranveer catches her hand.His hand slips and Ishaani falls down.


Ranveer wakes up from his sleep.

Ranveer:Means it was just a dream.But is Ishaani fine?

Ranveer runs towards Ishaani’s room.

He opens the door and sees that Ishaani is conscious.Ranveer goes to her and hugs her tightly.

Ranveer:Ishaani thank God you are fine.

Ishaani:Ranveer if you are thier then nothing will happen to me.

Ranveer breaks the hug and kisses Ishaani’s forehead.

Ranveer:Ishaani never leave me.

Doctor checks Shivanya and says

Doctor:She have high fever you guve her this medicines.

Doctor gives Ritik medicines and goes from there.

Ritik thinks

Ritik:I should not do this.I will say sorry to her.

Shivanya opens her eyes afterwards.Ritik gets happy and hugs her.

Ritik:Shivanya I am really really sorry for getting angry.

Shivanya:Ritik it’s fine and you should be angry with me as I told you very much bad without knowing full truth.

Ritik smiles and asks her to rest and goes from there.Shivanya thinks

Shivanya:What is happening to me?Why am I attracting towards Ritik?

Apu and Malay are locked inside the room.

Malay:You stupid what you did?

Apu:What you did with me sometimes ago that only I did.

Malay:You are really stupid.

Apu:I don’t like to stay in this room just shut your mouth.

Apu feels dizzy.She is not able to breath now.

Malay:Apu what happened to you?

Apu says with difficulties

Apu:If I stay in closed room then I can’t breath.

Apu gets unconscious and is about to fall when Malay catches her.

Malay:Apu please open your eyes.

He takes her in his arms and goes towards door.He shouts for help but no one comes.

Malay thinks

Malay:I have to break the door.

Malay breaks the door with his leg.

All the students see Apu in Malay’s arms.

Precap: Shikhar Mehra Ranveer’s friend comes back from London…………….Ritik gets a cut on his hand and Shivanya gets very much worried………..Malay takes Apu to hospital.

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  1. Naaginfanforever

    Awesome. Please continue

  2. Very nice episode Siddhi it was so nice pls update the next soon ?

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      Thanks neelam and will update soon

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    Episode is really very nice

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  7. Niz epi di… Waiting for next… Keep smiling…

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    Good episode siddhi… Happy finally ritvik n shivanya misunderstanding is clear… Tnx for the apulay moment dear…. Keep writing…. Excited for the next episode…

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    nice episode i really like it update the next soon 🙂

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    epi of colored collisions..Nyc Siddhi

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  13. Piyali

    beautiful update siddhi………all the couples are coming on track at the end………..loved apu-malay scenes…….who is playing shikhar here……arjun bijlani……….??? double role….??? do tell………..ishveer are cute as always………………rivanya scenes were beautiful…….their sweet talks…….beutiful……………love you……be happy…………

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