love once again – MATSH ( episode 6)

Sorry for making up all wait firstly want to tell u all that I am going to end this story within few episodes and it’s not becoz of less comments I get very beautiful comments and I am happy with it and my whatsapp group member must be confused y I am not coming online I want to say u all about it on urgent email id plzzz give me urgently email id so now bear this for 4 to 5episode.
So episode starts with confused face of ishani who asks rv to speak up
Rv explain her recent incident and asks her
Rv: voh ishani plzzz can u become my wife
Ishu : kya sir???? Main aapki patni no noise can’t
After requesting for 10 minutes she says OK
Rv: thanks ishani tumne meri izzat rakhli and ya u should look like pregnant women ☺
Ishu : don’t say that I should make a baby bump ?
Rv: obviously u should have baby bump then only she will trust me plzzz don’t say no if u say no I will cry ??
Ishu unwillingly nodded ?
After few mins Ishu comes with the bump
Rv to himself : kaash that would be really bump with our cute bacha
Ishu : kuch kaha? ??

Rv: ahh nahi I mean haan looking great
Ishu gives impossible look
Later they reach the hotel
Ishveer reached near naina
Naina eyes widen she was very angry
Rv: so naina meet my wify I guess now u will leave me
Naina : go to hell ( stamps her heels) u betrayed me rv hmm ??
Saying this she leaves them alone
Ishu; such a rude girl?
Rv: I know OK so meeting is in the other side of hotel come there after changing
Ishu : OK sir

Rv reaches there and he greets Mr. David
Shikhar was also there
Then a lady comes and pats on rv shoulder
Rv: yes how may I help u???
Lady: beta ur wife left this bag there so I came to give u
Shikhar : wife…. Rv ki… Kab huyi ?
Lady; ya in fact she is six months pregnantalso
Rv slaps his head ?
David : ohh Mr. Vaghela u did not introduced us with your wife
Shikhar eyes him angrily ?
Rv says him to wait

Immidiately he excuses himself and calls ishani
Rv: see don’t change come down with the baby bump plzzz
Ishu; you sir is naina back
Rv: no actually. …. ( he xplains her every thing )
Ishu : ahhh sir u original am coming
Later Ishu comes with the fake bump
Shikhar mouths opens he asks rv
Shik: bro in morning she was slim in within few hours she becomes ur wife with ur bacha in 3hrs she became 6 months pregnant wow!!!!great
Rv: chup I will explain u everything
Rv introduced ishani as his wife and they started the presentation
David :so Mrs. Vaghela will give presentation
Ishu :yes

Saying this goes and starts
Ishu:so I am ishani pare ( bf4 she could complete rv nodes no she understood) I mean ishani ranveer vaghela. ………( she gives the presentation )
All gets impressed Mr. David wishes them goodluck for their future and they leave
Ishveer hifi as they got such a buffet deal but then they see Shikhar angry and confused face??
Shikhar :kya chal raha hai? ???
Rv:fog chal raha hai??
Shikhar :hahaha I did not get laugh now say what was going on
Ishu :apne idiot bhai se pucho ?
Rv explain Shikhar everything
Shikhar started to laugh
Shikhar :hahaha?????bro such a stupid idea
Rv:?chup reh ishani come i will drop us
Ishu :no need ranveer aparna is coming to pick me bye rv bye Shikhar
Saying this leave
Rv saw Shikhar who was still laughing rv gets irked seeing him
Screen freezes on him

Precap : no idea
So guys plzzz tell me ur email id plzzz this is only for my whatsapp group member

Credit to: tanishqa


  1. Nandana


    |Registered Member

    di the episode was been very nice i really like it . It was been very funny and awesome i just loved it 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 🙂 😉 😉

  2. maya shelly

    Hy dr… The epi is awesome.. Don’t end ur epi this soon… Anyways loved it.. Keep smiling


    Mind boiling story sis????……how r u?? Why u r not online in WhatsApp sis???…..anyway EID MUBARAK dude

  4. Palaklunkad
  5. Neelam

    Hi Tanishqa the episode was so so so so good I loved it. It was soooo funny also eagerly waiting for the next ?


    Hey Tank Di I thought to comment only on whatapp but as u r not able to so I commented here….and Di what an mind blowing episode……really a funny one…..and ya about emailid I can’t give because I don’t have mine personal one still……….

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