Love Me Not Love Me – Twinj FF – Episode 9

Love Me Not Love Me 💏- Twinj FF 💑EPISODE 9 🤗

kunj’s pov~

She was back, I couldn’t believe my dad when he told me the news. But what got more excited was that she was going to work with me on my hotel. I wasn’t ready to see her again after two years. I didn’t stop looking for her. I did everything and tried to explain everything to her trying to contact her but she was long gone it was like she teleported into another dimension. Even with the help of some magazines it never lead me to her. I have only seen her on pictures and none of them helped to print point her location.
Even the most well detectives couldn’t find her I went out the depression side for a year but soon Cherry got me out of there, getting me back on my two feet. I did everything to forget about her but she never once left my mind. it was the worst nightmare I have ever experience but I never stopped trying. Knowing that she was far away from me because that she thought I did was real, it broke my heart that she will think I will ever do that to her. The women I still love. But not in my entire my life have I ever cheated on her. As soon as she left, the women who I supposedly had s*x with grabbed her stuff and told me the whole story but I wasn’t done with her. I made her suffer trying to find out who did it. But she never opened her mouth betraying her partner. She was a crazy women putting drugs on my drinks but seeing I don’t drink none of them she comes to my office one time and pour a bag of drugs in my whole water. And soon as I drank that cup of water it felt like the world was spinning. I was to weak to do anything letting her partner undress me. Who she supposedly says was a guy.
She told me we don’t do nothing, her plan was only to make Twinkle leave me. As soon as she heard Twunkle’s heels on the floor she looked out the office door to find her coming out of the elevator rushing to place to herself on top of me while I was still knock out by the drugs.It was a long stressful journey getting the women in jail and looking for TWINKLE. Up until this day she hasn’t said a word even when her partner hasn’t even tried to get her out of jail for the past two years.
But as soon I saw her (Twinkle) in the party I was telling myself to stay clam but I couldn’t. I just had to feel her again. It felt so right when my lips were on top of hers and my hands were on top of hers and my hands wondering around her well defined her body. She wanted to stay away from me but I wouldn’t let that.
She didn’t let me kiss her again but that one time. Jansen decided to come knocking on her office door. It tick me off and I just had to show him she was mine. And prove to her she was still love with me, begging for my toch like I was begging for hers. I thought it was fine the way she acted, always trying to stay away from me, not facing me when talking or just walking the opposite way when I was walking towards her. I thought that she was just not used to seeing me again but it was like she was hiding something from me, each time I catch her eyes staring at me I saw a tiny bit of guilt on this beautiful blue eyes. And I found out sooner than what I had expected. Things went upside down when I read that note, it was like a bucket of cold water was poured on top of me. I was left speechless🤐.


