Love before or after marriage (few shots)

Sry guys.. for not updating love from sky.. i think itz booring. Anyway thatz not the main reason. My bf left me.. i was broken down inside.i have no words to discribe my feelings.. i am not fine with these things.. sry again for wasting time to say these things. But i feel my mind will relax if i say these things to you guys..
Letz go into the story..

In a jungle.. far far far far away from the area which peoples live

Pragya, do you hate me abhi.. why this much of troubles after marrage.. just tell me is there any idiot who chose hil climbing as honeymone.
Abhi,then u tell me,who asked you to marry me. As a world famous rockstar i love to do these kind of things.. why can’t you enjoy with your hubby..
P,don’t test my patients.this is the main reason that i hate arrenged marrages.. as a doctor i can confirm you are getting mad day by day.. i need to go home.what we are doing in this jungle..(pragya is crying. But not for sad. She can’t control her anger.)
A,are fuggy don’t cry let me think yaar.i cant consentrate my mind when you are shouting like this.
P,fuggy mean? How dare you to joke me even we are in this much of troble. Frist you decide to come hill climbing… then you let to miss our guide. Now tell me how we go home..
A,you are just like red balloon with this much of anger..

P,just do something abhi.. itz near to be dark.. how can we in this jungle. Even tigers also here.. we have no foods.. lights.. i am really afraid in dark abhi
A,areey come near to me..
Why this much of afraid fuggy when your husband is near you(in kind tone)
P,i know you are here. But i know you too afraid to be here..
A,just forgive me for this jorney okey. I thoght this will give time to us understand ourselves.. and i need to make our honeymoon unfrogetble.sorry again..
P,just froget it. Tell me what will do now.. we can’t make a call even.signals too lost.
A, already sun is set,we have to rest here untill sunrise. Then we can follow the north direction.

P,then untill morning what will we do.
A,see here..what do you think about this huge bag which is with me.. it a tent yaar.. here catch this untill i assemble this..
(Abhi removes his t shirt and throw it to the pragya.. she missed it bcz she was looking at abhi… a sweat drop which starts from neck is flowing on abhis chest then his six packs.. pragya is still looking at his strong muscles and handsom body)
Pragya you are very lucky to have this much handsome husband. She told to herself.
Abhi finished assembling within short time.. then he cames to pragya..
A,fuggy everything is ok.. we can rest here.. i ll make fire here.. you go and change..(guys.. they assembled the tent near a river)

Pragya ask abhi to come closer bit.. then abhi comes and asked why.. pragya wiped thesweat drops of abhis body by her duppatta… and she blows on his face ..
P,letz have bath from river.. it will be nice to have bath from a river,at a jungle in the moonlight..
A,great idea.. lets go..
Abhi makes fire near Their tent and went to have bath.. both of them went to the middle of the river. Abhi is holding pragyas hand .. the started to bath.. suddnly they head thd sound of screeming of a tiger.. sound came closer in every second

P,whatz that abhi.. letz go.. i cant be here. We’ll die abhi.. lets go.. letz run
A.. shhhhhhh…. don’t make any noice.that tiger has came to drink water.. dont move
Abhi huggs pragya tightly..pragya cant even breath propely.that much tight grip.. pragya covers her face in abhis chest… she felt a great protection in his hugg… pragya slowly look at abhis eyes.. abhi also looking at pragyas syes.(sanam re plays in bg)eye lock takes place and happens untill tiger left.

A,itz gone fuggy.. letz go there. If not u’ll get cold.
P,are you thinking that nuch about me..
A,haan.becouse u are my cute fuggy.. meri jaan.
P,i hated arraged marrages bcoz i thought love will never come btween two strangers. But i am totally wrong.. i felt you love and care towards me.
A,who told that we are strangers.. i know you since 22 years.. i started to love you in my 15th…can you belive it hah?

P,22 years.. how can it happens.i think you are kidding..just stop it.. bend little bit and let me dry your hair. If not you will get cold
Not me
A,as i hope you care on me na… i am very lucky to have you in my life.. dont you need to know past of our marrage..
P,i think this your bad joke.. any way tell ne the story..
Both of then were sitting around fire and the taste the

Warmth of it.

Precap ♥ abhi and pragya walk more inside to the jungle… they lost in the jungle more more more

I’ll continue this if you are like this

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  1. Superb superb epidode.plesae continue your love from sky.i really liked this ff.mind blowing episode.really loved it.

  2. superb Tina

  3. dont wry tina…..v have to cross each n evry segment of life…..evrything ll n alrite…..i can understand ur feeling.u can share evrything….if u share means ur pain will get reduce ya…sorry if i had said anything wrong,as a frd i ve said pa…….episode was wonderful……

    1. thanx emmy.. i kept your words in my heart.. nothing to worry when friends like you are with me.all is well na.. thanx again emmy!

