Love After Marriage (a small shot)

A big sorry friends… Im really tensed regarding my result’s.. I couldn’t update.. Ya this not full episode.. Just a short synopsis..

Arshu come back after honeymoon.. A five month leap..
1) arjun and suji have a son.. Please suggest me a name
2) Aishu’s birthday… Arshu’s romance..
A small leap..of 2months..
3) Arvi suspecting aishu’s pregnancy.. Thinking of taking her to hospital..
4) Kumar’s daughter helping Arvi
5) Kumar knowing his mistake

6) Aishu coming to know about her health and thinking of telling about this to arvi
7) Sharath coming to know about Aishu’s pregnancy and deciding something…
8) Sindhu trying to make Arvi fall for her but comes to conclusion I can never get…
9)Aishu memory is back..
10) Aishu telling Arvi something… He slaps her hard.. She thinks of going away from him forever…
Arshu’s love and marriage story gonna end with happiness..but their love may be tested by many … But true love never fails..

friends on 125th episode will be end of “LOVE AFTER MARRIAGE” . I know this story is boring.. But I wanted to try something different than writing about serials.. Only few liked it.. Many hate it.. Some even told to stop it.. Im trying to stop it early as possible.. I don’t want to hurt anyone.. Sorry friends ill stop it as early as possible…

Please comment about this…

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  1. No need to stop it pooja..really I loved ur story…everyday I will wait for ur is not at all boring..I liked it very much.. I will read don’t feel bad that somebody want to stop it’s really a nice story

  2. What pooja kisne kaha chod ne ke liye story actually i like this story very much because after marriagr all girls need to lije aishu and arvi its not a charecter or something a boy need to be like him who prefers girl wish must be important in every situation we love u dr….plzzzz dont be sad

  3. pls pooja don’t end u are such a fabulous writer plzz dr

  4. Pooja you not bother me;-):-;-) you are amaizing writer yaar:-):-):-)i like your stories

  5. I luv dis stry too much. . . Pls dnt stop dr. . . Pls. . .

  6. Hey pooja I luv ur story it’s not at all noting but its my fav ff ever plzzz don’t end it its so awesum superb fantabulous usually I don’t get time 2 comment after this I had 2 comment pls don’t end his I luv it u r an awsum writer ur story is different plsss….

  7. How could u say many hate ur story ..there r many lovers for this ..arshu is my favourite yaar ….love .care..independence..romance ….everything which a girl needs r given by her husband …no one can separate true love …ur ff is more realistic sweeto…if u don’t believe me no problem but beleive in ur writings 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 loads of love and care for u ..and also all the best for ur results

  8. Arjun n suji ‘s son can b named as vashisth,arpan,shresth,anant

  9. Hey Pooja ! First of all , plzzz don’t worry about the results dear . I know u might be thinking that it’s very easy for me to say “don’t worry” to u , but even u know that the results are not in ur hands so what’s the use of worrying , right? Just have confidence in yourself and let it come . We all r here with u and we’ll pray for u and m sure u will score good .
    And now , about the story , it’s not at all boring yar. But if u want to stop it then it’s completely gonna be ur decision dear and I will respect your decision. Ok bye. GOOD LUCK AND GOOD NIGHT . Take care 🙂 🙂

  10. Pooja ur story is never boring… I loved each and every episode of it.. U don’t worry about results pooja we will surly pray for u..
    And about this short synopsis the thing which shocked me is arvi slapping aishu… And Plz continue this story.. I will be there to read it..

  11. Noooooooooooooooooooooo
    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont end this story i have strted reading it frm the chp wen arshu consumate their marriege fr the frst time nd dint even read any epi before it but after tht epi i read it daily plzzzz dont stop it plzzz nd the one who don’t lyk ur ff thn let it be who asked thm to read bcoz of thm plz dont break our heart who luvs ur ff very much plzzzzzzz

  12. No…don’t stop it pooja…we like it a lot

  13. Hi that’s n amazing story plz complete it as per u wrote the story keep it up dear

  14. even I love this story. plz continue as you wanted. yes we also want happy ending 🙂

  15. Dear pooja I literally love your story madly ….please don’t get demotivated dear…. We are enjoying your story like anything ….get old spirit and write another story also …we don’t want to miss your beautiful narration

  16. For arjun n suji’s son…we can name him surya…
    Plz don’t end it.,

  17. How about SOORAJ for Suji and Arjun’s son

  18. arjun and suji son name arjith

  19. Awesome update pooja my sweeeeeet friend, very interesting plots are coming…wowwww loved it my dearrryyy, plzzzzzzzzzzzz continue dear and don’t stop writing this story my sweeeeeetheart….what results r you mentioning, you mean comments or exam results….in last chapter I thoght u r talking about exams…honeyyyy please don’t be disheartened n continue this story…u know it me and many of us keep following this story from very first epi…n this was the very first story which has this much attraction for me…it kept me glued from beginning, I also refer this story to friends too…I love uuuuuuuuuuu n your writing style so much n this story has a very special place in my heart…plzzzz my dearrrrr pooja…if something bothering u just share with us if we could help u…

    But if you already made your mind then I won’t insist more after all its your hard work…I really appreciate your time and energy you’re putting into create this marvellous story…but I want one promise from you to come back with another beautiful story just like this for us…I’ll be waiting for your all the amazing stories. …love you loads and very tight hug. muaaaaahhhhhh

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