love once again – MATSH ( episode 5)

Hey sorry got late hmm my mood was off so did not post sorry by holding ears so here is my episode btw I am not as good like tanvee in funny episodes I just tried hope u enjoy it so here it goes……..
Episode starts with ishu realizes her position and separate herself she says sorry sir when aparna enters the room hearing the shout of ishu
Aparna- kya hua?????
Rv- voh Na ( still lost in his beauty hug) actually the cockroach saw ishani so cockroach shouted ( said when not in sense)
Ishu- hein????????
Rv regained his sense and bit his tongue and replied
Rv- ohhh sorry sorry?? actually Na ishani saw cockroach and she shouted cockroach did not shout sorry
Aparna- ahhh ohhk sir. ahhh ishani when u finish ur work come to my cabincabin
Ishu- hmmmm ya OK wait it is done only
Aparna left and here ishani was almost done she turned to last sheet here seeing the last sheet RV grew sad
Rv POV starts
Uffff hey bhagwan within few mins u r going to leave me just one sheet of there means just got five mins I can c u nahiiii how to stop u from leaving me I can’t let u go nahiiii I want to stop u I should think something….
( while RV was thinking ishu came to his table kept the file and went from his cabin)
POV continue…
Hey where is she omg I was thinking this girl went also shit now RV cool down I will call her again
POV end ( I know this POV is stupid POV ??)
Shikar comes to RV cabin and greets him
Shikar- hey bro I wanna see my bhabhi can I know how she looks so that I can flirt ? I mean talk to her?
Rv eyes him angrily
Rv- flirt haan get lost I won’t tell u who she is hmmmm?
Shikar- hey Bhai say Na please OK I will only find her and say all bad about u so that she will never fall on u may be she can fall on me??
Rv- noooo OK go check in that cabin right from here
Shikar went to ishu room saw her and smiles and thinks Bhai first time ur choice is perfect
He goes near ishu and introduced himself and ishani also said hiii to him both talked for sometime then suddenly shikar forwarded his hand
Ishu- kya hua????
Shikar- let’s be friends
Ishu thought for while and she smile and accepted when clerk comes and calls ishani saying RV was calling her
Shikar Andi went with her both were talking when RV saw that he got shock
Rv- u both r talking do much and miss parekh I thought u don’t speak but u r talking
Shikar- ohhh bro we became friends just now I think ishu u only talks to friend
Shikar eyes rv saying u also become friends
Rv- is that so then miss parekh let’s we also be friends forwarded his hands
Ishu- but u r my boss how can i…
Before she could complete RV said no one is boss here won’t u accept my friend ship
saying this he made pout
Ishu smiled for his kiddish acts do she said
OK sir do friends note happy sir
Rv smiled and again became sad and said don’t say sir now we r friend so call me RV
Ishu- no I will call u sir in office otherwise RV only
Saying this ishveer smiled and had a cute eye lock and shikar smile seeing their eyelock ??
Precap- ishveer cute fight and shikar getting mad being with them
I think maybe it’s short so so sorry if I did not entertain u all and I will reply to all ur comments and all type of comment r accepted so bye bye take care??

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    Day by day ur story getting high RRP(READERS RATING POINT)???? but marvelous episode….. How r u sis!?

    1. Uffff rrp hmmmm thanks for such a sweet comment

  2. Hey very nice episode my dear Tanishqa I really liked it specially the pov part of rv it was funny eagarly waiting for the next episode plz update the next soon?

    1. Thanks dear I will try to update

  3. Harisha

    Superb Tani dhi please post the next episode soon can’t wait loved it?

    1. Thanks dear for ur comment

  4. Nandana ( a big fan of shakti arora )

    Very nice dhi I really like it plz update the next episode soon:)

    1. Thanks dear and I will try to post as soon as possible

  5. Hey dhi loved it sooooo much

    1. Awww thank u

  6. Julina

    The episode was really tooooo cute….. And funny too… I loved it… Pls post the next soon tani dr

    1. I Will try to post and thanks for ur comment

  7. Nandana

    hi friends actually i had registered my acount and i had changed my name into only nandana and actually i am the old nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA) I CHANGED IT BECAUSE IT IS TOO LONG AND IT CANT BE REGISTERED AND NOW I AM IN A NEW USER NAME NANDANA PLZ RECOGNISE ME

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