love after marriage season 2 (part 9)


Thank you for your lovely comments…sorry IM busy with exam not able to work on this.. Just more 25 days ill be back with continuous series..please forgive trying my best..but my books aren’t leaving me alone..i should study and give my best in exams friends please forgive me..this part I wrote one go I didn’t even read it i wrote my hubby and my conversation also?? my mind went he reads it definitely im gone?? please let me know your views…
Arvi’s home..

He thinks about aishu and smile..say she is somewhat different..her smile as some magic I got attracted to her..when I saw her in temple I felt like my heart beats skipped..her innocence in face and smile really its soo cute..then in water park..her slap I remember him still now..she know how to candle things if its go out of hand.. Her look when I gave her coat..her eyes were filled with tears but..she was controlling.. When I met her today..she gave juice..then was seeing me as if she saw a devil..really…then her talks..she directly said off ankith..she knew it could break down this relationship but she said truth..really she is something special..she was dead sleepy but she lied to me that she is okay just because I said her ill be woke up till 1am.. He checks her fb profile..see’s most of pics she is in white and say crazy about white.. He see her saree and say she looks good I mean beautiful in saree.. Then sleeps without switching off lappy..

Mom comes to wake up arvi..see laptop near him and goes to keep it aside.. She checks its not off..smiles seeing aishu’s pics and then switch off it..goes down without disturbing his sleep.. She says her my son will fall in love soon..goes to prepare breakfast..
At aishu’s home..
Aishu is preparing breakfast.. Amma and papa come there.. Aishu serves them.. They have breakfast together.. Papa asks aishu when you’re going for admission? Aishu replies tomorrow we will papa..i,tapu and Madhu.. Papa says take driver and go..ok.. Amma say him ankith will come it seems,he will take care of them.. Papa say aishu come home early ok..we should go for dinner tomorrow evening remember.. Aishu says ok papa.. She gets Arvi’s call.. She excuses and goes from there..without saying anything Amma say I think we should say her about it.. Papa say we should but she may feel we are taking her freedom away.. Amma say it will happen after her second year na..we should talk with her..she will understand.. Papa say lets see after tomorrow..evening ok.. Amma say ok..lets make them meet once outside..they’ll talk and understand each other.. Papa say ill ask then..

Arvi and aishu::
He: I want to meet you.. I mean my friends want to meet you once..
She: Ok..shall I bring my friends also..they asked but I didn’t know whether you like to meet them..
He: I’ll meet your friends..
She: Me too.. But you should be with me..
He: Ok. When im meeting your friends you should be with me.
She: lets meet them together.. Im feeling somewhat so..
He: That will good but this is first time it’s not a good idea..
She: Ok…
She: Anything else…
He: Can you wear red colour dress..
She: I have red and black combination dress..
He: Ok wear that only..
She: Which you’re wearing?
He: White shirt and jeans..ok?

She: Blue jeans na?
He: Ya..
She: Ok bye
He: I’ll come to pick you near your house..little bit far from home ok
She: Ok thank you ?
He: Sorry if you felt bad for asking wearing black dress..
She: Im not in selecting dresses to wear..thank you for selecting dress..
He: know to cover up talks aishu..
She: Ok..go get ready.. Ill be waiting ok..
He: Bye..

Both smile while cutting call.. Gets ready for meeting.. She smiles wearing that dress..says herself he is really good.. She goes down and say Amma im going to tapu’s house from there we will go out. Amma tell ok. Aishu says bye and leave.. She goes out and call arvi.. He ask her to come near arc im waiting.. She reach there after 10min.. He see her and smile..ask her to sit.. They leave in car.. She asks you know riding bike? He replies yes.. She asks you could have brought it na.. He says it’s not good to take a girl out on bike.. She asks why? He replies others comment in roads and girls will feel bad.. She says ok… He says it had happed with my cousin so.. She says ok..and smiles.. He see her..asks first you’re friends? She says no..they will eat your head..lets meet your friends.. He smiles..say you say whatever comes to mind na..without thinking.. She says if i think ill lose that moment of enjoyment.. He smiles..asks what you’re enjoying here? She replies you’re taste.. He asks what? She says you like things to be clean..then you pray to god before starting vehicle..then that keychain see it’s soo cute.. And Ganesh idol..its so pretty.. He asks then.. She says you used deo which smells good..then your hair cut is didn’t use jel..then your watch its 7min fast..

You use your left hand well while driving..which I cant do.. He smiles hearing her talks..say stop stop.. She bites her tongue and closes one eye say sorry.. He laughs and say you’re really.. She asks what? He replies nothing.. She smile.. They reach restaurant.. Aishu says even I asked my friends to come to park next to this restaurant.. He say ok..after 1 hr atlst na.. She says after 3 hrs.. He says ok.. They go inside..

Arvi friends are waiting for them both.. Arvi introduce aishu to them.. They all say hi Aishwarya.. She says hi..see at Arvi..Each say hi when arvi introduce..He smiles and say this is Surya,next to him is Manu,next is raghav,next is Varun,next is Kalyan. She smiles and asks suji? Bindhu? Arvi say they didn’t come today afterwards ill make you meet them.. They talk regarding arvi..then their time of ordering aishu orders pineapple juice.. Surya ask her do you like that fruit? She says’s something different from other fruits na.. He replies ok..and smile.. Arvi see him..Surya says arvi have pineapple juice na.. Arvi say it’s ok you have.. All start teasing arvi regarding pineapple.. Aishu asks what happened? Manu replie her he have tonsils allergy he should not have it.. Aishu look at him and ask really? He nods yes.. She says ok.. They all spend some time and leave.. Aishu and arvi are going towards park..
Aishu: Really you have allergy?
Arvi: Yea ..

