love once again – MATSH ( episode 4)

Episode starts with ranveer and shikar doing there work in their room
Rv breaks the silence
Rv: shikar now days seeing someone I feel restless
Shikar gets shocked??
Shikar : don’t say the some one is a girl?
Rv- ya the someone is girl
Shikar- hey bhagwan u have fallen for her pakka
RV- ohhh I don’t fall on girls girls fall on me and it’s nothing like that
Shikar- it is OK just try these close ur eyes of u see her image then u have pakka fallen for her and u will also get her hallacution so just try
Rv- no I won’t try if I did not fall for her then y should I try
Shikar- if u did not fall for her then y r u not trying it
RV- whatever u speak whatever u want I am going
Saying this RV went to terrace
Shikar- u will pakka try pagal and tomorrow I will come to see my bhabhi

At terrace
Rv was seeing stars then he recalls shikar words he sees everyone it looks like he was checking that no one is present there
After checking he takes a deep breath and closes his eyes to his shock shikar words came true he can only see ishani image he went to his dream world with his ishani he opened his eyelids to see ishani in front of him he thinks no she is not here it is just imagination but then he hears her sweet voice
She was saying kya hua I think RV the great RV is fallen on don’t girl saying this she pinched his cheeks RV got so delighted he hugged her and kissed her cheek when he hears a male voice saying cheap less fellow leave me ahhh maaa bachaoooo my ijjat is lost Bhai is forcing me
Rv came back to reality ishani Is gone but instead of her his stupid bro was there in his embrace
Rv jerked him and says chiiii omg I kissed? u yieuu oh god my lips will damge yuck
Shikar- ohhh hello I did not wanted to have ur kiss even u destroyed my cheeks and now say u love her Na u tried my method Na
Rv- ahhh voh hmmm yes I love her and bro thanks for ur advice chalo we will go down

Next day
Rv was reading file but his mind was fully towards his dream girl so he can her
Rv- Miss parekh please check these files
Ishu- yes sir
Ishu was leaving fit her cabin when RV stops her and said – miss parekh…
Voh…actually the cabin in ur AC is not working
Ishu- sorry
Rv- I mean AC in ur cabin is not working
Ishu- ohhh OK sir I will check here
Ishu was checking file RV was reading file but his eyes were on her
Then suddenly ishu shouted RV came there and asked if she is OK she point towards cockroach and hugs him RV was at cloud nine he shooo the cockroach and said ishani it’s gone ishani realize her position and said sorry sir

Precap- funny masti

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  1. Harisha

    Superb dhi

  2. Reena

    Superb episode Tanishqa dhi!! I loved it!! I am happy that Ranveer realized his love!! And I thought that the kissing shikar part was too good!! Amazing job dhi!

  3. It was too good dhii I loveed it very much….

  4. Julina

    The epi is tooooooo good… i loved it… each and evry scene is suuperb… and funny too… just awsm… pls post the next soon… tani dr

  5. Marvelous sis…..u r the great

  6. Awesome sissy espically Ranveer kissing shikhar as ishani that was awesome loved it waiting for the next epi

  7. Superb episode Tanishaqa it was cute and so funny also?? eagerly waiting for the next ?

  8. Nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA)

    nice episode waiting for next episode update it soon dear

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