Love Me Not Love Me – Twinj FF – Episode 5

Love me Not Love Me πŸ’‘-twinj FF πŸ€— Episode 5Β 

Twinkle pov~

“what are you doing?” I scream as l’m thrown over his shoulder.

“Didn’t you say Sam was sick?” I glare at his big round ass.

“Yes, and I need to get home right now. So can you put me down!” I growl out.

“No, I”ll take you,” He through some back door leading to the parking lot. Then he pulls his keys out his pocket and opens opens the car throwing me inside.

“You didn’t have to throw me,” I huff. He closes the door with a smirk 🀨 and walks around to get inside the drivers seat and close the door. I buckle up and wait for him to get in, he starts the engine and stares at me after he bukle himself.

“What about my car?” I ask facing him.

“I will ask someone to bring it to your house tomorrow-” He says -“where is your house?”

After arguing with myself for a minute I decided to tell him. The drive to my home is silent. I stare out the window worrying about Sam.

What if he really is sick! What will I do? I don’t even know where a hospital is located here!

“How old is Sam?” Kunj ask out of nowhere, I squrium in my seat and slowly say ‘TWO Years old’ I trun to face him to see him nod. Once I see the familiar street I sir straight and prepare to unbuckle myself. When he parks outside my house I murmur a ‘Thank you’ about to get out when I feel his warm hand on my arm.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” I nod and walk out, I wait for him to go but he doesn’t after I open door and walk in I hear the engine start and the car driving away.

Was he waiting for me to go inside? No, I” thinking about it too much.

“Oh you arrived,” I see Babe carrying Sam in her arms. I pull him to my chest and he snuggles close to me

“His fever has gone down and now but his fine, you don’t have to worry about it,” I nod and Babe goes to his room. I got us to my room and place Sam on the bed. After taking of my clothes and makeup I put on my psjams and brush my teeth than I lay myself next to Sam. He falls asleep minutes later, than I fall asleep as well. My last thought of Kunj.

I walk up to a giggle and someone poking me on the face.

“Mommy!” I laugh and open my eyes slowly. I yawn and stretch my muscles.

“Hello baby, How are you feeling?” He jumps on the bed, his big smile making me laugh.

“Better!” The door is swing open and Babe comes in.

“Twinkle are you expecting someone to come?” I shake my head placing Sam on the bed.

“Well there’s a blue car parked outside and a handsome man is leaning on it,” I stare at her with confused face. I make my way to the window and see Kunj next to an expensive car.

What is he doing here?

“Weird..” I hear Bebe murmur, I look at Bebe and see has a thinking face on.

” He looks just like Sam,” I stare at her in shock, she knows I had a husband, byt I never told her who it was.

“See!” Sam says jumping up and down.

“Who!” He says trying to peer out the window.

Bebe can you change Sam and take him to school, please she nods and pulls Sam CV out of my room with him screaming he wants to see the man. I shake my head and look for my phone. Once I pull it out of my purse. I see I have six missed calls from an unknown number. I’m about to place it down on the table when it rings.

“Hello?” There is a chuckle on the other end.

“Twinkle! I’m waiting for you..y you going to be late on your first day of work,”Β  I stare at the clock and curse under my breath.

Shit I’m late, wait how does he know my numbe? Eh who cares it’s not like he is going to call me every single day… Right? Or is he?

“You better hurry up. I’ll wait for you.”

I’m about to respond when he hangs up. I glare at the phone and then run to take the quickest shower I can take. I than blow dry my hair for a few minutes but then give up, I quickly do my messy bunup, on my head and places a white blouse on top of my black bra and my pencil skirt that hugsmy hips. I gathr my bag of supplies for the hotel. I run to the bathroom and put on light makeup and brush my teeth running down the stairs and putting on my hells. Grabbing my coat and saying by to Sam and Bebe who are in the kitchen I blow a kiss to Sam and run out of the door.

“Just in time,” Kunj says while checking me out. His eyes linger longer on my legs and my chest. I snap my fingers in his face and point to eyes.

“Are you done checking me out? If so hurry up, we are going to be late,” l say . He licks his lips and nods. I run to the the passenger door and buckle myself. Kunj takes longer but soon we on the road to his hotel and he will take care of the economy of his hotel. TheΒ worst part is he lives in his own hotel. That means he is going to be 24/7 inside the hotel watching me.

“We have arrived,” I look out the window and see a tall building with wide windows. I get out and walk for Kunj. He walks towards me and grabs my hand.

“Come, I’ll show you around,” I nod and try to pull my hand away, but he holds on tight and pulls me. After two trying hours of looking around the hotel I feel my legs about to give up onΒ  me. I tug on Kunj’s arm , he truns to face me with a raised by eyebrow 🀨.

“Can we rest for a minute?” I don’t wait for his answer as I sit myself on a couch.

“Why do you wear heels if you aren’t used to walking in them?” I looked down my heels. “Because I want to be seen as a professional, okay?” He smirks and pulls my heels of my feet. When did he kneel down?

“What are you doing!” I scream right now we are the only ones in the lobby. So I don’t have to worry about disturbing someone, Kunj shakes his head and walks around the couch.

“Kunj stop being a kid and give me back my heels up in the air. Swaying them back and forth like a swing.

“Come and get them baby,” I slightly blush but hide it from Kunj’s brown eyes.

“Kunj, stop playing! Give them back!” I reach for them but Kunj places them on top of his head. Me being 5’6 and he being 6’0 I couldn’t reach them so I quickly climb the couch and reach for them. But he moves them behind his back.

“Kunj!” I scream as I fall on his cheac. He lets go of my heels, and once they make contract with the floor I hear a slight ‘thud’ he places his around my waist. I stay frozen and slowly look up to see his gorgeous eyes. He lulic his lips and seductively says.

“I can’t control myself seeing you in these types of clothes, I just image me ripping them away from your gorgeous body and ravishing every inch of your naked body,” His husky voice makes me blush a crimson red and push him away.

“Stop, Kunj!” He slightly kisses my check and trails his lips to the base of my neck.

“Kunj!” The blouse shows little cleavage but it gives Kunj the opportunity to kiss the top of my br*ast. He then trails back up getting closer to my lips and just when his lips are on the top of mine the elevator dings and I push Kunj away sitting myself on the couch. MeΒ  facing the elevator and Kunj in the back of the coach.we wait until the doors open and see an elderly woman walking out and doesn’t even glance our way as she makes her room. I breath a sigh of relief.

“That was close,” Kunj says as I feel his breath on the back of my neck shivers run up my spine.

“Hurry up and show me the rest of the hotel,” I walk around the couch and I’m in front of Kunj’s eyes. He pulls me towards him and pulls the blouse a little up so it covers my br*ast.

Don’t want anyone else seeing what’s mine.” He then place a kiss on my neck. “Let’s go”. He winks and grabs my hand.

“I’m not yours”, I say, he hears me clearly and truns to face me. He leans towards my ear and bites my earlobe. Making me move away resting the urge to pounce on him.

“Yet….” He says then he pulls me towards the elevator.

He will be the death of me I swear!!


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