Only our love matters (Shivika TS) [Shot one]


Note: the following TS (two/ three shots) is just a fictional story. Any scene related to real life is just a coincidence. It is not meant to hurt any reader. There are few sensitive points which maybe not liked by the readers. Forgive me for any kind of inconvenience. Thank you for reading it with patience.

Story starts from Shivika’s forced marriage. There is no kidnapping drama but Shivaay’s misunderstandings got cleared. Annika is miffed with Shivaay.
Ab agge… (continued…)
Annika goes to her home crying remembering Shivaay’s harsh words. O jaana sad version (Nazdeek hai dilke) plays on bg. She is crying badly. She goes to her room, shuts the door and sits on bed. She leans on the corner and cries. She sleeps there itself. Shiv was going in search of her but Pinky stopped him.

Next morning:
Ani wakes up by the sound of Bandari bua. She open her eyes. She goes outside her room and sees bua. Her face is looking like chudail.
Bua: kalmoohi! Karamjali! Nikammi! Bhag phute mere iss kamini ki wahase (these r some gali/ bad words in Hindi. Actually, I am nt Indian so difficult for me to translate…)
Ani stands up…
Ani: bua, what happened, why are you shouting like this in the morning?
Bua: so shld I dance? U left that house! That house! U r DIL of Oberois! They are like magic goose to us which gives golden eggs! Still you left that house!
Ani: bua, I don’t need any money. I am satisfied with what I am.
Bua: this type of words looks good in books only. In real life all we need is money.
Ani: bua I said na, I don’t need their money.
Bua: yeah yeah! U are saint, ri8! That’s why you say this big words! I knw everything. You trapped them and got married to Shivaay for money and now you will act like saint to gain their sympathy. Even your mother must have done same…

Ani lost her control hearing about her mother. She immediately raised her ri8 hand, placed it on Bua’s cheek and slapped her tightly. Bua gets shocked but she is shameless, so she continued.
Bandari (?): hain…!!! Arre arre dkho sab, ye kalmuhi mujhe marna chahrahi hai. Arre dkho apni bua pe hat uthati hai! Arre sab dkho… (arre arre everyone, see this ugly minded woman is trying to kill me. Arre see she is raising her hand on her aunt! See everyone see)
Everyone gathers at the door of their home.
A lady: arre Annika, you are raising hand on your bua! At least you shld have look at her condition. Look at her age…
An young man: she is like this only from the beginning. That is why one shld not believe any roadside orphan.
Annika looks on…

Bandari: I kept quiet till now just for my brother’s sake. Don’t know whose sin is she. Isski maa ne vi ahi kiya tha. Paap ki aulad! Bhagwan ne bhi iss liye isko saja di hai. Paap ki aulad hai na, isiliye iski koi aulad nahi ho sakti… (even her mother had done that. Sin child! Even God punished her for this. She is child of sin, ri8, that’s why she can’t have child)
Ani looks on shocked.
Bua: banch hai tu banch! Tujh jaisi logo ke sath aisa hi hoga. Banch kahiki! (You are infertile, infertile! This will only happen with people like you. You infertile woman!)
Everyone shouts: han han, sahi kaha banch hoke itna ghamand karti… han han sahi kaha… banch kahiki… shrap hai tu shrap… shrapid aurat (yes yes, you are ri8, so much arrogance after being an infertile woman… yes yes you are ri8… infertile woman… u r a curse, a big curse… cursed woman
Ani gets numb. Bua’s word rings in her ears. She can see everything going blur. She breathes heavily, places her hand on the left side of her chest and faints there…

Intervel (hahahaha ts me interval???, lelo lelo, tv style pe dekho)

