love after marriage season 2 (part 8)


Thank you for your lovely comments.. I’ll try to make it lengthier.. Sorry for updating late..busy with exam preparation’s..sorry..

Aishu closes her eyes and sleeps on Madhu’s shoulder.. She says I want some peace .. Madhu asks aishu shall we go to church? Aishu says ok.. They drive towards church.. Tapu switch on radio.. Aishu smiles hearing her favourite song..say tapu don’t change it.. Tapu replies ok.. They reach church.. All go inside.. Aishu prays for amma and papa.. Then remember about mom and dad..pray for them also.. She says lord I don’t know whether im doing correct or wrong but please show me way that leads happiness to all.. Tapu and Madhu pray for aishu and Arvi.. They see church father and wish him.. He recognizes them and tell you kids never go far away from each other.. All three nod ok..take his blessings and come out.. Aishu says now lets go temple.. They all head to temple.. Madhu asks aishu you want to get married?

Aishu replies for my parents I can do anything.. Tapu says if god gives you happiness in this then don’t back off.. Aishu says I don’t know but I feel arvi is good..if he is bad also I don’t have problem.. Tapu says being with you he will turn good.. Aishu says I always wanted my hubby to be my friend..arvi said lets be friends then we will see about relationship .. Tapu asks her did you say about ankith? Aishu says I said off..i don’t want my friendship on false things.. Madhu asks what he told? Aishu says he replied I too have many crush’s.. Tapu says then its ok..leave about it.. Aishu’s phone rings..she smiles and say Vinaya is calling.. She talks with her and say ok we will be there by 30min.. She asks tapu to take u turn and go towards park.. Tapu does so..
At park…

Ankith and Vinaya are waiting with their friends.. Aishu comes there with her friends.. All start asking about Arvi? She just stands still.. She says im not understanding what you all are asking.. All say ok…ankith ask her did you talk with him? She says yes.. Vinaya asks how is he? Aishu says good.. Varun asks where is his pic? Aishu give her phone and ask them check his dp..say i don’t have his pic so..they take and check it.. Vinaya asks Aishu did you like him? Aishu says I like his views towards life..liking him I need time.. All asks for treat.. She nods ok..they all enjoy ice cream.. Ankith ask aishu are you ready for marriage? She asks amma asked you to ask this question na.. He nods yes.. She says im ready..however after 3yrs I would have married someone im ok in getting married.. Ankith hugs her and say he is your Mr both will fall in love don’t worry.. She smiles..says ill but not before you’re marriage.. He smiles and say now again my cutie started it.. She says hello you’re elder to me.. He says oh.. She asks did you see anywhere small sister getting married before elder sister.. He says aishu..

All see them..asks what? Aishu starts laughing.. Ankith says this girl.. Aishu silently leaves from there.. They ask which girl? Ankith say aishu.. They say no one next to you.. He gets up and goes in search of her.. He finds her giving ice cream to small kids near gate.. She smiles seeing him.. Asks sorry.. He smiles and say don’t be are my cutie you can say anything anytime ok.. She says ok..ankith I know you want to know about my reaction for that matter? He nods yes.. She says im positive only..ill marry arvi..but I want time to adjust with his family and develop friendship with him. He says you aren’t asked to marry should complete MCA.. She says if they ask me to marry now also im ok with it.. He smiles and say ok..then your MCA? She replies arvi said my studies won’t stop even if anything such happens.. He says my cutie got impressed then? She smiles and says yea.. You are getting engaged next month shouldn’t I say ok for marriage proposal at least? He smiles says meri maa as you wish.. Both laugh..
At Arvi’s home..

Arvi is thinking about aishu.. His mom come there and ask what’s your answer for marriage proposal? He replies mom she should complete MCA till then.. Mom says then you are okay with it. He smiles.. She says then after your brother’s marriage you both will be engaged ok.. He says she didn’t tell yes for proposal are already going to engagement.. She replies Aishu will yes for you..i know that.. He gets a call..excuses and goes from there..
Ankith: Hi bro
Arvi: Hi
Ankith: Congrats for you marriage

Arvi: What?
Ankith: Aishu said yes for marriage proposal..
Arvi: When?
Ankith: We all asked her about you..suddenly asked what’s your opinion? She said yes im ready for marriage..
Arvi: Thank you bro..
Ankith: Then your answer?
Arvi: What can be my answer..

