Love Me Thoda – Episode 18

hi guys….i am getting really less comments and i think you all are getting bored and i am thinking to end this ff in 20 episodes. if i didn’t get a good response then i’ll definately end this in 20 episodes. after that i’ll be starting a new story. here’s the 17th episode.

Pragya and Bulbul bid a emotional adieu to their dadi and depart to their new homes.

Mehra Mansion

Abhi’s dadi welcome pragya with a lot of enthusiam and with a lot of celebration. later pragya goes to her NEW BEDROOM. abhi enters the room and finds pragya standing near the window exploring her new room. he hugs her from behind and nuzzled on her neck. pragya feels shy and tries to move away but abhi holds her hand and pulls her closer towards him. he cups her face and goes more closer…….and then he carries her in his strong arms and take her towards the bed……

Khanna House

Bulbul and purab reaches their house and their the welcoming rituals are done by purab and they both are alone. for sometime purab is upset about it but now purab has bulbul on his side. purab reaches his bedroom and is shocked to find bulbul nowhere. purab(in his mind): bulbul kahan chali gayi…? and then suddenly she comes from his back making sound in order to scare him. purab runs behind bulbul and finally catches her hand and pulls her, both fall on the bed. purab tucks bulbul’s hair coming on her face behind her ears,cupps her face and goes closer, rolls over her and….lights off.

Mehra Mansion
In the morning,pragya wakes up from the safest place of her husband’s arms and goes to get freshen up. after freshning up pragya doesn’t find abhi in the room and thinks that where he has gone. just then abhi comes from her back and starts with his romantic talks just then abhi’s dadi calls them for breakfast.
pragya is serving the breakfast to everyone.(everyone here means dadi,tau ji,tai ji,akash,rachna,raj,mitali). after that when pragya sits in abhi’s opposite direction chair,abhi kicks her leg with his to get his attention. he is signalling something to pragya without noticing that dadi is calling him. dadi:abhi,where are you lost…? abhi:n..nothing dadi. dadi:after breakfast you and pragya have to go to pragya’s house for pagphere and will stay there tonight. abhi:ok dadi.

Khanna house
bulbul comes out of the bathroom after taking bath and picks up her phone showing dadi’s call. dadi reminds her for pag phera. bulbul tries to wake up purab but in vain.bulbul:purab please get up,we’re getting late. but when purab doesn’t show up,bulbul gives up and turns to go from there,just then purab holds bulbul’s hand and pulls her on him. bulbul:purab,you were making me a fool. and you were acting. purab rolls over her and says “if will not act then how will i get the chance to romance my wife”. bulbul: acha….just then she pshes him and goes from there.

Precap: abhigya and rabul reach arora house for pag phera.

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  1. Sakshi (rabul forever)

    Plz continue u r doing fab job !!

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  3. U r thinking wrong…ur ff is very nice….juz change littlebit track…juz enough…everyday i was reading ur ff…i have no tym to comment it thatz the reason…don’t worry hereafter regularly i wil comment it….

  4. Nice episode yaar

  5. nice and cute..pls continue…..

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    hey it’s vry nice

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    U r Giving Wonderful Updates DAY by DAY !! Please update ASAP!

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  9. Ammu

    Rabuls girl
    I’m angry on you
    Y r u ending your ff.
    Please continue it.
    Episode was awesome

    1. Sakshi (rabul forever)

      Totally agreed with u plz don’t end so soon continue it u r doing fab job!!!!

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