Anika is lying on stretcher. She opens her eyes a bit, she sees the blurry faces. Slowly she could see a face, a very known face. A face she admire. A face that she loves to see, that she could see for her whole life. The face was of her Shivaay’s. Yeas he is Shivaay (read further to know how he reached there)
Shiv: Annika, Annika nothing will happen to you. You will be fine. Just take a deep breath and don’t close your eyes. Stay awake. Annika you are listening na, Annika just say something!!! “shouting”
She could sense pain in his voice. Every detail is not visible but she could sense him crying. He is holding her hand tightly. His tears touched her hand. She close her eyes.
Shiv: “shouts” ANNIKA!!!!!
Doctor: nurse, quickly arrange every necessary things in OT, maybe she got an heart attack.
Nurse: yes doctor.
Nurse moves from there running.
Doctor: Mr. Oberoi, you please stay here. Fill the forms.
Shi: no doctor, plz I will also come inside.
Doc: Mr. Oberoi, plz try to understand… we need to check what happened to her, then only we can treat her. For that you need to stay outside. Plz, else we can’t do her operation.
Shi: but doctor, she needs me…
Doc: plz have faith in us. We will make her fine but it won’t be possible if you come inside.
Shiv: but doc..
Nurse: doctor, OT is ready, we can take her inside.
Doc: ok, you go… Mr. Oberoi, we are taking her inside, you fill forms.
Doctor takes her inside OT, the red light gets on.
Shivaay is sitting outside the OT on bench crying. He remembers their sweet-sour relationship. The cute and embarrassing moments. His tadibaazi, her tashan.
A staff comes.
Staff: sir, how are you related to the patient? We need the information to fill formalities.
Shivaay remembers their marriage, how he forced Annika to marry him. He filling her hairline, tying mangal sutra around her neck, taking the pheras.
Shiv: she… is… my… WIFE {underline?} (you knw na, sometimes he stammers and completes sentences)
Staff: ok sir, please sign here…
Shiv: what is this?
Staff: sir, it is written that if anything happens to patient then hospital authority will not be at blame…
Shiv: what do you mean by that. She is my Annika and she is very strong. Nothing can happen to her. No one can harm her, not even death. She is my Annika, understood?
Staff: sir, still you need to sign. It’s rule.
Shivaay angrily takes the pen and paper and signs on it.
Shiv: now, is it fine? Take this and leave!
Staff takes the paper and pen and leaves from there. Doctor comes from OT. Shiv goes there.
Shiv: doctor what happened to her?
Doc: she suffered from a major heart attack. Maybe she got very stressed and shocked which caused heart attack. We have done her operation. You please arrange money.
Shiv: doctor, I will arrange money but please tell me how is she?
Doc: we have done her operation but we can’t say anything. She shld get sense within nxt 7hours else anything can happen.
Shiv is breaking from inside.
Shiv: doctor, can I… can I meet her?
Doc: no Mr. Oberoi. Ri8 now she is not in condition of meeting anybody. It would affect her health. You can meet her after she gains conscious.Doctor leaves… Shiv breaks down completely.
Shivaay reach outside Annika’s home. He sees people in front of gate. He hears shouting of Bandari Bua. That time Bua called Annika “Banch” (infertile). Shivaay got shocked, everyone else was shouting. When Ani fainted, Shiv got out from the shock to get another shock {mai bohot shokin hu na isliye logo ko shock dena mera shok ban gaya?}. He shouted her name and rushed to her. Ani was about to fall but he held her till the time {wah! Itni der tak wo hawa me rahi, kya bat hai! Isse pata chalta hai insan urta hai?}. He picked her in his arms, made her sit in his car and drove off from there. The crowd who was standing there started gossips about them unaware of the fact that they are married. [It is the mentality of humans. They go where crowd is gathered. They badmouth about others. They know only to gossip. They don’t even think about others’ situation] Fb ends…
Bua’s word keep haunting in Shivaay’s mind. The word “banch” is going through his mind. He remembers how he tortured Ani, how he blackmailed her about Sahil, how he forced her, how he slapped her with bundle of money (the first Shivika scene?), how he insulted her, sending Ani in jail, accusing her for sleeping with Daksh and all the bad things he did to her.
Shi: Annika had so many pains in her heart and I gave her even more pains since I met her. She still didn’t say anything to me. How can anyone have so much tolerance? No, I will rectify my mistake. I will give her the most precious happiness of becoming mother.
It’s almost 3 hours. Shiv goes in front of OT n watches Ani through the small glass/window. He cries. The piano music (hope you all got what I meant) plays in bg.
Shiv: Annika just get well soon then I will give you your most precious happiness. I will get you treated to the best doctor of the world but will return you the happiness. This is my promise to you, this is SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI’s promise to you. Shivaay Singh Oberoi never breaks his promise, especially to them whom he love. Yes, you heard it ri8, I love you. I love you very much. I love you more than anything. I can’t live without you, so plz don’t punish me like this. I love you very much.
He was crying hard. At the time he was about to go, his eyes caught something. His tears started flowing more. His gloomy face became a lil bright. His lips curved into a beautiful smile. His eyes got brightened. His heart jumped with joy. His mind got pleasure. The sole reason behind his happiness was Annika, “HIS ANNIKA”. His Annika moved her hand. It was like a miracle, as soon as Shiv told her the words she started moving. She responded to his words. It seems like she was waiting for this only, she was waiting for his words. Her ears were craving to hear the words. She moves more.
Shivaay gets very happy, he shouts for doctor. Doctor comes and checks Annika…

