love once again – MATSH ( episode 3)


Episode starts with ishani was leaving with aparna to office
Aparna enter in the boss cabin
Aparna says about ishani and her boss replies to let her come in
The boss face is shown he is none other than RV he was reading some papers when ishani enters RV lift his eyes to see her and gets mesmerized he goes in his dream world his heart start beating faster as if his heart would come out from his chest
Ishani greets him but no response she against says good morning sir still RV was on his dream world now ishani claps in front of his face now RV came back to reality he asks her to sit and then checks her some papers and then he starts her interview he was impressed with her speaking skill and also her confidence but still he felt something different as he can see pain in her eyes some sadness in her beautiful eyes
Rv- it was really great to talk to u u r marvellous do welcome to this company
Ishu- thank you thank you so much sir
Saying this ishu leaves and RV looks on
At RV house
Kanchan- beta tum aagaye ??
Shikar- no maa Bhai still did not come kya maa he is standing in front of u still asking beta u came???
Kanchan- shut up shikar
Rv- maa I will fresh up and come
Rv was still in thought of princess he was feeling restless he never felt like this with any girl he saw in his whole life
At ishani house
Ishani was so happy aparna thanks God for bringing her smile back
Ishu was talking to tiya and was expressing her happiness to tiya
Ishu- tiya my baby see now mumma will go to work so play with ur Nana and Nani ok Na cutie
Tiya smiles and clap
Ishu smiles seeing this
Screen split on smiling face of ishani and confused face of RV

Precap- not sure

Credit to: tanishqa

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  1. Loved it dhi keep it u r just rocking loved today’s epi

  2. Nice epi tanishqa dhi!! It was awesome!!

  3. Nice epi. When will u post next epi.

    1. No idea

  4. Reena

    Amazing episode Tanishqa dhi!! I loved it!!

  5. Extremely well thought I just loved it
    But who was ishani’s husband??? Plz reply to this

    1. Hmmm vaidehi dear that is only suspense soon it will be revealed don’t worry have patience

  6. Well done Tanishqa good job I liked the episode ?

  7. Amina2000

    love the episode but i request plz can u make them longer other than that rlly good 🙂

  8. Nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA)

    nice dear

  9. Harisha

    Nice episode dhi want to know the next

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