I Love You (Meri Aashiqui tum se hi,Naagin and Vishkanya) Epi-4

Guys I wrote this episode with very much difficulties.In other ff’s my brother use to listen to what I say and write.I cutter my finger so with very much difficulties I wrote this and if have any type of spelling mistakes then pls forgive me.

Ishaani doesn’t wakes up then Ranveer takes her in his arms and keeps her inside the car and drives towards hospital.

Ranveer reaches hospital and takes her inside.He lays her on stretcher.Doctor comes there and asks

Doctor:What happen to her?

Ranveer:Doctor she met with an accident please do something.

Doctor tells nurse to take her inside.They take her inside the operation theater.

Ranveer waits outside for her

Shivanya:Ritik you cheated on me!!!!

Ritik:No Shivanya try to understand

Shivanya now have tears in her eyes and goes from there to a park.

Ritik and Aisha follows her.


Shivanya sees Ritik and Aisha coming to her and she is about to go but Ritik catches her hand.

Ritik:Please listen one time.

Shivanya:Ritik I don’t want to see your face also please go from front of my eyes.

Ritik have tears in his eyes and goes from there.

Aisha:Shivanya what you did?Ritik came with me to give you a surprise as your 1 year anniversary is going to come.

Shivanya is shock to hear this.

Aisha:In fact Ritik is just my friend.

Shivanya stand and goes to Ritik who was near his car crying.


Ritik turns to see Shivanya but as he is angry he turns away.

Shivanya:Ritik I am really sorry.

Ritik:What sorry I cheated on you so I should say sorry.

Shivanya:Aisha told me the truth

After the class gets over Malay goes out of the class as it is break.

Apu is standing at corner of college when a girl keeps her hand on his shoulder.

She turns


Apu:Hi can I know your good name?

Girl:My name Riya and I know your name


Riya:Let me show you college

Riya and Apu comes to see college.Apu sees Malay and his friend and Riya says

Riya:They are bad boys of this college.

Apu:That I came to know by looking his face.

Apu and Riya are going but they have from Malay and his friends.Malay sees her coming so he brings his leg in between and Apu falls down.

Malay:Aree Aree re see how much down to earth she is laying in earth.

All his friends laugh and Riya helps her to stand

Precap:Ishaani gets conscious………….Shivanya with her funny ways and finally he agrees and Shivanya starts loving Ritik…………..Apu and Malay to get lock in one room

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