love after marriage season 2 (part 23)


Arshu are on way to granny’s house.. Aishu thinks just one week I have… Arvi asks her can she pass on water bottle? She gives him.. He says you have only 2 weeks for sleep off that you can study at night.. Aishu says I didn’t bring book.. He asks why? She replies granny told after marriage I should study.. He says ok.. She asks shall I have been driving from 2hrs.. He replies ok..then they exchange sits.. After sometime..aishu gets mom’s call.. She parks car and receive call.. Arvi asks her to put on loud speakers.. She does so.. They both talk with each other.. While talking.. Aishu see’s a heavy vehicle coming from opposite direction.. Before she takes car to little more left..vehicle hits car..
From arvi’s head blood is oozing out.. Aishu is fell on back sit..her face is fully covered with blood..and some glass pieces.. Her one hand is outside window and other next to her.. Arvi slowly try’s to open his eyes..he see’s a image of a guy walking towards car.. That guy takes iron rod and hits Arvi’s head .. Arvi screams loudly.. Mom who heard all this drops her phone.. Arjun see her and go towards her.. Mom falls down.. Arjun calls suji.. Suji see him and run towards mom.. She puts water and shakes mom’s head.. Arjun calls doctor and ask him to come.. Dad comes inside see mom lying on floor..asks what happened? Arjun tells what happened there.. Dad takes phone and see’s it’s aishu’s call.. Try to talk..he does hear anything.. He calls arvi’s phone.. But he gets no reply.. Doctor arrives and check mom.. She gets conscious..screams Arvi.. Dad ask what happened? She tells I heard arvi screaming… Dad assure her nothing as happened to Arvi but she keeps crying.. Arjun calls Surya and Manu..tell what happened.. Then they leave for reaching arshu.. Suji call amma and say what happened.. Amma,granny and papa leave for arvi’s house..

At accident spot..
Some bike is coming.. A guy see Arshu’s car.. Go and check..see arshu.. He calls hospital and asks them to send ambulance.. He then calls police and informs about accident.. He see’s arvi’s phone..Arjun is calling.. He receives and talk with Arjun..
Arjun say arvi what happened to you why did you scream..where are you? This guy says im not Sai..and tells about accident..and asks them to come to hospital directly.. Arjun replies okay.. Ambulance comes to spot and arshu are taken to hospital.. Sai checks arvi’s condition..see’s his pulse rate reducing.. He asks driver to reach hospital fast.. They reach by 15min.. Sai and some other hospital people take arshu inside.. Sai tells them to arrange operation theatre for arvi..and he goes to change.. Aishu is treated by a doctor.. Sai goes to her room and see her.. He is fully shocked.. He says Shonpari.. Other doctor asks what happened? Sai says she is my sister..I was going for her marriage only but she is here in this condition.. Then he calls amma and ask them to come to hospital.. Amma tell this to all..then all leave for hospital.. Sai goes to operate Arvi..says himself I should save him at any condition for my Shonpari..
Arjun and Arvi’s friends reach hospital.. They come to know about Arvi’s operation and aishu is in ICU.. They go and see aishu.. Her face is fully covered with bandage.. Arjun asks about her? Doctor tell him she is okay now but we have some doubts so till we complete tests we cant tell anything.. After a while family members reach there.. They come to know about arshu’s condition.. Amma and mom completely break down.. Papa and dad go to see aishu.. Sai comes out from operation theatre.. See amma and go towards her.. Amma see him and stands asks what happened to arvi? How he is now? Sai replies operation is successful but we have to wait till he gets conscious.. Mom and amma beg him to save her kids.. He replies Shonpari and Arvi will be fine..please don’t take tension..let me go and check her.. Arjun asks can they see arvi? He replies he will be shifted to ICU after that one by one you can see him.. Sai goes to see aishu..

Sai comes inside room..see aishu..says shonpari your amma papa everyone here are waiting to see you both..pls get wake up and see us.. Other doctor(sadhana) comes there.. He asks about tests.. She replies reports will come at 7pm.. He asks sadhu she will be fine na? She replies yea’re a doctor you should be strong.. Sai says im a brother first… She hugs him and say you’re my hero na..who is always positive.. He says I’ll sadhu.. She smiles..goes to see Aishu’s family.. Amma see her and bless her.. She smiles and ask will you not see arvi? They all see her.. She takes them to his room.. Nurse tries to say something.. Sadhu signs no.. They all meet Arvi.. Arjun ask her what happened to him? Sadhu replies blood bleeding was high when he was brought here… Then Sai checked and operated him.. Arjun ask how can it happen? She replies his head is hurt bcz of hard metallic element.. Arjun nods Okay.. Sadhu excuses and goes from there..she asks them to wait outside only one can stay here..pls understand.. After a while they all move out.. Amma and mom go out.. Mom asks dad to be in room.. Dad sits next to bed.. He holds Arvi’s hand..tells arvi open your eyes..everyone are waiting for you..if you don’t do so then ill not talk with you..or ill come out with you…

