love after marriage season 2 (part 4)


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Aishu friends come to her home.. Amma smiles seeing them.. They ask where is she? Amma say room didn’t even wake up yet.. All laugh and say you’re daughter topped the university.. Amma asks what? When results came? They say morning 9am.. She asks about there results.. All say not toppers but good marks.. She smiles.. All go to aishu’s room.. They see her sleeping hugging teddy bear.. Room is fully dark bcz of curtains.. Madhu pulls curtains.. Tapu pulls off blanket.. Aishu says amma… Tapu smiles..says aishu results are out.. Aishu gets up..asks what happened to my results? I said na..i will fail in algorithms..??? All start laughing..say stop your’re university topper.. She is fully shocked.. She asks really? Ankith and Vinaya come there with cake.. She asks him really I passed exams? He says no ash you failed.. Vinaya hits him and say shut up don’t play games with her… Vinaya shows her university website..ask now believed?? Aishu starts jumping and say yippee I passed my exams.. All smiles seeing her.. Tapu and Madhu hugs her.. Then Vinaya.. All her friends say congrats… Ankith say idiot you forgot me.. Aishu says no never how I can forget joker.. He says for you’re smile I can do anything.. Aishu says you’re vinaya’s boyfriend now ok..don’t flirt with others ok..
All laugh.. Vinaya say enough of you talks lets cut cake now… Aishu smiles..she cuts cake..feed everyone.. Amma comes there with juice.. Aishu drinks juice..then have cake.. Amma says all come down for breakfast..aishu go have should go for temple remember.. Aishu says ok amma.. All go down.. Aishu hugs ankith and say thank you.. He smiles..says you’re my princess ok..always keep smiling ok.. Aishu says ok..she goes to take bath.. She gets ready in white and red half sari.. She goes down..
All smile seeing her.. Amma feeds her breakfast.. Ankith say Amma it’s time for aishu to feed her children you are still feeding her.. Aishu takes water and pour on him.. All laugh..seeing him.. She says I don’t want to get married so early ok..if you want go marry now only.. Amma says aishu.. She stops.. Amma asks Ankith to change.. He goes to change.. Then all leave for temple..

At temple..
Ankith ask girls to go inside.. They all go.. He calls arvi to come fast. Arvi says im on way ill reach by 10min.. He replies ok bro..goes inside.. Aishu stare at him ask what? He says my hottie nothing.. She says stupid..come.. He smiles.. After puja..all are sitting and talking.. Arvi calls ankith.. Vinaya see him and smile.. Aishu and tapu see them..say no romance inside temple ok.. He says aishu.. Goes to beat her..(play fully) .. Aishu starts running.. Suddenly she hits a boy..aishu falls.. That boy holds her.. Ankith comes there he smiles seeing them..say aishu.. She says excuse me.. Boy make her stand.. She says thanks and goes from there..stands behind ankith.. Ankith say sorry mistake.. Boy says it’s okay..goes from there..
Ankith and aishu join there friends.. Ankith keep smiling seeing her.. Aishu stare at him.. All see them ask what happened? Aishu says nothing.. Ankith says hey aishu you shouldn’t not lie.. She stare at him.. Ankith laugh and say some guy fell for her.. Tapu asks what? Ankith says she was running na..suddenly hit a guy by mistake..she was about to fall..he caught her..then… Ask aishu he was wearing white shirt’re favourite colour.. She says idiot shut up..don’t irritate me.. All start laughing..
Friends understood who is that guy right??..

Precap: Aishu and Arvi meet again..

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  1. Awesome…….

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  2. Meghna shanti

    Ha ha we know it
    But when will aishu know it
    Waiting for your next update

    1. In 7th part she will come to know about him.. Thank you ?

  3. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Superb pooja.

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  4. ohhhhhhhhh god….seriously i didnt c ur ff…how did i miss it….my god…well…how r u di???well…congrats at first for ur marraige….i missed ur ff a lot….and tat one was at its peak and still didnt hav a propr end… one is also nice…but i regret for not seeing it on time….i hope u remember me….if not also its ok…i didnt comment for evry chappy of it but was a regular reader……well…iam eagelry waiting for the next one…

    1. I’m fine.. How are you? Thank you for your wishes.. Sorry I couldn’t give it a proper end but read this.. I’ll try to write this fiction fully.. I hope you like it.. Sorry dear for not giving it proper end..

  5. how cute… m liking it

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  6. awesome dear

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  7. Awesome pooja Di….you just nailed it love you a loads 🙂

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  8. Hi….pooja… did u remember me????…..I am one of the big fan of love after marriage……..just today I got to know abt u started another season of this ff….very happy for that…….and asusal this is superbbbb loved it a lot??…..n how r u……I hope ur fine….
    N wish u happy married life…….

    1. I do remember you dear.. Thank you for your wishes..I’m fine dear.. How are you?.. Did you enjoy this?

      1. I am fine too…..I really enjoying this…?? waiting for the next……..

  9. Awesome episode pooja..just loved all the fun of family n friends..
    Aishu topped the college…wowwww. ..n I know that boy was our hero arvi…i just loved it…..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . .

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