Me a dad? No that’s not possible!
I read it over and over again but the words never changed they stayed the same. I was angry, sad, confused and Scared. I didn’t know what was happening. Never did it cross my mind that I might be a father.
What if this is all a lie?
I rush right behind her, as I hear her scream Sam’s name. Soon I hear a respond just a slight quite ‘mommy’ my feet ran right into the room my eyes zooming in on the women on the floor rushing to her as twinkle picked up a crying child😭. Pressing my fingers to the women’s neck and checking her pulse was coming back to normal. But she was still unconscious. I trun my face to see Twinkle with her face of tears😭. My heart broke💔 at the sight of that.
“It’s fine baby, mommy is here nothing is going to happen to you baby”.
Mommy? Baby? Here comes a headache.
“She’s fine she just hit her head  hard, I’ll call a doctor”. I say as her blue eyes stare at me👀, then I move my gaze. My eyese meeting the same blue eyes as TWINKLE.
Wow he looks just like me! I need a minute to calm down. I rush out of the room getting my phone out and dialling Dr.Spenser.
“Okay thank-you. Yes make it quick. Bye.”
I hang up after talking to Dr. Spencer and rush back and carry the women to the bed, making eye contact with TWINKLE as she hugs the baby to her chest and sits down on the sofa.
“The doctor will arrive in a bit”, I say soon an awkward tension rises in the room.
I’LL put Samridh(Sam) to bed. Can you wait here?” I nod not able to say anything as many thoughts rush around my head. I hear the floor squeak as she walks to the room next to this one and then when she walks back inside the room. When I see her again, she’s not wearing her work clothes she is wearing a shorts and a loose shirt. Showing her well defined legs. I slightly got trun on. However that thought of being father crosses my mind.
It keeps bothering so might as well get it over with.
“Is he mi___________” I get cut off by door ringing making twinkle jump.
I’LL get it,  you stay right here” I walk down to the door peeking through the peep hole making sure it’s Dr. Spencer. I let him in, taking him to the room.
“Can you guys wait outside please.” I nod grabbing Twinkle by the elbow and rushing us out.
“She’ll be okay, don’t worry.”                                 Suddenly I’m being pressed against her body and she snuggles into my chest.
Damn how I miss this.
“I was so Scared. Thank you for being here with me right now.” I nod placing my chin on her head and hugging her as she hugs me by the waist “No problem, umm.”
How do I say this? Do I just blurt it out or? 
“His yours, if you are wondering.” I stiffen. Not able to contain my thoughts. I let go of her. Burshing my hand over my hair.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” She’s stays still.
“I thought you didn’t want to see me. I found out when I had arrived in Los angle not having any of information. I couldn’t contact you. I open my mouth to speak but I’m cut off by the door opening. Dr.Spencer walking out.
“She’s fine. I ran some tests and she is a very healthy women for her age. I’m just going to give you this paper which has a list of some medicine she can take for headache after she wakeup. She didn’t hit head that to cause damage but I wrote some painkillers so it will help her.” I nod shaking his hand and leading him out the door and rush back to the room seeing Twinkle holding the women’s hand.
 “She’s going to be fine. You heard the doctor.” She nods then looks at me, she is been helping me ever since I gave birth to Our child.
“Bebe is a nice person”  I nod.
The way she says our son sounds so right. Now I only have to meet him.
Opening my hands for her to come, she does not hesitate for a second.
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I should have told you,” I hug her tighter.
It’s fine angel, it’s okay. But can I at least meet him as a father and son thing.” She nods going weak in my hands. We hear a slight moan.
“Sorry to interrupt but I need some sleep😴. My head slightly hurts😌.” Twinkle laughs😀 and gives a hug to Bebe right? I wave at Babe 😛and she smiles🙂.
“Hope you feel better,” she nods and gives me a smile😊.
You should stay the night. I don’t want my children to be uidanger”, I nod laughing 😀 and agreeing with her right away. As we close the door I pull Twinkle back into my arms.
“Everything is going to be fine.” She nods. She than pulls my hand and leads me a room. When the door is open I immediately know it’s Samtidh room by the blue colour that light up the room and his small table in the room near the door and posters hanging around his room. The only light in his room is that dinasour lamb and the small bed that has different types of cartoons in his blankets and his cheeks a light pink colour with his dinasour psjams.
So he his into dinasour. I know what to get him.
His name is Samridh Sarna and his two years old. His favourite animal is Dog🐕 and Deer🦒favourite movie Avengers love IranMan and CaptionAmeica and his a very active boy.” She says with a smile😊. I then let her hand go checking if his room is safe. Blocking the window with furniture.
Don’t want my child to be in danger, damn it sounds so right.
” Angel let’s go to sleep.” I pull her towards me, placing my hands under her knees and the other her in her back carrying her to I suppose to her room. I place her on the bed about  to walk out when she grabs my hand.
“Sleep with me,” I knew what she meant but my dirty mind😛 got me thinking about something else😜. I don’t reject her instead I pull my clothes of leaving myself into boxers. As I’m doing 😝this I can feel her eyes on me a smirk🤨 appearing on my lips.
“Like what you see?”😉 I say laughing as her cheeks trun red🤭. She moves to the side and places myself next to her pulling her to my chest. She immediately hugs me🤗. My body facing the cilings as one of her legs Gordon my her hand my neck. I smile and pull her closer. Pushing her body slightly on top of mine. I wish I felt asleep like this everyday.
I’m ready to meet my son tomorrow.


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