love once again – MATSH ( episode 2)


Hey guys tanvee here actually Na tanishqa Didi is a bit busy so Is unable to update her ff so instead of her I am writing and about my ff I end it as now I am losing interest to write it I am feeling so bore then how much bore u all must be feeling so don’t wanna irritate u not let me stop my bak bak
So episode starts with its night full moon is there ishani is seeing the moon and thinking

Ishani POV starts
Within one day I lost everything my lovely husband who turned into beast my charm my smile and everything y God y u did this y that beast can’t into my life I never loved anyone but u made me believe in love and now u left me now I can’t love anyone again as love can happen only once I hate u…..
POV end

Ranveer reached India he was sitting on his room unpacking his bag then suddenly he went near window and gazed the moon unknowingly his lips had cute curve
Rv POV starts
Hmm am unknown feeling is attracting me don’t know first time seeing moon I am feeling like someone is gazing me y I am feeling so uhh cmon I am getting mad I think I am tired I need rest but still I feel the same
POV ends

His thoughts r disturbed by kanchan ( she is RV and shikar mom)
Kanchan- RV beta chalo fresh up and come down be quick
Rv- ya maa actually shikar is using my bathroom from past 2 hours what to do????
Kanchan- what???? Past two hours omg what is he doing is he doing operation of showers or Jaguar thinking then as patients
Rv- hahaa maybe
Kanchan knocked the door
Our chocolate boy thought it was RV as he was continuesly irritating him by knocking the door
Shikar- hey bro from do many times I am saying can’t u understand huh ruko I am coming out y r u irritating me by knocking continuesly when I am saying I am coming huh ( saying this he wrapped towel around his waist and opened the door)
He opened his mouth to speak something when he saw kanchan
Shikar- maa

Then he saw RV laughing seeing his condition
Kanchan- haa Teri maa so doctor Sahab what were u doing inside for 2 hrs this time a girl audio won’t take haa say me
Saying this she holds his ears and pulled it
Shikar – maa is paining ahhh ouch maa sorry maa actually I was thinking to irritate Bhai do got 1hr I irritated him but maa next 15 mins I was playing with water as next 45 mins I took bath promise maa note leave me maa
Kanchan- gadha go get ready ( angrily) and RV go get ready ( sweetily)
Shikar- maa u scold me and Bhai u r so sweet partiality
Kanchan- shut up
She leaves over there shikar was eyeing RV angrily RV went inside bathroom and shouted to shikar maa Se daat pari( mom scolded u)

Next day
Ishani was getting ready when Bell rang aparna opened the door she saw falguni and harshad and baa she welcome them and ishu saw then and hug them she was crying they all understand and made her stop crying and played with tiya

Precap- RV mesmerized seeing ishani

Hope u like it this is fully my sissy story so don’t praise me praise her or else that girl will be jealous of me hehe just kidding

Credit to: tanishqa

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  1. lovely ishveer

    Wow amazing ff keep up ur good work and plz tanvee dear don’t end ur ff.and yeah I was a silent reader of all ff’s and can I join ur family?

  2. Wow nice episode good job Tanishqa and Tanvee love this ff 🙂

  3. Nice ff dii…

  4. awesome dearie!!! loved the episode!! cant wait for the next one!

  5. I love the Ff and tanshiqa loved it awose and at the same time i am a silent how r u tanvee and how us your head ache

  6. I just loved it… do Ranveer having memory loss or smthing…sry if I said wrong… I’m waiting to know the suspense… pls update next soon…

  7. Hey Tanvee dear pls don’t end your ff I am ready to read your ff after 6 months aslo but plz don’t end your ff and the episode was nice?

  8. Nice sis … r u

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