  4. thanq surbhi saranya di emmy.. i’ll continue love from sky ff too..

  5. Setbacks like this do happen in life but u should move on and if u keep on think about that u will just be stagnant..
    Do what u feel its the best for u Tina. Follow what ur heart says.. and is ur name suha is it? If it is so something similar btw us yr my name is suga n urs is suha…like
    And yes ur previous ff is unique pls continue it…and i am waiting for it… as for this one this is also superb!!

    1. thanq maya for this much kindness.. i feel that i have my own sisters here.. you gave me a huge support to move on my life.. if you are here i’ll hugg you definetly… thank god for giving this much kind hearted sisters for me.. thanq again suga..& yes i am suha.. my name is suhani. tina is just my nick name .

      1. No need to thank for all this just don’t worry. I know it’s difficult but think like this if something bad happens in our lives then there is surely a lesson to be learnt from it so that u can improve ur life even more better…moving on is not easy but staying at one place will only make things difficult…so just try to move on as something good and better will surely be waiting for u!!

    2. thanq adhya and abhigya.
      i’ll continue love from sky too.

  6. Nice epi..keep going..

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superb…Plz continue….

  8. Tina pls continue love from sky ff I am waiting for ur update…. And don’t get hurt if someone leave becoz if u get they will succeed in hurting u. So pls don’t time will teach a lesson how to live with these kind of pains…. We are there na. Be strong…. And If I said any thing wrong sorry….

  9. Tina pls continue love from sky ff I am waiting for ur update…. And don’t get hurt if someone leave becoz if u get hurt then they will succeed in hurting u. So pls don’t get hurt time will teach a lesson how to live with these kind of pains…. We are there na. Be strong…. And If I said any thing wrong sorry….

    1. sure lakshmi.. i’ll continue…
      and thanx for being with me. i lost my three year love yaar.. itz bit hard to bear..but with this much support from you i can face everything.. the line that you told (we are there na) it makes me feel that i can face any thing with support of you friends… no words to thank you

      1. Oh hello no need to thank me ok… Be strong don’t broken… U have to lead a happy life infront of who left u….
        From now onwards u going to lead a colorful life….

      2. Oh hello no need to thank me ok… Don’t broken… U have to lead a happy life infront of who left… From now onwards ur colorful life is going to strat….????????

  10. Nice yaar…..but love from sky also nice. ……I liked it

  11. thanx shrithi ,arshi fan

  12. Superb….tina …awesome. .plz continue

  13. It’s superb…nd plz don’t stop writing love from sky… I will be waiting for that one….

  14. hey dr it also just awesome dr…
    plzzz continue…..
    and one request dr….
    plzs dont stop love from sky…..i relly loved it alot dr…plzzz continue for me dr…..

  15. servesorry i forgot to say onethink…
    dont worry strong….
    once ur bf left u…dont wry dr…he never deserve ur love…
    he onely a big looser so dont feel bad….
    we all r hear for u dr….

    1. thanq very much for the crg yaar… i cant belive that my luck to have good hearted friends like you.. actully i felt better after share these things with you..

      1. and promise i’ll update love from sky today itself

  16. Dnt wry Tina. Whatever happens in our life has a reason behind tat . Tc of ur health.
    Coming to the epi it was superb n upload love frm sky as soon as possible

    If I had said anything wrong thn iam so sry ma tc

    1. dr rithu… thanx for your caring and love… and advices… i’ll update love from sky today itself..

  17. Awesome Tina dii we hv to face all the situations they only make us strong inside what we were before. We should always be courageous we girls all r super woman’s. We should not cry may be crying is a woman’s birth right but I have crying as I see it as a symbol of weakness why should we waste our time fr someone who don’t care our feelings now u came to know something abt outsiders so this is also a lesson to us on hw to live leave it dii awesome ff..

    1. i’ll keep your words in my heart vaishu… keep supporting sis..

  18. hey u forgot friendship rule dr… bad…
    in friendship no sorry and no thanks dr….be happy…

    1. okey.. i won’t break frndshp rule again tharu.. though i lost him to love i got so many lovely friends to love..

  19. just see…v all are here….b happy…whatever u can share with us……no need to thank us….its our duty to mak our frds too b hapy n care them…..

  20. wow super tina…past two days waiting ur ff for love from sky pls uapate ya…

    1. i’ve already updated it sugan

  21. Nice yaar…thn I thk a person shares abt the sad thgs in their only to their frds so how can a frd thk tat it’s waste of time to listen their frds talk I thk u vl understand thn don’t worry every problem in ur life vl b solved n u live ur life with full of enjoyment

    1. pls accept my bone crushing hugg yaar.. as tharu said i cant thank you na.
      so let me hugg you.. your words make me strong ..♥

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