love after marriage season 2 (part 7)

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Aishu have her breakfast then goes to room.. See overcoat and thinks why did I say ill marry off if that guy is similar to this overcoat guy.. Ofcourse he is good..he saved me from those cheap guys..but why did I say so… She keeps seeing that overcoat.. Tapu and Madhu come there ask her what happened? She says I want to return this please search for him.. Tapu says ok..afterwards now lets see about that guy who is coming to see you.. Aishu says ya..i have to get ready.. Madhu says I’ll take out dress.. Aishu says ok.. They make her get ready.. Amma comes there see aishu says smile else you will look like someone irritated you.. Aishu says you and papa are irritating me na.. Amma comes inside.. Tapu and Madhu leaves..
Amma close door.. Aishu asks amma am I so bad that you don’t want to stay with me? Amma hugs her and say my princess can never be bad.. Aishu asks what is reason for this marriage? Amma says Aishu arvi is good boy.. Aishu says amma.. She replies aishu I know you like ankith.. Aishu replies it was earlier not now..after I came to know he love Vinaya I don’t any feelings towards him..he is just my best friend.. Amma asks then what is your problem? Aishu says amma I want to study and settle in life.. Amma say her you’re studies won’t be a problem.. Aishu says amma..i want be free.. Amma asks you love your dad? Aishu says I love you both more than my life.. Amma say her you’re dad promised Arvi’s dad given your born you’ll be married to arvi..their daughter death took place bcz of your dad’s that’s your dad thinking.. Aishu asks what happened? Amma say her arvi had a sister her name was Shona she died when we all had been for picnic..she fell from mountain and only you’re dad was there..he was not able to save her… Her parents forgot it but not your dad.. He told Arvi parents that you are there daughter in law when you born after 5 months of this incident.. Aishu says amma…should I say yes without seeing him or? Amma says you can say whatever in your mind after meeting him… Aishu asks if I don’t like him? Amma says any girl can fall in love with him.. Aishu smiles..

After 2hrs..
Arvi’s parents come to Aishu’s home.. Amma and papa welcome them.. Arvi comes after 5min.. Madhu and tapu see him.. Then see each other face and smile..say he is really perfect for aishu.. Aishu see overcoat before coming door.. Tapu comes inside and say that guy came..amma is calling you.. Aishu nods ok and goes down.. She goes towards kitchen.. Amma say her to take juice and serve them.. Aishu says ok..goes towards arvi with juice tray.. She serves his parents and papa.. Then she goes to serve arvi..she is fully shocked..but doesn’t express it.. She takes his parents blessings and goes inside.. She says tapu arvi and overcoat guy are same.. Tapu says I also saw him.. Madhu asks now what you will do? Aishu says im ok with anything.. Papa calls her out.. She comes.. He asks her to show home to arvi.. She nods ok..goes with him.. Both try to talk..both smile..she says I have your overcoat..ill get you.. He says it’s ok you can keep it.. Aishu says ok.. He asks can I see your room? She nods yes.. Both go towards room.. He asks her did you say about yesterday to your parents? She says no they will be scared.. Arvi says ya.. She opens door.. He smiles seeing her room and say it’s beautiful..full of teddy bears and your pics.. Aishu says I like teddy bears.. He says then.. She says ice cream chocolates and.. He says I like riding bike’s..race..then.. She says amma asked me to ask whether you like me? Arvi replies I want to know about you and you should also know about me till then I don’t think we should reply for it.. Aishu says ok.. He asks do you like me? She says as a human being.. He smiles..see’s his overcoat.. She says you can take it na.. He says I don’t know but it will suit you more.. She says I won’t wear white dress again.. He says you look beautiful in white dress.. She smiles.. He says aishu you will be continuing your education after this matter also.. She smiles.. He goes out of terrace..she follows him.. He asks her where are your friends? She says tapu and Madhu are down with amma..sorry can I share something with you.. He nods yes.. She says I had a crush on my best friend..he is Ankith.. He smiles and say I also have crush on many doesn’t mean I like all of them.. She says I think it’s good to start a friendship with any secrets.. He smiles.. They both go down…Amma and Arvi’s mom ask them what they decided? Arvi replies I need some time.. They say ok.. Aishu says thanks.. He smiles.. Then they leave..

Aishu goes to change.. Tapu and Madhu go to her.. Ask what you decided now? Aishu says im okay with anything.. They ask didn’t return back coat? She says ill .. They plan to go out.. Aishu changes into common wear and come down..say im going shopping bye.. Amma say her come back by 6pm.. Aishu says ok.. They leave.. Aishu asks tapu to drive.. Aishu gets a call.. She receives it..say hello.. Arvi’s mom reply her Aishu im Arvi’s mom.. She say hi aunty.. Mom reply her you can call me mom.. Aishu say but.. Mom reply her you are my daughter in law which means you’re my daughter..ok.. Aishu says with my friends ill call you back after coming back home mom.. Mom say her bye take care ?.. Then after sometime again she gets a call.. She receives it..say hello.. Arvi’s dad is on other end he tells her im Arvi’s dad.. She replies uncle.. He ask her to call him dad.. She smiles and say dad.. He tell her I liked my daughter very much.. She smiles and say thank you.. He asks her to come to her home early.. She understands meaning and say dad..I need time to decide with my friends can I call back after sometime.. He replies ok.. She smiles and say only he didn’t call yet.. Tapu say her don’t worry next Arvi’s call.. Aishu smiles and say ride car don’t talk more..

Precap: Arvi and aishu’s late night talk.. Both share their likes and dislikes…

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