Ankith: Yes I think…
Arvi: Yes..but…
Ankith: You want her to complete MCA..
Arvi: Yes..she wants that..marriage means not changing your life completely according to other person wishes..
Ankith: Ok bro thank for this..our cutie will be happy..
Arvi: Cutie?
Ankith: Ya..aishu is pet name..we all call her like that.. is calling ill call you back..
Ankith: Ok bro bye..

Arvi stand near terrace..thinks I said off yes for proposal but if I don’t fulfil my responsibility’s.. Will she adapt to our home.. What are her wishes? She is only child of her much love she is getting there..will I be able to give so much love? How will my family accept her wishes? Arvi you should be strong enough to face changes in you’re life.. He smiles seeing WhatsApp messages from his friend..say my friends really.. He replies back not yet confirmed.. They ask for Aishu’s pic.. He replies I don’t have..they keep teasing him..

Aishu reach home.. Amma and papa are sitting with different types of invitation cards.. She silently goes to room..thinks about change she went through from morning.. She smiles and say get ready to join MCA or marriage.. She hugs her teddy bear and stand out watching star’s..she wishes everything go perfect..let her family be happy.. She thinks about arvi..say he is good..he can be my friend..but I have to accept him as my hubby na..what will happen if comes into my life.. What are changes that gonna take place? I said off yes for proposal but..will I accept that he is my hubby? How will I adjust with his family? Ya how many are there in there family? I didn’t ask him..i should have asked.. She goes inside as her amma calls her.. Amma tell her Arvi’s mom had called and told after Arjun’s marriage you’re engagement.. Aishu asks who is Arjun? Amma reply he is Arvi’s bro.. She says ok..goes to watch television.. Amma say have dinner.. Aishu says I had ice cream ill have oats and sleep.. Amma says as you wish..tomorrow you should go to doctor remember? Aishu says amma I remember but I don’t have any problem na..why simply? Amma say you’re a girl so you should be careful about each and everything so just a check up every 3 months..ok .. Aishu say ok Amma…goes have her dinner and goes to sleep.. She thinks Arvi did even msg once but my amma told engagement got fixed after Arjun marriage.. She sleeps thinking about that.. Suddenly she receives a msg asking”sleeping huh?” She gets up and reply no..
He: Had dinner?

She: Ya just now you?
He: Me too.. What time you go to sleep daily?
She: It depends whether exams or normal days..
He: Smiley..ok..
She: You?
He: Me at 1am..
She: What?
He: Chatting with friends and then if i get mood to study then read a book…
She: Ok..smiley…
He: What are you studying now?
She: Should join MCA.. You?
He: Should join mtech..

He: Your favourite colour?
She: White and violet..urz?
He: Cherry red and black
She: Ok…
He: What is your favourite food?
She: Whatever Amma prepare leaving upma..urz?
He: Same but I like chocolate cake…
She: I love chocolate cake but Amma doesn’t allow me to have..
He: Why?
She: Then I should go to dental clinic so..
He: Laughs..have little bit it ok..
She: Ya..then what about your favourite movie?
He: Comedy and horror movies..urz?
She: Horror movie..
He: Like getting wet in rain?
She: Not like I love to..

He: Smiley..ok..
She: Then which is your favourite subject?
He: Maths..urs?
She: Ammma!! Programming languages..specifically java…
He: Ok..then what about your family?
She: Only 3 amma and papa.. Urz?
He: Only 5members.. Me,mom,dad,granny and Arjun..
She: Smiley.. Ok..
He: What about friends?
She: Tapu and Madhu are my close boys means ankith..urs?
He: Manu and Surya are my best friends and in girls means my Bhabhi..suji and my cousin bindhu..
She: Ok..
He: Check out time its 1 are not sleepy?
She: No…
He: Ok I’m sleepy now bye goodnight..
She: Good night sweet dreams…

He smiles and sleeps… She says mostly he guessed im sleepy..smiles and sleeps..

Precap: Aishu meeting Arvi’s friends and vice versa..

Just two more parts.. 1.5 yrs leap followed by Arshu’s engagement.. Please comment and let me know your views..

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