Love after Marriage (YHM,IPKKND,KKB) part-10


Hii guys, sry I was a little busy all this while, so till now v saw……

Arnav and Khushi get engaged
Pragya and Abhi also get engaged at the same time
All r shocked to see wat happened in front of them

So now…….

All r in a room……..

Abhi:I don’t want to marry u……!!!!!

Pragya:Even I don’t want to marry u……!!!!!

They turn their faces

Already Arnav and Khushi r in opposite directions

Raman and Ishu see each other as to now wat ll happen…….!!!!
Wat happened a few hours ago

After the engagement ceremony got over, all went to their respective room

Arnav, Pragya and Ishu r in one room

Abhi with his dadi in one room

Raman and Khushi in one room

Arnav: Ishu u were the one who gave this idea right

Ishu:Yaa, Arnav but pls listen from both side they wanted to get each other married so I and Raman thought, y not get u both married

Arnav:Yaa, but y that girl u two very well know that I hate her and she also hates me to the core

Pragya:Stop it Arnav, ur matter is not as big as mine………at least u don’t hate her as much I hate that rock star

Ishu:Pragya he is a rock star how could u hate him and moreover this one was finalised by ur mom not by us

Pragya:I know that, that’s y I am not shouting at u…… u get that

Ishu:Cool down Pragya…….cool down!!!!!!

Khushi:Bhai how could u give this idea

Raman:Khushi, Maa wanted to get u married so I thought of suggesting her with this idea

Khushi:Bhai, u very well know y I say no to marriages, then u should be happy that I agreed to it…….

Raman:Yaa, Khushi all r happy that’s y v found a boy for u

Khushi:Okay Bhai, but y Arnav u know very well that v can’t withstand each other even for a minute

Raman: Khushi, as Ishu said who knows u may later like him

Abhi:Dadi, how can u think that I ll marry Pragya

Dadi:Beta, how did u find that she is Pragya

Abhi:Yesterday only I met her dadi…….and u won’t believe it v both were just fighting the whole day like cat and dog

Dadi:Abhi, I know very well about u, u would have surely started it cause she is not of that type

Abhi:But Dadi, can’t u see whom and all she is with

Dadi:I saw Abhi, when I spoke with her mother I didn’t know about these

Abhi:Now that u know, y don’t v cancel the marriage

Dadi:Abhi……!!!If u stop a marriage then u r damaging the girls life

Abhi:But Dadi………

Dadi:I don’t want to hear any more word from ur mouth, my decision is final and u better go and talk with her……..

Dadi leaves from there…….

Abhi(to himself):I won’t talk with her……..

But later he goes to Pragya, Arnav and Ishu’s room…….

Raman:Khushi, let’s speak with the others and can solve this matter

Khushi:I don’t want any more quarreling its final that, I won’t get married to Arnav……

Raman:Khushi, if u keep talking like this then don’t forget that I ll go and tell maa about this……..first let’s go there and talk

Raman and Khushi also leave from there and reach Ishu, Pragya and Arnav’s room………

When Abhi also enter the room…….

Abhi and Raman stare at each other……..and move inside

Ishu:Come in guys……its better all have a talk and remove r difference

All have a stern face……!!!!!!

Arnav:Look Khushi, I never put forth the idea of getting married to u…….it was ur Bhai and ur Bhabhi who gave this idea of getting us married

Ishu:Arnav her Bhabhi, then who am I for u……?????

Arnav does not answer her, Ishu feels hurt…..!!!!

Khushi:Arnav….. I also don’t want to get married with u……..cause I don’t want to get into marriage now……

Arnav:So its better if v stop this marriage….!!!!

Khushi:But I can’t do that, cause my maa wants me to get married…….

Arnav:Same here…….but v shall talk with them and convince them…….

Khushi:I too hope for the best……!!!!!

Raman:Khushi Arnav……..pls stop it guys u very well know that its not possible pls try to understand……..ur parents want u to get married and all marriages never start with love…….do u two get that

Arnav and Khushi turn their faces in opposite direction

Abhi:So Pragya, u don’t like my face right

Pragya:Right, rock star and don’t forget how ur life ll be if u get married to me…….

Abhi:Look here…..I am not all interested in this marriage and I don’t want to marry u…..

Pragya:Even I don’t want to marry u…..

They turn their faces

Raman and Ishu look at each other as to now wat ll happen

Suddenly they hear a scream

All run down and r shocked to see Abhi’s Dadi fallen……..

All take her to the hospital……..

At the hospital, she is admitted in a ward

Doc:Nothing serious I think she was under stress and tension

Abhi:Can I see my Dadi now doc

Doc:By the way she wants to see all u six

All the six enter the room

Dadi:My dear children I know all r angry as none of us said with whom ur getting married with

All have a very sad face

Dadi:But, just imagine if u ppl were made to meet a new person and get urself married to that person then how ll u feel

All get into thinking

Dadi:At least u know each other, even for one day u all have met each other then wats the big issue

Arnav:Dadi, v have different taste….!!!!

Dadi:No one in this world has the same taste Arnav beta, u take Ishu and Raman as example I am sure their tastes also don’t match…….but look at them r they not happy, and more over they had a very short time to understand each other……unlike u ppl

Raman and Ishu look at each other……

Abhi:But Dadi……..if there is not even one percent of the person liking u or u liking that person then also…….

Dadi:Abhi then only u should get married very soon, cause opposite poles attract beta

Ishu:Wow, Dadi even I said the same

All look at Ishu, Dadi laughs

Dadi:Then ur very much right beta….!!!!

All still have their faces down

Dadi:Now all promise me that u all ll do the marriage on the fixed dates

All hesitate but later agree to it

All come out from the ward

Madhavi:So Arnav, Pragya, Khushi and Abhi wat have u all decided

All nod their head.

All the parents have a smile……and the six show a fake smile

All go home…….

No one is talking with the other properly…….!!!!!

Just, the day before all enjoyed their trip but now all r in different direction not even interested to talk with any one……..

Precap:Month leap……..

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  1. Asmithaa

    Superb yaar..

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      Thx yaar………

  2. Awesome episode yaar…bt abhi likes pragya na yaar y he too SD tat he s not interested nu…

    1. Shalu

      Thx yaar, and for ur question…… Abhi is a rockstar he is showing off and acc to others he is also not interested na

  3. Nice yaar….

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  4. Im his chashmish

    Shalu nice epi ya but 1 doubt abhi loves 0ragya right then y ? Then even arnav like kushi know as rj know then y?

    1. Shalu

      Thx yaar………Abhi loves Pragya but he doesn’t know whether she likes him the same way and if not his heart ll break right, so he wants her to fall in love with him……….Arnav that day took Khushi’s advice, so likes her and there is a difference btwn love and like and Arnav is not at all interested in marriage right and he is doing it for his Bua and chachiji only

      1. Im his chashmish

        Ohh s there is alot of differences btwn luv n lik right

  5. Enjoyed it to the core… superb… waiting for more masthi

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      Thx Yashu…….

  6. Sorry for late comment Super dear pls update next part soon

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  8. Jasminerahul

    now arshi n abhigya r simply making fuss n saying they dont want 2 marry each other.but abhi is happy inside.loved dadi telling arnav that no couple have d same taste.its true.finally they agreed 4 marriage.waiting 4 marr n luv

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