Love That Matters – SwaRagini FF Episode 1 by Dessertqueen

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There is good news for all SwaRagini Fans!!!

This ff will be having SWASAN RAGLAK as lead pairs..



EPISODE: 1: Introducing the Gadodia Sisters!

Dark room is shown. A silhouette is seen walking through the corridors. The broken glass pieces on the dusty floors of the abundant mansion reflected a man, whose face was covered with a scarf. He quietly makes his way through the corridor and opens the door towards the basement. He laughs villainously hearing someone panting.

One girl is seen hiding behind the shelves. Her eyes red with tears. Her forehead filled with sweat as it trickled down her face through her neck. She covers her mouth to prevent any noise to escape from her lips.

The man walks tip toe and pats on her shoulder. The girl gets startled as screams:


*white screen flashes*

A girl (face not seen in darkness..the light of the streetlights fall upon her face revealing only the forehead and lips,other parts are not seen as the wooden bars on the window prevents the light.) wakes up all of a sudden from her nightmare. Her forehead full of sweat and her lips trembling.

Another girl walks up close towards her from behind. (her face is not seen either.) She forwards her hands to hold the former.. But then withdraws and turns away to sleep on her bed.

Few hours later:

The sunrays peep through the windows and falls upon the eyes of a girl. Her eyebrows frown. Disturbed, she turns the other way. Opening one eye, she notices it was almost 7:00 A.M.. She jumps out of the bed and rushes into the washroom. A sweet voice saying the hymn peeps through all the doors, drawing everyone towards its source. A girl, well dressed in an anarkali is busy saying the prayers. Everyone join her. As she finishes, she turns around. Her lips curl up into a smile that reaches up to her eyes. Her bindi placed perfectly in the middle, between her eyes. She was the typical “Bharatiya Nari”. She gives Prasad to everyone, including the homeless kids in the locality. She lovingly mingles with them.

“Kitni achhi beti hain tumhari Shekar! Janki benko uspar garv hoga.. Yahan toh aise aise log bhi hain jinhe sanskaar o ka koi ata pata bhi nhi hai(looking towards another woman..).. Lagta nahi hain ki ye dono behen hai.. Waise honge bhi kyun, ek adharm aurat se janam liya or dusri dharm—” says one lady to a man.

The man goes and holds the woman, who had her head bent down in shame, he smiles at her and says,
“Maf kijiye ga, Kajri ben, par Swara aur Ragini mere liye humesha ek e hain… aur.. Mujhe Swara aisi hi pasandh hai.. Aur kon adharm hai?? Mishty mere jaan, pyaar pehle bhi thi, aaj bhi hain aur humesha hi rahenge.. Janki jaroor mere patni thi par pyaar sirf Mishty ko karti hoon.. Aur ye baat sirf aap nahi, ye pora mohalla jante hain.. Bar bar ek baat kehne ka kya matlab..”

“Shekhar!!!!” says another woman sterly.
“Jisko tumne pyaar kya, usi nehi tumhara patni ko mar—” (Pavitra is shown.)

“Bas ma!! Mujhe Sharmista ki upr pora bharosa tab bhi tha aur aaj bhi hain.. Aur usne Swara ki kasam khai thi.. Mujhe iss bare mein dobara nahi baat karni.. Iss baat ko huye 21 saal hogayi par phir bhi…—” Shekhar hold Sharmista and takes her into the house.

Pavitra continues grumbling. “Jabse aayi hain tabse ye sab musibat ek ke baad ek.. Teen o ma, behen aur bete milkar mere bete ko mujhse alag kar diya…”

The girl wearing anarkali notices all these commotion and frowns.( Her face is revealed.. Ragini.) She walks into the house in frustration.
Sharmishta goes towards her but she walks past her into her room and walks out with her books.

“Papa.. Mein ja rahi hoon.. Aaj pehli class hain.. Ashirbad dena..” she bends and touches his feet to take blessings.

“Apni Ma ko..–” the girl looks at her father once and walks out of the house..

“Shekhar, kya Ragini mujhe—”

“Tension mat lo.. Ek din Ragini ko bhi oata chal jayega.. Mishty kitni mishty hain..”

“Shekar–!” Sharmista replies laughing.
Pavitra watches them laughing and fumes.

“Meri poti ki khushi chinkar ye kaise hash raha hain… chudail kahi ka..”

Another girl is seen in a dark purple bathrobe, drying her hairs off with her towel. She notices the entire room had got steamy due to her using hot water.. (her face not revealed.)
She walks in front of the mirror and writes.. “Miss gorgeous!! You are loved!!”. She then rubs a part of the vapour from over the mirror to revealing her already curved to smile soft red lips. She wears lip balm and pouts, clicking a selfie. Sending flying kisses to the mirror, she then rubs a part of vapour to reveal her eyes.
She slowly lines her big eyes with dark black kohl. She flutters her eyelashes and then walks towards the closet. Soon she clads herself in a silver crop top with haute pink patiala, and a Gujarati designed koti. Putting up a side braid. She stares into the mirror.. Satisfied with her looks, she kisses herself a flying kiss… And rans out with her side bag.

Sharmista smiles upon seeing her. She winks to her mother and says her bye as she has to rush for her first class. Sharmista asks her to eat something to which she flatly refuses at first, leaving towards the door, she rushes back towards her mother and pecks her on her cheeks. She picks a kaju barfi from the table and smiles showing her mother the barfi and leaves from her classes. Her hairs flew as she drove her bike down the lane, through the busy Delhi roads and into her college. She races up the stairs and rushes inside the hall. She was nearly 5 minutes late. Luckily, the teacher was not present in the class. Ragini glares at her. Swara sits beside her, which irks Ragini, but she calms herself down. The entire class had their eyes glued on them both.

Their teacher takes their class for a while and then tells them that they would soon be taken for a health checkup as part of the fitness campaign by the Sports club in their college. The teacher then shifts her attention to both Ragini and Swara.

She calls them both out and asks them to introduce themselves as they were the new students. Ragini smiles and begins her introduction,

“Hi I’m Ragini. Ragini Gadodia. And–( she holds Swaras’ hands, much to Swaras’ surprise)– And this is my older sister, Swara. Swara Gadodia.” Swara was unable to control her tears from falling down her face. This was a happiest day of her existence. Ragini introduced her as her sister in front of the world.. Even if she is cold towards her at home. She hugs Ragini abruptly. Ragini too hugs her tightly while the whole class claps for the Gadodia sisters.

Swara gets startled as someone jerks her. She realizes it was all her imagination. Small, precious cones of tears from at one corner of her eyes. She looks at her teacher, the class and then at Ragini, who looked away. The teacher raises her eyebrows, while Swara continued.

“Hello.. Myself Swara. Swara Sharmishta Gadodia.–”

“Gadodia??” the teacher questions.. “Tum dono behen ho kya??”

Swara and Ragini looks at each other.
PRECAP: Swara notices a man in the crowd and whispers Ragini. She rans and was about to hit a car.
Meanwhile, Ragini decides to buy flowers while she was about to turn, she hits someone and all her flowers tpss up and falls on them both.

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