Love That Matters – SwaRagini FF Intro by Dessertqueen

CHARACTERS: (not in accordance with the show, purely fictional)

Swara: A pretty girl of 19 years. Bubbly, cheerful and full of life. She is very modern not only in her thoughts but also in her get up. She has a carefree attitude towards everything. The cool girl of the town. Boys sought to be her man, but she was in search of that guy in particular. She is exceptionally good at sports, music and dance.

Ragini: She is a pretty and bubbly of 19 years. She are Swara share the same father but are from different mothers. They are half sisters. Ragini is very polite and humble. She is too soft in her behavior and has a mysterious past that followed her present everywhere. She was the most eligible girl in town and also shared huge fan following. She is exceptionally good at academics and drama.

Both the sisters together were an unbeatable pair. But did they really share a bond???
They stay with their family in a rented house.

Sanskaar: He is one in a million, 25 yrs old, guy. The only son of his father, Mr.Oberoi. He is one of the 5 most handsome and eligible doctor bachelor in the world. His charming personality and humbleness towards his patients and dedication towards his job sums up his good qualities. To put a diamond in all his qualities, he is very homely and is also a professional cook.

Laksh: He is another one in a million, 25 yrs old, person. A detective by profession, girls are easily attracted towards him because of his wonderful physique and charming looks. He is the only son of Maheshwari household, second in the household among his siblings. His family is hell bent on getting him married much to his annoyance as he wanted to spend more time of bachelorhood, with all the fun before being caged to his wife and family.

Sanskaar and Laksh are best friends and stays together with their families in a single multistoried million dollars villa.

Swara and Ragini stay with their father, Shekhar Gadodia, Swara’ mother, Sharmista, their Dadi, Parvati and their younger brother, Shivam. Shivam is 18 years old.

Laksh has 2 sisters, Uttara and Nitara. Uttara is slightly older to Laksh while Nitara is too much younger to Laksh. Uttara is 26 while Nitara is only 16. Lakshs’ family also consists of Durga Prasad, his father and Annapurna, his mother.



Voice: Life is full of surprises. Love is what that matters the most. Love is that ingredient that binds people together. God has created everyone with lots and lots of love, but I think He has put too much of love into two sisters in particular.

A group of people are shown cheering for a girl. Her face covered by a scarf. Her eyes clearly showed her love in them, darkly lined by black kohl. She wore a silver crop top with a sleeveless Gujarati patterned koti paired with a haute pink patiala pant. Her slightly tanned skin appeared so pretty in the gleaming sun as she began to play her favorite musical instrument, guitar. Her thick black, silky bangs flew as the wind flew by her. Her music was like a spell of magic. It was a non toxic poison that ran through your veins, making your feet tap and body dance. Her voice captivated every soul in the vicinity. People left their works and stood still listening to her. It was as though they could listen to her for hours and hours.

Another girl is shown, dressed in lime green anarkali,offering her morning prayers. The sound of her sweet hymn wakes up the entire locality as they all join her for prayer. She turns around and hands prasad to all. Everyone blesses her, while an old woman looks at another middle aged lady taunting her by her looks. (dadi and Sharmista revealed). The girl bends to take blessings from her father and turns away from Sharmista. Sharmista looks on sad while Shekar holds her. She walks into a room and notices it empty and messy. She shouts “Swara!!!!!!!” angrily.

The other girl, notices someone and stops singing immediately. Her eyes showed clear tension as she turns around and runs through the crowd. The girl does not notice the car racing towards her and as she was about to get hit by a car, a boy rushes to save her. Both of them stare into each other. The boy removes the scarf from her face. (boy is shown to be Sanskaar and the girl is revealed to be Swara).

The promo ends with Swara in Sanskaars’ arms, Shekar consoling Sharmista and Raginis’ angry face.

What is reason behind Raginis’ anger?? Will the sisters solve their differences and unite?? What is the mysterious last of Ragini?? Who did Swara see in the crowd??


Guys this is my first ff on Swaragini. Hope you all would be loving it. I have not planned on how long the ff would be.. BUT I WILL CONTINUE UPON POSITIVE REVIEWS.
(( Until mid june episodes would be updated late due to exams. ))

I also hope that I would be well accepted by the SwaRagini fans.. 🙂

Ignore the mistakes please..

With lots of love

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  1. Neptune

    i liked the concept and i specially loved swara’s character. but please reveal the pairs as it is something on which so much fights are going on

    1. Dessertqueen

      Thanks!!! I was thinking about SwaSan and RagLak.. And my characters are also profiled that way.. But the readers will get to vote on their pair… The one with maximum votes wins… I will try to give enough screen space to both the pairs. Swara and Ragini both will have equal importance in the story .. Hopefulky you all would love the story.. 🙂

      1. Neptune

        hey dear i have one request if you don’t mind its better if you yourself decide what pairs you want to keep for your story and what suits your story more because if its swasan then rag—————————san fans will not read and if its rag————————-san then swasan fans will not read and in voting if we vote for one pair and the writer keeps the other then it hurts us so its better if you yourself decide the pairs and then tell us……. or else its your wish i am sorry if i hurt you

  2. Neptune

    and ofcouse you are welcomed in swaragini family. so friends right?

    1. Dessertqueen

      Yes.. Friends!! ✋??

