I Love You (Meri Aashiqui tum se hi,Naagin and Vishkanya) Epi-3

Ranveer leaves for office.Ishaani goes to their room and sees cloths are messed up.

Ishaani:This Ranveer also he never keeps cloths properly.

Ishaani picks up cloths and folds it and keeps it inside the cupboard when she gets a call on phone and it’s of Ranveer.

Ishaani:Hello Ranveer

Ranveer:Hello Ishaani actually I forgot to take a important file.Can you please bring it?

Ishaani:Ranveer you……

Ranveer:Please please Ishaani

Ishaani smiles and says yes.Ishaani takes the file from cupboard and leaves for to his office.

Ishaani is driving car when the car gets stop.She comes out of the car and tries to call a driver but the call is busy.

Ishaani:This car have to stop now only.

She is trying to call to driver when a car comes from back and she is not aware.The car hits Ishaani and goes from there in speed.

At office Ranveer is thinking

Ranveer:Why dint this Ishaani cam.I should only go.

Ranveer leaves from office.Ranveer is driving car when he stops the car and is shocked.He comes out of the car and sees Ishaani in pool of blood.He runs to her.

Ranveer:Ishaani get up please (with tears)

Ritik leaves for two days and Shivanya thinks

Shivanya:Who is Aisha?

After some hours Shivanya calls Ritik but it says it is switched off.Shivanya calla Ritik’s friend Rajiv.

Shivanya:Hello Rajiv

Rajiv:Yeah Bhabi what happen is there any problem?

Shivanya:Actually Ritik has gone for some businesses work for two days……

Ayush:Wait Bhabi but he dint told us and if he would be going then I would also come with him.

Shivanya is shocked.She cuts the call and thinks

Shivanya:Means Ritik was telling lie to me and he gone out with Aisha.

Shivanya is now angry on Ritik and goes to mall to cool down her anger.

She reaches mall and is shock to see Ritik with a girl in gift shop.

Shivanya goes to him and keeps her hand on his shoulder be turns and is shocked to see Shivanya.

Ritik:Shivanya you and here?

Shivanya:You were gone for work know then what we are doing here with a girl?

Ritik sees the girl and it’s Aisha.

Aisha:Actually you thinking wrong

Shivanya:I am not thinking wrong

Ritik:Shivanya listen to me

Shivanya:Ritik just shut up

Malay is sleeping in his room when Nanditha comes and says to him

Nanditha:Malay wake up you have to for college.

Malay:Ma 2 mins please (still sleepy)

Nanditha:Wake up Malay

Finally Malay wakes up.

Malay:Now I have wake up now please go.

Nanditha leaves from there.Malay goes in washroom to change.

After sometimes Malay comes out and leaves for college.

Malay reaches college and sits in last bench.Professor comes inside the class and all the students including Malay wishes him and sits down.

Prof:Students today a new girl has came in our college.Come inside

A girl comes inside

Prof:Let me introduce her she is Aparajita Ghosh.

Apu:You all can call me Apu.

Malay is shocked to see her and thinks

Malay:This girl and in my college?How?

Prof:Apu you sit with Malay.

Apu is also shock to see Malay.She sits beside him.

Malay says slowly so that no one will listen

Malay:How did you came in my college?

Apu:I got scholarship and I came.And what are you doing in this college?

Malay:My father is trustee of this college.

Apu:Oh so you came in this college with the help of your father.

Malay:Just shut your mouth or else my father can give you TC.

Precap:Doctor:Ishaani has loosed very much blood and she needs blood.And her blood is also very rare.

Ranveer is crying for Ishaani and decides to give his blood……………Shivanya misunderstoods Ritik and now Ritik is really angry with Shivanya and is talking to her.Shivanya is trying to make Ritik happy………….Apu is walking when Malay intentionally brings his leg in between and Apu falls down.

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  1. Update next episode soon it’s very nice siddhi.update all of your ff’s

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      Thanks shreyaa and will update soon 🙂

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    Loved it waiting for the nexr

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    OMG I feel so bad for ishani, keep writing siddhi

  4. Awesome add rivanya romance

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  9. Make shivanya pregnant

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  10. Yeah you should make her pregnant so you should show shivanya was behaving like this with ritik because of her pregnancy

    1. Siddhi

      Shivanya properly have not fallen for Ritik so she can’t be pregnant

  11. Piyali

    wow………amzing chappy………worried for ishani……….well, i thought it was rithik’s plan but precap doesn’t suggest that…………malay-apu scenes were too good…………..waiting eagerly for next……….

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