love after marriage season 2 (part 20)

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Arvi gets up.. See’s time..says im gone today.. He goes to get ready.. Within 30min he gets ready.. Arvi see’s his ring and say aishu I want to connect with your heart first..but what to do I should go for hostel by evening..i think I can meet you once.. He comes down..see everyone busy with work..say mom im leaving by 10am.. Mom replies ok have breakfast now.. He goes to have breakfast.. Suji serve him..asks him will you drop me to office.. He nods ok.. They both leave..
Aishu is already in way to college.. Suji calls her and ask her to come near coffee shop.. Aishu replies ok akka.. After 15min..arvi and suji come to shop.. Then aishu come there.. Suji smiles seeing her and say Arvi your jaan came.. He says suji please.. Suji asks aishu to drop arvi near airport.. Aishu says Akka college.. Suji replies you can go after dropping him 10 only your college starts.. Aishu says ok akka.. Suji leave them alone and go for office.. Arvi asks aishu why you are going so early to college then? She replies yesterday I missed classes thought of studying portions related.. He says ok.. She asks when you’ll come back? He replies after exams ill come back..then see about business.. She asks will you shift it here? He says lets see.. She says ok had breakfast? He replies yea I had you.. She says I had milkshake..sorry.. He asks why? She replies kheer.. He smiles and say I forgot it .. She says thank you ?.. He asks then you will having exams in December na.. She nods yes.. He says you study well.. She says ok.. Both see time..say together it’s 9:30.. Both leave for airport.. He drives car.. Sunrays fall on her ring.. Both observe it.. He asks her to close windows.. She tries but fails do so.. He stops car..and tries doing it from his place only..unknowingly he keeps his left hand on her legs.. Then close windows.. She keeps seeing his hand.. He removes and say sorry.. She says it’s ok.. He asks then your birthday and exams will be together? She says yea..January theory exams will be going on.. He asks if you don’t any exams can you spend that day with me? She says amma..friends.. He says just morning..evening you can spend with them..we can go for that anything.. She says okay… They reach airport.. Both go inside.. Aishu sits down.. Opens her bag and say Arvi amma gave you.. He see’s it chocolate cake..say you won’t have.. She says ill have at home.. He says okay..but how does she know that you will meet me? She replies everyone know about you so.. He asks what? She says nothing.. He holds her hand and say yesterday you were looking beautiful in saree.. She smiles.. He says I think you like saree’s.. She says no I don’t was amma and tapu who always help me with it.. He says aishu.. She asks what happened? He replies saree looks gorgeous on you.. She smiles.. He asks why you don’t like? She says I dont Know how to wear that so.. He smile and say you can learn na.. She replies ya but.. He says ok leave.. She thanks him..they hear announced.. She says bye..take care.. He smiles and say bye take care.. After he leave.. She leave for college..
Arvi’s house..
Arjun and dad leave for office.. Mom prays I want my both sons to be happy.. Dad asks Arjun to drive old house.. Arjun says ok dad.. Dad asks you had your breakfast? Arjun replies dad that.. Dad replies only boost now also right.. Arjun nods yes.. Dad tells him after your children start going to school also you will drink only boost for breakfast.. Arjun says dad.. Both start laughing.. Dad tell him I want to have paratha..will you join me? Arjun says then shall I take u-turn.. Dad stare at him and tell you’re really boring..sometimes you should have food that you will respect homemade food.. Arjun smiles.. They reach hotel and have food.. After that they go for office..
Other side.. Aishu reach college.. Tapu and her friends are waiting for her.. Aishu asks why you’ll are here? Tapu say first 2hrs let off.. Aishu asks why? Tapu say there is some guest lecture.. Aishu nods okay.. Tapu says we are going to canteen na.. All go there.. Aishu smiles seeing dogs..she goes to give biscuits.. Then they go inside.. Tapu and Aishu see each Aishu says promise.. Tapu replies yea ma ill say.. All friends see them..ask what happened? Aishu says I was asking her about manu’s proposal.. All smile.. Tapu say ok ill say be quiet na.. Aishu and friends keep teasing her.. Tapu smiles. Aishu says ok now we will stop but you have to tell about proposal way?.. Tapu says ok meri maaa.. All laugh.. Tapu starts telling..
