Love after marriage by vaishnavi Part 2

This is second part hope you like it…
Its a SWASAN fiction…just their love and happiness with little misunderstandings…
Swara as a perfect understanding wife and naughty girl..
Sanskar as a perfect understanding husband but gets into conclusion without knowing full situation.. but their love completes each other…
She just kept her lips on mine..she kept my hands on her waist and started kissing me..i was lost..i was wondering…i remembered something she told me earlier…i want to kiss my love of my life when he is angered and show him how much i love him… i be
I was blank..i know she loves me..but her was hunting me..i stopped responding.. she left me..said i know u love me..but i want to say i love you..i didnt say this because i wanted to surprise you tomorrow evening..i wanted to say it ..i didnt because..i… She stopped..saying..but her eyes..were saying showed true love..i know she is not lieing. But i asked her then what were you telling to aunty today morning..i heard your conversation because accidentally you called me.. She saw me..started laughing..she said i was talking about munna..i said ill miss him bcz you have allergy to dogs.. I saw her laughing still.. i said her..but you were talking about him..i thought you.. She didnt leave me to say word after it..she hugged me and said me i love you ra..i know you might be thinking about him but i forgot him..he is just my friend and it was my granny who wanted me to marry him..but we never had such feelings..he always treated friend..but when he died i was hurt because i lost my friend..but others thought something else..i never explained anything to anyone ra..When i met you i said everything because i didnt wanted to start a relation while hiding things behind..i thought you understood but you also mis understood it…ra…i never had any feeling towards him..feelings which i have for you can never happen with anyone else..youre someone special whom my parents told ok..asked me…and i said no… i saw her..she was smiling..but she winked at me..and said who will like akhadhu like you…and showed her tongue.. i smiled…she came..
She said im sleepy good night.. i was just staring at her.. she kept on smiling..said god what i have done? I got such ha hubby who lets his wife sleep..i went near bed..she moved to other end of bed.. i slept..she hugged me..and slept..
She said i know misunderstandings come and go..but we have to trust person but words make everything happen even misunderstandings and understandings.. if we talk before letting our anger.. i kept seeing her..she said sorry…i hugged her..she said i know im spoiled everything..i should’ve spoken earlier..i should’ve sensed your uneasiness from morning..i thought you were angry because of what i did morning.. i asked her what she did? She said i added salt in your coffee because you didn’t answer my call yesterday after marriage.. i said i didn’t drink coffee…she sat straight on bed..i was also shocked..she said bhaiyyu..i started laughing..she said then bhaiyuu drank only he asked me not to be nervous.. she started laughing..She kept on saying what all she did form two days..yesterday night how her teased her.. asking me to that i can be awake all night today.. she kept on speaking.. when i didnt respond her.. she saw me..said staring is bad.. i said im not staring.. she asked then?? I said im seeing my wife

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