love after marriage (intense ardhika ) episode 1


radhika and mala were in temple. rads looks her watch while mala is praying. “maa im getting late for the office”
“ok, we can go after getting the prasad”. pandit gives mala prasad and they returns.”u dont know maa that khadoos wil eat me alive today”
“is he is that much bad?”.”haa maa he is an angry bird, always finds reasons to scold me” “u go then, dont forget to cal nesam and teji for dinner as it is papas bday” “k ma, im going now”

in the office, sam was seriously searching for something. neil come there”hello samunder singh wat are u searching that too with this much seriousness on ur face” “dont disturb me idiot. i missed that pendrive which hav our last shot ad. donno wat to do now. we hav fixed meeting today”
“how can u mis that sam it was the only copy we had, u shouldnt hav missed it why r u so careless” “no idiot i kept it safe but dont know how it got missed” “and the safest place u found in the earth was on the table of cafeteria. isnt it” he asked her with a fake anger .”neil u hav it. how did u got it.” “u were forgot it wen we had a tea time yesterday and i thought i wil giv u back later as arjun and i had some work”. sam get overjoy bcz she get back that pendrive she simply kissed his cheeks and said”thank u idiot. i lov u”
neil got embrassed by her kiss “its ok.come for the meeting then”. he went away.

meeting has started. arjun, piyali, samrat,sam, neil, teji, zubin, kritika were there and jst now radhika came hurridely there. arjun gav her a death glare as she interrepted his presentation. nesam gav hifi silently to her. meeting went on well. and after meeting”radhika come to my cabin”said arjun. radika nodded and looked nesam with her tensed face.”dont be tensed chasni he wil only scold u wil not kil u” said neil in a teasing tone. “after all she is used to get scolded by her khadoos”sam too joined him. “u wont get a second chance to tease me now i sware i wil not let khadoos to scold me today”

“we ill see then”said nesam together. “kk come along with me to see how i gonna shut his mouth today”
trio went to arjuns cabin nesam waited out side and rads got in. “come ms.radhika mishra the most punctual employ of this company”said arjun in his strong voice. he came nearer to her and said”how many times u want to explations from me that i hate who comes late for the office. and radhika this wil be ur last warning. if u stick to ur habit i wil hav to fire u”. his red eyes hav shown how much angry he was. radhika was scared she stepped backwards looking to his red angry eyes and collided with the vase. it fall to the ground and get in to pieces. arjun was hell angry about her now. he learned steps towards her as she backwards her step. she hitted the wall and now he came few steps away from her his face was enough to show how much he is annoyed with her presents wen he catched hands and tighten his grip on her. it wasnt enough to calm his anger he was about to say something while radhika looked at his eyes and said” i love u arjun sir”. arjun got shocked hearing those words that too from her. he loosened his grip and it was enogh for rads to escape from there.
nesam were looking unbelievably towards rads. “wat did u said to him?”asked neil “i just said i love u to him . why r u looking serious for that”
“do u really” asked sam “hey sam it was a jock as our khadoos wil shut his mouth now. he wont scold me after this as he surely wil hav some awkwardness towards me now. he is a mom boy never i had heard any relationship about him so i played my card well” “is all these was pre planned chasni”asked neil in a sarcrastic voice. “noo not at all it was the last sword to cut off his tongue. as i know he wil not dare to do anything now. u know i think he is afraid of such relationship thats why he is acting like this much arrogant towards girls” “how did u know that “asked sam. ” i didnt know but guessed thats why i used it as my sword”she gav them a victorious smile while nesam were blinking at her. “and one more thing guys maa asked me to invait u people for dinner today as it is papas bday. u should come tonight” “k we wil said sam .

arjuns mind was dump stuck. rads words were echoing in his mind. his pov” shameless girl, how can she stoop so low, allways makes excuses and mistakes now she want to eat my brain too. watever the one who is get married to her sure wil become pagal there is no objection for it ”

precap: rads meets nandini and sidharth in her house

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