After Manu’s family came to home and accepted me.. He didn’t come bcz of college so his granny told tomorrow you should meet him at coffee shop.. Mummy told me do so.. I said ok… Next day morning..i went to coffee shop.. I was like I don’t have any other option I have to say yes..but when I went where I changed my opinion.. He welcomed me and made me sit. He asked me whether I have any objection in marriage? I replied I don’t know sorry.. He smiled and said come with me.. I went out with him.. He was driving and said you have heard about me from your parents,my parents and arvi na.. I said yea.. He said today ill show you my life today decide your answer after it.. I replied ok..but you also don’t know about me na.. He smiled and said I liked your nature..i mean your straight forward..I have seen you taking care of your friend..i mean aishu.. You respect your parents..bcz of that you’re with me from my side im fine with proposal.. I smiled.. He stopped near a school..said this is my school yea it’s only boys school I know you may think I may have any bad habits bcz of say I don’t have any then browsing and smoking..I need some time ill leave smoking..tapu are you okay with it? I asked whether your parents know about smoking? He replied no one knows not even my friends.. I asked then why did you tell me? He replied you have right to know about should know everything before telling your decision.. I smiled.. From there he took me to college..
In college he met many teachers.. He introduced me them as a friend.. They all told about arvi and Manu’s friendship..their naughtiness.. We were laughing bcz there talks.. Then we left to from there.. He said at college I arvi and Surya were friends.. Then a girl entered our life..she became our sister but after 2yrs bcz of some reason she died.. I asked what happened? He replied when time comes ill say you.. I said okay.. Then he showed his present college.. There we met some of his friends.. Then from there he took hotel..said I think your favourite food Chinese na.. I said yea..then we had food.. We spoke for sometime.. He said about himself.. I spoke about myself.. At last he asked I know you’re still confused about me..but I promise you that your decision is final.. I smiled and said I want sometime to accept decision of marriage..but im also okay with this marriage.. He smiled and said I know you want time but till you accept from your heart ill be waiting.. I said okay.. Then we came back home.. Our parents asked about decision .. We said okay..
Present.. Tapu says thats it.. Aishu asks is he still waiting? Tapu replies yea.. Aishu says ok then..thinks something..asks you like him? Tapu replies I like but I need sometime for marriage.. Aishu smiles.. Then all get busy with classes..
After a month..
Aishu is busy with Madhu.. Both are arguing on which dress Madhu should wear for sangeet.. Aishu says whatever you want.. Madhu then takes dress and goes to wear.. Aishu smiles says Madhu its Surya’s favourite colour wear that.. Then she goes to call arvi.. He says ya..i remember I did my part only you’re brother should go forward and say it.. Aishu asks Arvi to make practice of it.. Arvi says ok.. Aishu says bye come early.. Arvi asks anything special? Aishu smiles and say come here you’ll know.. Arvi says ok madam.. Aishu smiles..thinks of wearing saree for him..see’s red colour saree and say im wearing saree but I have to manage it till night na.. Tapu come there..say wear till your performance complete then wear long gown.. Aishu says thank you.. Tapu and aishu gets ready..
At 5pm..
Manu and Arvi come with Surya’s family.. Arvi’s family come after a while.. Suji goes towards Madhu room.. Aishu is plating her hair..thinks im going mad in this saree.. Suji comes there..see her say aishu.. She hugs suji and say Akka you are looking so this blue and green saree.. Suji smiles and says you’ll come down.. Aishu and tapu come down with suji.. Manu and Arvi see them.. Manu says I think these two have planned something.. Arvi says I don’t know about them but if you don’t do that work aishu will kill me and you.. Manu says you both.. Arvi says ya what..we both.. Manu says ok ill try..asks when you’ll do that? Arvi say im ready to do but you’re sister will kill me? .. Aishu asks why will I kill you arvi? Arvi says if Manu didn’t complete his work.. Aishu says yea ill kill you both..with chilli powder coffee.. Arvi and Manu laugh.. They all go and sit near Surya.. Aishu asks Surya Madhu will come after 10min.. Surya says aishu.. Arshu go from there..
Aishu goes to bring Madhu.. Suji and aishu come down with madhu.. Aishu smiles and says Akka be ready to dance.. Suji says yea ill don’t worry.. They all come down.. Manu come to Arvi.. He asks what happened? Manu reply’s granny told my marriage is postponed bcz of uncle’s health..
Precap: Surya Madhu’s marriage..followed by 1yr leap..

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