Aishu: One request..
Arvi: Yea..
Aishu: Can you take treatment for it?
Arvi: Why?
Aishu: If cook anything..then you will have it and get allery means..
Arvi: What?
Aishu: I mean after marriage..if I prepare anything such that in that pineapple is there and you..
Arvi: Then you are ready for marriage..
Aishu: See him..say I i mean..
Arvi: What?
Aishu: Nothing..
Arvi: Ok..smiles..
Aishu: Smiles..ill learn cooking with other things..
Arvi: What all you know?
Aishu: South indian..north indian dishes little not all..sweets i mean pineapple sweets..
Arvi: Do you think ill ask you to cook after marriage..
Aishu: I don’t know..amma told me to learn cooking so..
Arvi: Don’t worry at our house mom and granny cook food..then our house maid I mean rani akka cooks if they don’t cook..

Aishu: Occasionally at least I should cook na..
Arvi: That will be your wish no one will force you..
Aishu: Ok…
Arvi: You want to do job after marriage?
Aishu: If you like..ill do else ok..
Arvi: Marriage means it’s not binding you and keeping you in room ok..
Aishu: For first 3 months ill not work..then ill take up a job ok..
Arvi: Why not for first 3 months?
Aishu: I want to get adjusted with my new family na..
Arvi: You can get adjusted now only..
Aishu: How?
Arvi: Im your friend right..
Aishu: Nods yes..
Arvi: You can call my parents mom and dad..
Aishu: They had called and asked me to call them so..
Arvi: See my parents are so advanced..
Aishu: Laughs..say yea..
Arvi:(thinks she looks so cute while laughing Im ready to be a joker for her) ok..then ill make you meet my granny soon..she is soo cool can become her friend..then my brother he is little busy but in his engagement we can see him..
Aishu: Ok..I asked my friends to come late..its useful na..

Arvi: Ya..else we would have missed this talks..
Both sit on bench..
Aishu: See that boy..(a small kid) he is so cute na..
Arvi: Ya he is…
Aishu: Shows something that kid is doing and start laughing..unknowingly she keeps her hand on his hand..
Arvi: Thinks she is really a small girl..enjoying in silence..then observing everything like a new thing..your something special aishu..
Aishu: See him staring at her and ask is monkey dancing in my face?
Arvi: Noo
Aishu: You’re smiling looking at me na so asked
Arvi: I was seeing you..
Aishu: Why?
Arvi: That..
Aishu: What?
Arvi: You look so cute while laughing or smiling..
Aishu: Smiles..ok..
Arvi: You really work at home?
Aishu:yea..why such question?
Arvi: Your hands are so soft…
Aishu: What?

Arvi: Shows her hand..
Aishu: Sorry..
Arvi: Smiles..
Aishu: Stands up..say my friends came..
Arvi: Ok.. (thinks avoiding oneself)
Aishu: (why im getting so close with marriage word such a magic..that makes strangers friends..) come na..
They both go to meet aishu’s friends.. Ankith show his friends Arshu.. They all smile.. They all sit on benches and aishu introduce her friends to him.. They ask aishu to bring ice cream for everything and send her off.. Arvi talks with everyone and they become friends.. Aishu gets ice cream for everyone..she gives them.. Vinkith(ankith and Vinaya) smile seeing each other. Aishu give them ice cream and say we all know you both are waiting to be married for that you don’t start off romance here only.. Ankith reply her don’t be jealous..Arvi is there you can.. Aishu glares at him..say shut up.. Tapu pulls her from there and ask her to be silent don’t fight with ankith.. Arvi asks what happened? Aishu says about Vinkith and laugh.. Vinkith look at each other and say we are gone.. Madhu come there.. Arvi see her..aishu says you’re always late Madhu.. She asks sorry da..I woke up late and he was with his friends so.. Aishu introduce her to Arvi and say she is latecomer friend.. Arvi smile.. Surya come there to give Madhu her bag which forgot in hurry.. Arvi see him and call him..

Madhu asks you know him? Aishu says you said he was with friends..arvi is his close friend.. Surya say arvi I said about madhuri remember..she is only that girl.. Arshu smile.. Aishu asks tapu why are you single? See ankith,Madhu have friends and me Tapu stare at her and say be silent na..please… Aishu winks her and say I wont be what you can do? Tapu say ill show you wait… She starts chasing aishu.. Arvi and others laugh seeing them.. Ankith say arvi this is our cutie..she makes everything a joke..and laughs but serious time comes she will be serious.. Arvi say him l like her the way she is.. Ankith smile..
Aishu and tapu are having a ice cream..they laugh saying life partner time huh?? Aishu say you know what I spoke with him today soo much.. Tapu asks what you feel about him today? Aishu says im feeling good thinking about those talks..he is good da.. Tapu says you have to wait for to be with him.. Aishu smiles and say I know more 3 yrs.. Tapu says engagement?? Aishu says amma was telling after Arjun’s marriage da.. Tapu asks when is that? Aishu says after 7 months… Tapu say before that you both become bestie’s.. Aishu says ya..

Arvi thinks where these girls went.. Ankith says come ill show you what they both will be doing.. Arvi and ankith go.. They see aishu and tapu having ice creams and laughing.. Arvi says they were fighting right.. Ankith says ice cream converted their fight into laugh.. Arvi smiles.. Aishu and tapu see them..say hi come have ice cream with us.. Arvi and ankith see each other and smile.. Ankith says tapu your mom asked you to come by lunch time.. Tapu see watch and say Arshu bye and leave with ankith.. Aishu friends go home.. She says im feeling hungry shall we have lunch and go home.. He smile and say ok.. They both go for lunch at restaurant..

Precap: First leap with Arjun’s marriage..

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