love after marriage season 2 (part 6)


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Aishu reach home.. They all go inside.. Amma keeps seeing them.. Aishu goes to room with her friends.. She says Hitler would have asked us question na.. Tapu says mostly bcz that guy is coming tomorrow.. Aishu asks really? Tapu and Madhu laugh.. Aishu says if he is not good then ill say off directly that I don’t want to marry him.. Tapu asks if he is good? Madhu say if he is best then? Aishu says lets see.. Madhu and tapu say if you will say ok means think..aishu.. She says you both have no work..i wont think.. Amma comes there asks them to have dinner.. All go down for dinner.. After that Tapu and Madhu leave.. Aishu goes to sleep..

She lie on bed and say if i say yes what will happen? Thinking about it she sleeps.. Dream sequence…
” morning amma comes to wake up aishu..and ask her to gets ready.. Aishu nods ok.. She goes to take bath.. She gets ready in anarkali suit..come down.. Already guys family is waiting for her.. Guy’s mom ask aishu to talk with him..she goes to talk with him.. After sometime they come inside..guy say yes for marriage..aishu also say yes.. Pandith says itz good then we will fix of marriage date.. Aishu keeps seeing amma.. She asks to check for date.. After 10min that pandith saying it will be next month else these both can’t be married.. Amma telling ok let them marry of next problem with us.. Then marriage preparations begins.. Aishu getting married to that guy.. After 5months she is declared as pregnant..then within more 9months baby in lap.. She seeing Madhu and tapu with college life..her life with kid and husband…”

She screams and wakes up..say I wont say yes for marriage..such a dream amma…i can’t tolerate this…see it’s still 1am.. And take laptop and sit seeing movie.. She thinks is that marriage so important? Will my studies get affected if I get married? Will he be good? What about his character? How to know about him? She remembers ankith giving pen drive..goes to take that and watch out what’s there in that.. Amma comes to check there.. Aishu see smiling at her and say Amma why are you wake up? Amma glares at her and say you didn’t sleep till now.. Aishu says im sleeping.. I didn’t get sleep.. Amma say ok..come I’ll make you sleep.. Aishu sleeps in amma lap.. With time she sleeps.. Amma smiles seeing her and say aishu you are worried about marriage na.. Aishu says humm.. in sleep.. Amma says don’t worry Arvi is just a gem for anyone..he will take care of you..I want to see you both happy.. She makes aishu sleep on bed and go down.. Aishu gets up and say oh then his name is Arvi..lets see how good he is? She sleeps..

Aishu wakes up goes to take shower.. She comes out.. She takes out clothes..gets ready.. Then see’s Arvi’s overcoat.. She smiles remembering him and say herself if that Arvi who is coming to see me is at least 50% same as that overcoat guy ill marry him without thinking.. She comes down.. She says amma im hungry.. Amma smiles and says come have your breakfast.. Aishu goes and see so many dishes..thinks why so many? Amma smiles seeing her..say today I said na..that guy and his family is coming.. Aishu says so what? Amma stare at her.. Aishu asks are they form any bakasura family members? Papa smiles..hearing her..say aishu.. She see him say bad morning papa.. He asks what happened? She says I don’t have anything to eat you told earlier the day you have nothing to eat is bad day of life.. Amma holds her ears..aishu screams amma… She says aishu go get ready you’re friends are on way to help you out.. Aishu says amma however you making my holidays waste what they done to you? Amma say go get ready after having your breakfast..i have kept on dining table.. Aishu goes from there.. Amma asks is really she is so matured to get her married off? Papa reply her she is not..but if she falls in love with anyone..then I can’t fulfil my promise above that you know Arvi can’t find such a person easy..

Precap: Aishu and Arvi meet.. Aishu gives him overcoat..he..

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