love once again – MATSH ( episode 5)


So sorry for late update forgive me in know I am not regular and thanks all my readers who read this and support me and give me love So here is my episode…..
Episode starts with ishveer eyelock and shikar staring them and getting irritated
He coughs aham aham
Ishveer got there sense back RV was blushing ?? ishani did not see that but shikar saw them and started laughing
Shikar- hahaha????
Ishu- kya hua ??????
Rv- voh pagal ho gaya hai isiliye he is laughing without reason ishu u go and work on that Mr. David file go
Ishu was confused with their act she just nodded and left??
After she left RV eyes shikar angrily???
Rv- y were u laughing due to u I was not able to spend time with her
Shikar- bro….ahahaha….seriously ahaha u were… Hahahaha…. BLUSHING??
Rv felt shy then ??
Rv- voh toh ….( regain his sense) hey I was not blushing ?RV never blush? voh it must be your imagination
Shikar- I know I know OK now u have any meeting
Rv- hmmm ya at 8:40 with Mr David it’s an important ones and ishu will give the presentation??
Shikar- ishu ?????
Rv- hey don’t irritate me
Shikar smiles and leaves to meet ishu
Then RV gets a call he picks it
Rv- hello
Caller- hi baby how r u ?
Rv- what the…. Who the hell r u saying me baby???
Caller- baby u forgot me I am naina
Rv- ahhh naina meri maa peecha chodo mera please
Naina- na Na Na I won’t I know u love me I love u and I just want to become Mrs vaghela
Rv- no I don’t love u I will never let u come in my life
Naina- ohhh y so what is the problem that u don’t wanna accept me
Rv thinks of something and smirks
Rv- voh I married and I love her and in fact she is pregnant also?
Naina- what when how ?? speak up rv who is she who snatch u from me
Rv- y u want to know but now leave us
Naina- no not so easily first I will meet her then I will leave me maybe u must be telling a lie bring her today at 8:25 in orange orchid hotel OK bye
Rv- ohhh shit my back fired me what to do what to do mmmmm hey bhagwan
Shikar message RV that he is in the hotel were RV meeting is there as he want to see their meeting RV replies OK
Then ishu enters RV sees her tense he says her to cool down and then a idea strikes in his mind
Rv- ishani of u have No problem then can I ask a help
Ishu- sure sir
Screen freezes on confused face of ishani
Precap- ishveer cute stupid fight
Sorry for same precap I will try to post next as soon as possible till then be safe take care and live a healthy so bye TC ??

Credit to: tanishqa

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  2. u r the best writer sis…… seriously I’ve to learn the techniques frm u………

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  3. Hey dhi what an epi loved it sooooooooooooooo much post your next epi dry I can’t chat in what’s up

    1. Dear thanks but I left the group of what’s app

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  4. Hi Tanishqa how r u my dear and ur sweet sisters hmmmm ur episode was fantastic and funny also I loved ur episode very much eagerly waiting for ur next episode ?

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  5. Nandana

    Nice episode dhi I really like it update the next episode soon:)

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