Love means giving happiness (one shot)


luv means giving happiness(one shot)

hi frnds i am shruti i am you of the silent reader lets start the story
shekhar and dp were childhood frnds they lives together but divided into bt they eats together they decided to turn their frndship to relationship so they decided swara and sanskar marriage and inform the kids about it so swara sanskar start liking each other but sanskar mostly like to share everything to ragini same with ragini as they grow up swara got scholarship to USA she goes to us for completing her further studys

sanskar and ragini spent more tym with eachother they start loving each other they proposed each other and happy about their relationship one they decide to let about their relationship to their parents so they goes to garodida house as they enter sumi hugs ragini and inform that her sister is coming tomorrow sanrag smile vanished
next day swara arrived and hugs sanrag and take blessings of everyone and gives gift to everyone except sanskar and say i am his gift next morning in a park ragsan decide they tell everything to everyone with courage they came to mm dp hugs sanskar say my son tomorrow is your engagement you kept my words my pride without mt pride i will die sanrag doesnt able to speak anything
engagement ceremony taken place swara was very happy and all were also except sanrag ragini run away from there to garden sanskar followed her they hugs each other
ragini-its paining sanskar but i cant hurt my sister she love you
sanskar-i also cant hurt my family they were very happy ragini is janam na sahi agle jana hum ek jarur hoge and they hugs each other

next day
swara comes in a short dress all were shock by her dress sumi scold her bu she doesnt give attention and shout seeing food and misbehave with ap sujata and sumi by seeing this ragini scold her at night swara comes drunk with two boys shekhar slaps her ask about the boys swara say they were cute na so i bring them lets enjoy sanskar told boys to go and looks at ragini

this was happening daily sometimes swara insult sumi ap dp rp sujta sanskar uttra shekhar anyone but all the time ragini defence them against swara all started liking ragini some where all thought why they choose swara intead of ragini like this day passed but one day swara insult ragini and said you behan ji who loves you are waste sanskar couldnt take it more and shout i love her swara because my father given promise to ur dad thats y i an marrying you other wise who want to marry a characterless girl like you
shekhar comes to ragini and say for me you sacrificed your love no beta i will give u your true happiness and shekhar goes to dp and say can you accept my ragini for sanskar dp hugs and agree all were very happy except sumi bt she doesnt say anything and swara leaves in anger

sanrag in car going for shopping they see swara in another car saying something but they didnt want to pay attention sanskar increase speed aftersometime swara hit their car toward sand car moved toward sand but sanky increase the speed started the car car loose balance and hit another car and have blast

in hospital ragini open her eye and see sanskar holding her says because of someone your here with us someone donated heart to u ur sister doesnt leave way to kill us all started cursing swara …. sanskar says that shameless girl now also doesnt have shame to come and apologies

ragini-she is a devil i though she loves you but no she love only herself

sumi shouts raginii all were shocked sumi says if swara luvs herself then your were not alive do you know who given u heart its your sister swara and yesterday she came after yo to tell that your car brake is failed that y she hitted youe car toward sand so that it stop but you sanskar because of you it happen because of you my child is no ore she loved you like mad sanskar on engagement day she heared both of you thats why see created her negative image infront of all so that you all accept ragini my child is gone because of you all sumi goes from their all were crying sanskar break down and cry vigerously and they goes to swara ward all have guilt in them
sanskar and ragini holds swara feet and cry sumi comes and give a letter to sanrag
hi buddies

ragini when you hugged me when i arrived from us something is their that is killing you from inside that same pain i seen in sanskar eye on engagement day my douth is cleared i know if i directly speak to you all dad dp uncle wouldnt agree and complication arrive for sanrag so i find this way only that u all must hate me and i succeeded in it but mom know i am acting live happy ragini know i always with u rags

ha sanskar is jaanm m chad rhi hu agle har janm m tum sirf mre hoge and soory everyone luvv u all
apki bigdi hui beti

sanskar whyyyy swara whhyyy you luved me soo much…….

Credit to: shruti

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  9. priya tripathi

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