Love after marriage by vaishnavi Part 1

Its night…
Their first night…
He is standing near window and thinking off her conversation with her aunty.. he thinks she doesn’t like me then why did she marry me..she became my friend she made me fall in love with her but..she never wanted to marry me.. why she..why i soo bad..that she cant love me..

Suddenly his thoughts were disturbed buy his wife entering room.. he see’s her.. she is pretty her eyes are roaming all around room..she is analysing room..suddenly those eyes met mine.. she just lowered her eyes.. a smile appered on her lips..her cheeks were pink.. she came forward.. gave milk glass said Amma told you have habit of drinking milk before sleeping…

I just took glass.. she was about to turn.. i held her hand she just stopped.. i kept glass on table..pulled her with force.. she didnt even blink her eyelids.. made her stand against wall she kept seeing me.. before she could say a word.. i took her lower lips and started sucking it..i dont know but my anger made me loose..i bit her she lips..she was closing her eyes.. but filling bite she opened her had tears…i didnt stop there..she slowly started protesting..but she didn’t succeed.. i left her.. she was crying almost.. i could not see she soo but her conversation remained anger took over..again.. i lifted her..and took her to bed.. she didnt see me.. she closed her eyes because of pain…bcz i threw her on bed.. and made sure i made it with some force… she was just kept silent..didnt even open her mouth.. i said her rudely .. thaank you dear wife for ruining my life…my love for you…yea i love you… no no i loved you..but now i dont love you anymore…thanks a lot… she stared at me as if she saw some devil..she was trying to say something but me…yea me..i stopped her by kissing her hard as possible.. she simply started crying… her cry was making me weak..but i slapped her..yea i slapped her..she stopped..i slapped my love how could i?? What i have become? Am i really devil??

I got up..i left her.. she kept seeing me with her fearful eyes.. i couldn’t tolerate my anger i started punching boxing bag..she saw me..she saw my hands started bleeding..she came to..stopped me..i saw her..she was angerd her for first time..

She kept seeing me.. she said i know im not suitable for you..but youre the person who showed true meaning of love in my life.. I held her hand and just said stoppp..dont say about love .. she didnt say a word..there was complete silence in room

Precap: His anger continues…

Guess who is he? Who is she?

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  1. Sumayyah

    It was totally amazing
    Want next as soon as possible

  2. Komal

    Hey…Its awesome dear!!
    Post next part soon!!

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