After some times…
Annika slowly open her eyes. As her eyes were closed for a long time, she got blurry vision in front of her but in a few seconds she could see everything clearly. The first scenery was her favorite one. Her SSO was sitting in front of her. She sees him crying. She tried to forward her hand towards him but she got unsuccessful in it. Shivaay realising the fact, moved his hand, kept it on hers, placed her hand on bed. His another hand moved to her cheeks. He slowly moved forward. Ani’s heartbeat got faster. Shiv moved more close. He looked at her lips {I am writing this type of scene for the first time, I am very weak at romance so forgive me}. He moved more close to her. Ani closed her eyes. Shiv was about to kiss her but just then Ani remembered his harsh words n also Bua’s words. She moved her face n slowly pushed him far. Shiv didn’t understand why she did this, at first but then he realised that she is angry on him for doubting her character.
Shiv: Annika, I know you are angry on me. I shouldn’t have doubted your character but when I got doubtful about Daksh, I immediately asked you about it. I know I should have asked you before accusing you for it. I was mad to doubt you, I am mad!
He takes her hand in his and slaps his cheek. Ani gets shocked {uff, not again!}…
Shiv: hit me as much as you want. Hit me, hit me more. But plz forgive me and talk to me plz…
Ani starts melting.
Shiv: hit me hit me, hit me more! Hit me.
Ani melts fully.
She takes her hand back and places it on his cheeks gently. Shiv also places his hand on her and holds her hands. She was about to say something when she remembers bua’s word. She draws her hand back.
Ani: no… no Shivaay. I… I don’t have right for all this. I am cursed woman. I am someone’s sin. I am infertile. Even if I forgive you we have to be separate anyways. I forgot for sometime that I am “Banch” but thankfully bua reminded me that. I don’t deserve you. I don’t deserve anyone. I am… I am cursed… I am cursed… I am… I am cursed.
Saying this she shatters. She starts crying heavily. She was getting very stressed. Shiv understood this and consoles her.
Shiv: no Annika, no. You are not cursed. You will be fine. I will get you treated to the best doctor of the country, not country but the whole world. You are not infertile, you are not Annika, you are not.
Hearing this Ani hugged him tightly and cried badly. Shiv could sense her state so he reciprocate the hug. They both feel the warmth of each other. They kept crying hugging each other. After almost 10 mins, Ani broke the hug, realising their position. Shiv sees her getting uncomfortable so to divert her mind, he spoke.
Shiv: Annika, doctor said you are fine now. We can take you home after a week bcoz you still didn’t recovered completely. He asked you not to take any kind of stress or tension. If you have any tension you can tell me.
Ani: you mean “tension lene ka nahi dene ka”? (Don’t take any tension but give tensions)
Shiv: what??? Annika, watch your language!
Ani gets quiet making a sad puppy face. After a few seconds they both burst into laughter. {Even I feel like laughing so???????????????????????? u knw na, I am fun minded so I laugh even at emotional moments}
Ani hugs Shiv and Shiv kisses her on hair. They look at each other and depart feeling awkward. But soon they again laughed and hugged each other tightly.

That’s it for today. Next shot will be depend on response of you all. If I don’t get enough comment then I will not complete it, so it is in your hands now.