Sai come to amma and say plz be with aishu..ill come back.. Amma goes inside..but before she open door..turn and ask papa to stay with her.. Papa goes inside.. Amma and mom see each other.. Mom tell I think.. Amma tell to postpone marriage.. Mom nods.. Amma tells lets discuss with them and decide.. Mom asks shall we go to meet shastriji? Amma nods ok… Suji comes there with Madhu and tapu.. Mom tell her to be there and they have some work.. Suji nods ok.. They both leave from there.. Madhu and tapu call guys.. Arjun and guys come there.. Madhu ask what happened? Surya say I think it’s not accident.. Sujun asks what? Surya says I think it is done by someone.. Manu says there car was parked to extreme left..even heaviest vehicle can pass by..its double road above that.. Surya says there is no heavy metal that can hurt arvi such.. Arjun say there are teddy bear in backseat..and sides of can are covered with soft clothes designs.. Suji says but… Madhu say Akka aishu’s phone.. Suji nods yes.. They both inside aishu’s room and see her.. Suji takes aishu’s phone.. Tapu says when aishu receives call what they speak it will be recorded.. Manu ask how? Tapu says aishu have connected to audio app.. Arjun ask her does she know her phone password? Suji opens it and then play audio.. They hear a big sound..aishu’s someone’s foot steps and then arvi’s scream.. Manu says ill call police.. Arjun say they came already and told let aishu or Arvi gain conscious.. Tapu says Sai.. They all see Sai… He says really its not accident.. Arjun ask what? He replies someone as hit Arvi with rod..i didn’t say bcz parents will be tensed.. Arjun ask shall we inform police.. Sai replies no ill talk with my friend and ask him to take this case personally.. Arjun and Sai leave from there.. Sadhana comes to them and say aishu gained conscious call her amma and mom.. They all rush inside… Manu call Arjun and say about aishu.. They both also return..

Aishu see’s everyone..and smile.. Papa asks are you okay? Aishu blinks her eyes.. Sai come to her..aishu smiles and say bhaiyyu.. Sai asks Shonpari will you come with me? She nods yes.. Sai makes her sit in wheelchair and take her to Arvi’s room.. Sai says arvi is have to talk with him ok.. He leaves her inside and come out.. Sadhu smiles seeing him and say good job.. He says she is perfect treatment for him now..
Aishu see arvi..slowly tries to lift her hands..she is unable to do so..tears start flowing..says arvi.. After 5 min Sai comes inside and see her crying ask what happened? She replies im not able to lift my hands it’s paining
badly… Sai says don’t worry you will be fine… She asks what happened to arvi? He replies Arvi underwent a surgery… She keeps seeing arvi.. Sai asks shall we go? She nods no.. Sai says I should give you injection after sometime we will come here.. She nods ok.. They both go outside.. Aishu’s friend call her.. Tapu puts on loud speaker.. She tells aishu tomorrow we are getting hall what tym you’ll come? Aishu keeps quite… Tapu replies aishu will call you afterwards .. Tapu hugs aishu and say don’t worry..we can go and talk with teachers.. Sai gives aishu injection and make her sleep ..
Arjun and friends are at police station.. Police asks them whether they have any doubt? Arjun nods no.. Manu and Surya see each other.. Police see them..ask what happened? Manu says Sharat… Arjun says Sharath.. Surya says we have doubt on Sharath.. Police asks who is Sharath? Manu says he was our college senior..he was big flirt and Arvi’s childhood friend Ananya died bcz of him..on that day arvi fought with him in front of became biggest problem and police came there..they arrested Sharath.. After 3 months court declared Sharath is not reason for anu death.. Then Sharath came and said arvi one day he’ll send arvi to anu’s place.. Police tell let check this matter.. Arjun and friends leave police station..
At midnight..
Arvi’s room…some person comes inside and see him..say you will die early as possible..your marriage is fixed with Aishwarya..i don’t think you need aishu bcz you belong to don’t have rights to always wanted to be happy na arvi now see what im gonna do..ill make your life hell..Aishwarya belongs my brother and you belong to me..remember this..if you live then you should be with me..else you’ll die.. Suddenly hear some footsteps and hides.. Sai check arvi and go from there… She also slowly leave from there…
After a while.. She comes to a room..switch on lights and see a guy on bed.. Goes towards him says brother today arvi is in same condition as you’re..don’t worry you will be fine before him and marry aishu..she will marry you..she will not go back to know why ill marry him off so that both will get into new relationship yea not marriage…

Precap: Arshu recovering and Arshu marriage postpone…

Credit to: pooja

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