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Continuation from last part

Omkara : I mean to say, how much you will adjust for me ? You already did so much for me and now it’s my turn……

Gauri : Omkaraji, Believe me, this is not a big thing…….We need to travel long in our life and as couple, we need to adjust with certain things and after all this is just food only…..

Omkara : May be it’s not a big thing for you, But gauri you brought back me as the Omkara whose heart were almost turned as stone when he witnessed his mom burning in flames, My emotions, my feelings all were buried there and there was only one thing which came out from me and it was the anger only which you find in me when we met at Barely…

Gauri : Omkaraji, behind that anger also, I was able to see something in your eyes deeply which was unaware to my knowledge, but I was able to sense it as that was not your heart, do you remember what I said you there ?

Omkara : ” These much hatred, these much anger, I can feel it some thing has hurt your heart” …..[om looks at gauri’s eyes and smiles]

Gauri ; You still remember it, Omkaraji!!! 

Omkara : Gauri, It’s said by you, How can I forget it ??

Gauri : You know what, that was the first time I felt you are not the rude person which I am guessing…..Then so many things occur and finally when you filled sindoor in my forehead and saved my dignity before the whole village, I took the vow before my sankarji that no matter whether I will get love from my husband, I will never stop worshiping my husband as sankarji has brought as the savior of my life and this chirayya  really …….[ gauri gets emotional and stares om’s eyes]

Omkara : Really, what ?? 

Gauri rolls her eye lids and looks omkara’s eyes…..Om slowly passes his fingers beneath her eyes and picks a drop of tear which were fallen from gauri’s eyes….he shows it to gauri ..gauri stares om’s eyes…..

Omkara : These drop of tear conveys me how much deeply you have kept me in your heart…How much you have struggled to keep the relationship,how much pain you have suffered because of me and what I did to you was total unfair only, I realized all those things much later and I kept you away  from all those rights which a wife deserves from her husband …….But now I will never do that , because I really want to make everything best for my wife……..And when I find tears in your eyes, it gives much pain to me and I can’t bear it , from now onwards I want to see only light in your eyes……[om wipes out gauri’s tears]

Gauri smiles and holds om’s hand…..Gauri : That will be possible when I am able to find my jatadhari husband’s face before my eyes……His innocence, his intense eyes, his long hair, and the untold silence which he hides in his lips and the way his calm face depicts his inner feelings and when his gentle palms holds my cheeks , I am able to see everything as light , as the glittering stars and omkaraji when you smiles, it gives the ray of hope to me to live more and more and it keeps the light of my eyes more glowing only …….

Omkara : I will try to fill it with colors so that nothing can blow this light, even if it’s pain also, I will suffer it alone….

Gauri : No Omkaraji, We will suffer it together, I can’t see you breaking any more…..I really can’t see it…..

Gauri hugs Omkara tightly……..Related image

Om hugs her back and shuts his eyes …….BGM……”Do dilon mein Jazb Kar de Saare Jazbein Gehare-Gehare…..Kal Kyaa Pata…Mile naa Mile nazdeeqkiyan….Oh Saathiya ” plays…..

They couldn’t hug more as some one knocked the door and rikara released themselves from hug…….Om opens the door and a person gives an envelope to Omkara…Omkara nods his head and opens the envelope….

Omkara : Gauri, i need to leave…

Gauri : What?? But why ??

Omkara : I have some work….And I need to go…..

Gauri : Work!! It’s so strange…….Gauri kumari sarma feels something fishy…..

Omkara : It’s sharma, not sarma gauri……Any ways, I need to leave right now…..Okay….You take rest….

Gauri : Me and rest!!! Omkaraji, you got hurt with that wound….You should take rest….And who the hell has given you work here ??

Omkara : That person is really special !!! And I can’t disappoint that person….I need to go

Gauri : Special person, That person don’t know you are here for honey moon …..

Omkara : Of course!!

Gauri : Then what’s the question of giving work? 