About today’s epi of ib:
Daima said about elder son of Mr. Oberoi, she didn’t mention anyone’s name. Not of Mr. Oberoi, neither of Omkara so I think maybe she was saying about Shakti and Shivaay{nahi nahi, mujhe aur mat maro, I just guessed.}… as Tia’s mom didn’t let Daima complete her sentence and anthr reason is Shivaay always talks abt khoon khandan and all. Nd even Dev’s track was abt that only maybe. Nd Tia’s mom, what a selfish and shameless woman she is! She is ruining her own daughter’s (Svetlana) name by saying Om is her child (like seriously! She is Tia’s sis! If Tia nd Om r of same age even then Om is just 5-8 yrs younger according to their childhood scene!).

Nd anthr reason, Shiv is nt concerned abt himself, so if he is illegitimate even then it will nt affect him that much which would affect him by Om’s name.
Lastly, Shivaay to bara chalu aur chant nikla! Sign kiya vi nhi aur kar vi diya, bara hosiyar hai. Hope ki usne abtak divorce paper change kr diya hga warna to wo wife ban jyega? {if u don’t knw abt it, I will tell you. In the divorce paper it was written “Mr. Oberoi, wife of”? nd also there was many mentions of their two kids, who was never born???}… waiting fr Shivika nd Rumya scene which r OTW?
This is my 4th attempt! Don’t knw why TU is rejecting it. Happy new year in advance as TU will be on holiday on 31st nd 1st. Hope you have a grt new year.
Ok bye now. See you. Tata, bye bye, take care, sweet dreams, bad me milte hai- Neeti

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    1. Neeti

      Thank you. Nxt part is completely dependent on no of cmnts…
      U r ri8, Om agar vi illegitimate hai then vi nt possible coz Svetlana tab 8-10 saal ki bacchi hogi???… but Gul mam is Gul mam after all, let’s see….
      According to GK’s statement Shiv is Oberoi bt all is upto her mind, let’s hope for better- Neeti

    2. RichieRich

      Where did GK [email protected] that??

      1. Neeti

        Don’t knw but I saw on ib written update, there were many mentions abt this

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    1. Neeti

      Thank you. Hahahaha???, sahi mai kuch vi ho skta hai. GK is saying Shiv is Oberoi, Om is surely nt the one, bache sirf RuPri nd Tej. Ru to thera chota baccha… Prinku to thik se beti vi nhi bni, beta kaha ze ban gyi?, nw only Tej is left, wohi hoga syd? but as u said kuch vi ho skta hai kuch vi! Anything! Kal ko sayad dikhayenge ki she meant Shiv by Oberoi sahab, nd will show Shivika ka baccha illegitimate hai??? hahaahaha, dkhte hai age kya hoga- Neeti

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    1. Neeti

      Thank you. Maybe you are ri8. Even GK said that Shiv is Oberoi. Ur point is true, Pinky can’t love anyone. Tej can be illegitimate coz he is elder. Any Oberoi is in this category so bad me syd pata chale Dadi k 4 bacche hai, aur ek Oberoi vi hai, dar sirf iss bat ka hai ki they may make it like SSEL, noooi!!! Aisa nhi hna chahiye!… nxt one dependent on cmnts- Neeti

      1. Nithu

        Neeti i love ssel… heart core fan of ssel…im bug fan of YuvAni..i love their pair…yea i also agree that the storyline of my ssel turned into a crap..but nw itz not that bad…im loving kriyyam… soo cute…

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    1. Neeti

      Hello Janvi di. Thank you. I don’t know about sequel but I will complete it in nxt two shots. Happy new year
      Hahaha, he is Billu aftr all, lkn uske dimag ka kya faida, legally he is Annika’s wife????? he is heroine here???
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      Hahahaha, ye joke purana ho gaya? arre di, kya ap ne ye sab sympathetic ho kar kiya? I mean, mai mere talent se readers bulana chahti hu, nd meri wo wali lst sirf meri TU ki journey ko batane ke liye tha, so that if I leave TU someday then at least u all can knw my journey. Anyways thank you, lkn ek bat samajh nahi ati. Ye itne sare makkhan jo ap log late ho, yeh janmasthami me bach gaya tha ya parosi se churaya? Agr churaya to mujhe mat lagaiye, mai kisi vi crime ka hissa nahi? nd agr janmasthami ka hai, then mujhe basi makkhan nhi chahiye. Agar khud mehnat se banaya, then ap khlo, no problem ?…
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