  3. Aadya114

    Amazing loved swaragini’ s character
    Plz make raglak meet soon and all the best for exams

    1. Dessertqueen

      Thank you… Ragini will meet Laksh.. But it will take a few episodes for them to meet… 🙁 and Raginis’ part is full of suspense.. So you can expect anything.. 🙂 ?

  4. Phoniex

    Hey dear it’s very nice. Please do continue after finishing your exams will love to read.

    1. Dessertqueen

      Thanks a lot… I will try to post an episode weekly until my exams are over… 🙂

  5. Sria

    It is amazing dear! But is it SwaSan and RagLak or SwaLak and Rag____San? I hope it is SwaSan, btw all the best for your further parts. <3

    1. Dessertqueen

      Thank you.. I am planning for a raglak swasan story.. But I guess I will go for a voting session for you all to decide…. And until the pairs are decided, i will put more insight on Raginis’ past.. 🙂 The story is full of surprises..and suspense.. So hold your breath…??

      1. Sria

        I suggest don’t go for voting! Voting is a dangerous option, ask me! It leads to ugly fights. As a writer u Shud know on which couple u should write. Decide n continue with that. Sorry if I m rude. Thnx 🙂

  6. hey its nice prologue continue make it as swasan and raglak
    its better to reveal the pairs soon to avoid fights

    1. Dessertqueen

      Thank you!!! SwaSan RagLak evn I want…and planned it that way… But yet I will put up a voting for you all.. So you can decide…

  7. Asra

    awesome dear…

  8. Amul


  9. Loved it. Post as early as possible

    1. Dessertqueen

      Thank you!!! Will try to

  10. Fairy

    Hi sweetheart???aww!!! U r a doctor wow dats gr8?
    Ur story is fabulous yaar ..loved d charectersss….as m a ragini fan so m looking forward to her story? it seems to b super interestng dr???? loved it so muchhh…I hope it’s RAGLAK m very excited to see how love wl blossom…N wts d past of ragini???? Waitng eagerly for it ..keep rockng n stay bkessed sweety???

    1. Dessertqueen

      Thanks a lot!!!! I have planned Raglak SwaSan but yet I will give a chance to my readers to vote on their favorite pairs.. (though by todays comments, I can see everyone one SwaSan and RagLak) Ragini has a mysterious past.. Which will be revealed slowly… Her character is full of suspence.. Hope you will enjoy her character and love her more.. With my story… 🙂 keep reading.. 🙂 due to exams, I will be posting One episode weekly.. Sorry for the inconvenience.. But after mid June.. I will try to post often.. 🙂

      1. Fairy

        Hey no worries dr I can understand…wl b waitng for ur updates ?…even i have my pre-proffs from 20th June…all d best for ur xamzz…N u r in which year .???M doing BDS 3rd year ..

      2. Dessertqueen

        Aww… I am giving my 4th year finals… From july I will be in 5th year.. 🙂 my course is MBBS and I am from Bangladesh… 🙂

        I have many many friends in India as I used to study in an Indian school back in Qatar.. 🙂

        And of them a few are doing BDS too.. 🙂
        Even here in my uni/college.. I have Indian friends..:)

        All the best for your exams too.. Finally I am meeting another doctor virtually..

        Looking forward to an awesome friendship… My fairy dentist!!

      3. Fairy

        Awww!!!dats so sweet??? yeah ofcourse frnd?…?

  11. Awesome dear…..loved the charector of swara…..n vll love to read this as swasan n raglak… of luck fr ur exams dear… well n do well may god bless u vd good results tk cre

    1. Dessertqueen

      Thank you!!! Swaras’ character is full of life and joy.. And she too has a reason to be such.. Both sisters past will be revealed slowly… Ragini plays the mystery lady in the story.. Hope you guys would enjoy the story..

      If you see my characters.. It is quiet understoon that I have planned to pair swaSan and RagLak.. And through your comments I can see you guys want the same too.. Yet I will keep a voting session for you all… So I can finalise the pairs. Until then the story will be progressing with each of their pasts… And life..

      Hope you will ve enjoying it!! Happy reading!!

      Due to exams I will be posting my ff weekly.. Until mid june.. Sorry for the inconvenience.. 🙁

  12. Awesome

  13. IQRA222

    hey hello warm welcome to swaraini land I am Iqra and I am 13 years how r u
    and yes coming to the intro and the chapter it was samn interesting and simply awesome
    I really can’t wait for the episodes to start but do pls make it a raglak and swasan ff
    and Friends ?

    1. Dessertqueen

      Friends ofcourse!!!

  14. Awesome…as m swasan fan so i will love to read swasan n raglak…best of luck fr exams tk cre

  15. nice..make it swasan and raglak

  16. Seebu_s

    nice dear?if it is swasan…i’m in?orelse all the best?

  17. sisters have misunderstanding, i will love to see how they solve the problems. swasan already meet and would to see how raglak meet or how laksh take out ragini from her past

  18. interesting…hope it is swasan

  19. Manasvi

    It’s so interesting..
    Thank you so much for writing on SwaRagini..
    I want the pairs as Swasan and Raglak..
    Loved it..
    And best of luck for your exams..

  20. Simi

    Interesting.. Hope pairs are Swasan n raglak..
    All the best for your exams

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