love after marriage (swasan) by janavee – Part 2


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Swara wakes up from bed..thinks laksh I’ll meet you and say what’s in my heart today… She gets ready..remembers laksh saying you look beautiful in red colour..wears that dress… She smiles herself and say today ill do what my heart says… She says bye Amma..
At college…
Laksh see swara coming.. Her friends pull her to class..he thinks im gonna hurt you ash sorry dear.. In break time.. Swara’s classmates(guys) go out.. Girls keep seeing them.. Swara asks what happened? Varun says you don’t know huh? Today laksh is proposing Ragini in front all.. Swara and her friends are shocked to hell.. He leaves… Tears starts falling from swara’s eyes.. Her bestie (ash) hug her and say come lets go there.. Swara nods no… Ash says he love her dear.. Swara holds her hand… Ash says for me… Swara nods ok..goes with her..after washing her face.. They all go to terrace.. Swara see swara coming..he feels her sadness..but he thinks of amma’s words.. She see him and smiles.. Ragini comes there… Laksh bends on knees and holds her hand.. She smiles seeing him.. He says I love you Ragini..would you like to be with me forever? She keeps silent.. All shout say yes…say yes.. She nods yes.. He says thank you soo much… Swara comes towards them and say congrats… Ragini hugs her.. Swara smiles…laksh also smiles.. She holds his ears and say duffer Saturday when amma asked you about girlfriend what you said? He says sorry my Hitler daughter..i wanted to give you surprise.. She says you’re really a big idiot.. He smiles and say sorry.. She says okay okay..ragini he is my bestie ok..he will be my driver it I complete my studies at least okay? Ragini nods ok.. Swara says ok now I should inform amma about you idiot ok.. She leaves with her friends..
Laksh say she is showing she is happy but her eyes.. Ragini says Laksh please.. Sanskar is there to change her.. He nods yes.. They both go out(in order to know about sanskar) others think for dating.. Swara is fully disturbed.. Ash hugs her and say swara remember your promise to amma..nothing will disturb my studies.. Swara nods yes.. She concentrate on studies..
From this day onwards.. Swara as become very studious..she just talk what’s required..then mostly about her studies.. Laksh observe this..he thinks its good going swara.. She is busy with exams..keeps herself busy with one or other things..
After exams…
Laksh comes to her ask her whether she will come out? She says sorry da..i want to go out with Amma tomorrow some guests are coming home itsmz so.. He says ok take care.. Ragini comes there.. Swara says bye for them leave.. Ragini says swara she is really hurt much da..her smile have pain more than happiness.. Laksh says sanskar will change it..yarr today we thought of meeting him na.. Ragini smiles and goes with him..
Swara comes home.. She says amma I want sleep for a while.. Amma nods ok.. She goes to room.. She takes out..laptop see’s her pics with laksh and say laksh you are my friend just friend im deleting everything about you..your memories I cant but ill try to forget you..because you’re now ragini’s boyfriend.. She cries hugging her teddy bear..
At restaurant..
Laksh and ragini see sanskar waiting for them.. They both come towards him. Laksh introduces himself and Ragini.. Sanskar smiles..say im sanskar you can call me sanky.. Ragini says thank you for this meeting.. Sanky smiles.. Laksh observe him and say himself sanky you look perfect for my swara.. Sanky asks what happened? Laksh say we are here to talk about girl whom you are going to marry.. Sanky says you said about this bro.. Ragini says sorry.. I think you know about swara.. Sanky replies she is my gonna be wife ill know about her little not much as you both know.. Laksh says she is just like a forest flower which can’t be ignored for its beauty but reaching it takes time.. Sanky says oh really..i didn’t these type of girls exists now.. Ragini says swara is something different from everyone..but.. Sanky asks what happened? Laksh and Ragini see each others face… Sanky asks does she love anyone? Laksh says no nothing such.. Sanky asks does she likes you bro? Ragini says yea sanky..but as a friend nothing more than that.. Laksh say we both are friends from 6th she had crush on me..but its nothing more than that.. Sanky says bro I also have crush on many it doesn’t mean I like them all.. Laksh thanks him for understanding.. Sanky asks then when you both are getting married? Ragini says after swara’s marriage.. Sanky asks can you both do me a favour? Laksh ask what please tell.. Sanky says please get engaged before our marriage.. Ragini goes to say something..laksh holds her hand.. Says yes we will get engaged before your marriage.. Then they have juice and leave.. Sanky smiles and thinks swara you’re really different na..i want to meet you..ill do it definitely Before family arrange our meet..
Next day..
Swara checks her results and say it amma.. Then papa…they both bless them.. After a while her friends come home.. They all move to temple.. Swara and Ash keep pulling raglak legs.. Swara gets down and goes inside car.. Laksh goes to call sanky.. Then comes to know he will be in waterpark afternoon.. Laksh says then lets meet there.. Sanky asks bro you are at temple.. Laksh replies yea… Feels someone patting his shoulder.. Sanky smiles seeing him.. Laksh says you here.. Sanky replies with my Bhabhi… Laksh asks saw swara? Sanky replies no.. Laksh says be here you’ll see her… Sanky asks where is she? Laksh replies in main temple..both go inside.. Laksh see swara staring at him..standing near stairs.. He smiles.. Sanky observe his expressions and see in that direction.. He see’s swara standing..staring at laksh.. She comes to laksh and starts scolding you’ll always be busy with your phone..i don’t have time to be with your Ragini go to her.. Laksh says sorry..goes to Ragini… Sanky who was observing her smiles says pataka really.. She see him and smiles..thinks mostly he is finish ?..turns to go..suddenly slips…thinks ill be finished and closes her eyes..but sanky holds her before she falls.. She feels someone’s hands around her waist.. he makes her stand..say be careful..and goes from there.. She keeps starring at him…feels im gone really… Ash come to her..shake her and ask what happened? Swara replies he..helped me but I didnt say thanks.. Ash says comes lets go and say.. They both check whole temple but aren’t able to reach sanky.. Laksh asks them to come… They all leave.. He suggests about waterpark.. Swara replies ok..but first home then.. He nods ok..
Precap: Swasan first meet..followed by family meet…

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