Omkara : Listen gauri, I really don’t have time to tell whole things…..Now I need to leave and I will be back soon…So bye…..

Gauri : But omkaraji!!

Om folds the envelope and keeps it on the table…..He smiles and turns to leave….As soon as om turned , gauri slowly picked the envelope and before she could open it, om turned again to gauri ….Omkara : Gauri,that envelope!!

Gauri : Ji!! [gauri handovers it]

Omkara : I am sorry, my lovely chirayya for not telling this to you….But when you came to know why I did this,……

Gauri : What ? 

Omkara : I will be back……Take care….[om hugs gauri and leaves]

Gauri : Omkaraji, say something…….He didn’t stopped…..What’s the matter and that letter, special person…..Hey sankarji, it’s like a puzzle now………How your chirayya can find what’s happening exactly ? That letter was a hint, but my jatdhari hippy husband took it with him……..Gauri kumari sarma……Do something……Idea will come when I have my lemon candy….. Here I can’t get it…….What to do ??

On the other hand, omkara reaches an unknown place….

Omkara : I am here

Unknown : So are you ready for the task ?

Omkara : Yes…..[om nods his head]

Unknown : Then here is the schedule of work….[He handovers a file to om].Read it and start doing it…..

Omkara : Yes!!!

Om goes through the file and thinks about gauri……..

Omkara : I am ready for it….

Unknown : Remember, you can leave after work only, It will be late night…….Are you ready ?

Omkara : That’s not a big thing, i am doing it for my wife…….She sacrificed whole life for me, and now It’s time for me to do something for my wife…..I will never quit this work until and  unless I finishes the task……

Scene shifts to Restaurant { @ Rikara Room}

Gauri calls Omkara, but omkara didn’t picks the call……Gauri started getting tensed……She folds her hands and shuts her eyes……“Hey sankarji, pls take care of my omkaraji” As gauri was keep praying, Om slowly entered the room and locks the door…….He keeps his foot wear on side and turned his eyes towards gauri…..Om moves near her and stares her face….Gauri completes her prayers and opens her eyes…….She finds Om’s smiling face before her eyes……

Gauri : Omkaraji!!!Image result for rikara

[gauri hugs omkara] Where were you, Omkaraji ? I was so worried for you……Now please don’t leave me like these..

Omkara : Gauri!!! Look at me!!!

Gauri slowly released herself from Om’s body and looks his face………Om keeps her scattered hair behind her ears and smiles………Omkara : I can never think of leaving you in dream also…..You need not to be upset for me…

Gauri : Omkaraji, u left without saying anything properly and do you have any idea how I was feeling that time ?

Omkara : I am sorry…….But I can’t tell you it now…

Gauri : But why, Omkaraji ?

Omkara : I will tell you at the right time… need to wait for it……

Gauri : But how long I need to keep wait ?

Omkara :Just one week……You will get to know everything ….

Gauri : But, Omkaraji…..

Omkara : Sh!!![ Om keeps his index finger on gauri’s lips] I said naa, just one week…….Pls wait for it…..

Gauri nods her head…..Om takes his finger back and smiles….Omkara : I am feeling so tired now……

Gauri : Omkaraji, I will bring water for you……

Om lie down on the bed and falls asleep soon……Gauri mixes ice cubes on water and brings the mug and glass for Omkara…..

Gauri : Omkaraji, Your baraf waali paani is ready…….Omkaraji…….He slept so soon!!! [Gauri lied beside Omkara and stares his face……..] What are you hiding from me , Omkaraji ?? I am ready to do anything for you……[gauri holds om’s palm and kisses on it] BGM…..”Kaise Bataaye Kyun Tujhko Chaahe
Yaara Bata Na Paaye
Baatein Dilon Ki Dekho Jo Baaki
Aankhein Tujhe Samjhaaye
Tu Jaane Na, Tu Jaane Na
Tu Jaane Na, Tu Jaane Na” plays……




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