Love Me Like U Do:Ragsan (pt-8)

Hloooo every one…thank u soooo much…for all the wishes…and I am happy that u r liking the story….love u all

Let’s start…

At GM….

At dinner…

Rag:swara from tommorow u r not comming to accad

Swa:nooo I will come fr sure

Rag:maa… papa say her if she come then I will not talk to her

Swa:dadi…dida say her I am not going to change my desicion

Shomi,shekar,dadi,dida:don’t involve us

Rag leaves her food on table and goes to room and sleeps

Swara silently eats her food as if nothing happened

All the family members r shocked to see for the first tym swaragini fighting

Next day…

Ragini goes to clz without having bf and without talking to any one

At colz…

Ragini is sitting waiting fr sanskar and biting nails…

San comes there with a big smile and sits beside her…

San:mmm tell me

Rag:how do u know that I want to tell you something??

San:smiles and rubs his heart with hand and shows her…I will know here what u r feeling there(pointing her heart)

Rag smiles and bends her head

San:now say it fast…if not sir will come

Rag:tells him that she had a fight with swara…and the reason is her insecurities towards him

San smiles but dosent reply her back…

Prof comes and announces about freshers party and says they should come paird up
And leaves the class

San drags her to canteen and brings tiffin for her and offers a morsel near her mouth indicating her to eat…

Rag is shocked to see his this gesture…

San:I know u love swara most and definetly u might have skip ur bf is’nt itt??

Rag looks at him lovingly and takes food from his hand…

San:(continues feeding her)see ragini I know it is paining u by not talking to ur sister…and trust me she is not wrong

Rag gives him a question mark expression

San:even you will do the same if u r in her place…and don’t bother about that my love for u will make ur sister feel I am the correct one fr u…okk

Rag smiles listening to him

San:sooo stop bothering and quickly patch up with her…I can’t see u like this…and haaa u should look best as for the first tym we r going some where as pair…

Rag:when did I say I will be ur pair??

San again shows his heart with ever green smile on his face…

Rag:blushes and bends her head…sanskar jii ii…

San:ragini nooo…don’t say…just love me like u doo

Rag smiles listening that…and had a cute eyelock

San:see u in the evening…byeee

Precap:ragsan moments

Heyyyy I hope this is not short update…if sooo then tell me I will make it more longer…love u all

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