love after marriage season 2 (part 2)

Thank you soo much your comments and love… I’ll try my best to keep up your expectations..

Aishu gets amma’s call.. Ankith say see Hitler is calling.. Aishu stare at him..receive call..amma ask her to come home early.. She says ok.. Ankith and aishu leave for home.. He drops her near gate and say I won’t come inside ok..your amma’s lecture.. She smiles.. Amma pulls his ears and say im giving lecture na.. He smiles and say yea amma please… She leaves.. He goes inside with them.. Amma give him juice..he drinks it … She see’s Aishu..asks them when are they gonna get job? He replies me im joining Wipro but this aishu wants to do MCA… Amma says then what you planned.. He replies after Aishu’s marriage ill marry till then do job.. Amma asks you have girlfriend? He says yea aishu is there na,, Amma says not best friend.. He says I didn’t find any girl so according to parents wish ill marry.. Aishu thinks these don’t have other topic huh? She excuses and leave for room.. Ankith say amma I know she likes’s just her crush nothing else I can never match her so im saying this all. Amma say I know that ankith..but her father wants to keep that promise so.. He says amma she is my princess and will be forever..i want to see her Mr right..where is he? Amma say him he will return back next week from London.. He says ok amma.. Amma asks you really don’t have feelings for her? He says I have but..i cant hurt her parents for my life na..more than that she is not grown up yet to cross her parents boundaries.. Amma smiles.. He leaves..

Amma thinks if I could help these both..i cant sorry aishu…im bind by your father’s promise..but I definitely promise you that your husband will love you more than will definitely forget us all in his love… She goes to prepare food.. Ankith while driving thinks aishu you are my best friend..i love you more than myself but I cant say you that dear..sorry yaar..but ill make sure you fall in love with your Mr right.. When I heard about your marriage matter I was shocked but then I stopped my feelings towards you.. But also.. He meets a girl in road.. She smiles seeing him.. She is Vinaya..asks him can we go home? He smiles.. She says ankith I got information about aishu’s Mr right.. He says thank you.. She smiles.. He says I want to know each and everything about him.. She says ok ill try my best..but you have to be careful na.. He says ok Vinaya..thinks I know you doing this for me..i know why also but I don’t know whether I can feel same for you or not .. She says ankith ill wait till you feel for me.. He says I know Vinaya but can you help me more once.. She asks what? He says after two days im gonna propose you front of everyone..will you accept me.. She smiles..says I know it’s just for your friend but ill accept it..atleast some day you will say it from your heart.. He says thanks.. She leaves.. He smiles seeing her thinks vinu for this I can do anything..after ash’s marriage ill definitely ask your parents for your hand..

Precap: Ankith proposing Vinaya… Aishu crying remembering ankith and her friendship..

Please comment your views.. Let me know whether you really wish me to continue…

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  1. so sad for aishu but arvi is always right for aishu

    1. Ya..arvi is always right for aishu…

  2. ankith and vinaya are positive…. very nice
    ankith is very nice and caring but arvi is perfect for aishu….Aishu’s MR. RIGHT is just arvi

    1. Thank you ? for a change they are positive ? ?

  3. You know pooja I am just very happy seeing you back and I just completed reading first season and I am deeply truly love with this ff and character I love your story . Please continue dear. Waiting for the next episode . Congratulation for your marriage and your married life will be beautiful . I am new here so may be u don’t know me . But hi I am ani . Nice to read your story. Can I call u dido because o know thay I am samller than u sill studying and exams are not yeat over a s I am preparing for entrance exams so will not able to comment everyday but always be a silent reader till exams get over . See u soon with a reply and hi m sorry for writing thia much .

    1. Ofcourse dear you can call me so.. I’m married but pursuing my MCA dear.. Nice to meet you.. Thank you soo much for your wishes and as well as loving my fiction..

  4. Hi pooja hw r u dear Congo for ur marriage I m sooooooo happy 2 c u back plz continue dear u r an amazing writer I luv ur ff n ur writing skills nyc concept arvi z arshu’s Mr right dis time I will try to comment daily if not don’t worry I luv luved n will always luv ur ff n arshu

    1. Thank you soo much??

  5. Hi pooja di it’s awesome felt bad 4 aishu but her Mr.Right will make every thing fine and yaa plzz post ur season 1 links all together if possible plzz

    1. you get all episodes. Thank you soo much

  6. It’s quite different frm season 1.Bt awesome.Feeling bad for them.I’m egarly waiting for aishu’s jadugar arvi’s entry.I love arvi’s character.together Arshu r adorable.Oh,no!I’m in love with them.Apu u have no idea in this days how much i miss them..Plz continue regular..In season 1 i was a silet reader cz then i wasn’t able to comment their&have some problems..Bt now i’ll try 2 give u my feedbacks regularly.Keep going..

    1. Thank you soo much ??? for your wishes and loving this fiction.. I’ll try to continue dear.. Only during exam days it won’t updated.. Else ill try to be regular..please comment and let me know you’re views

  7. Awesome episode pooja…thx for updating season 2…it’s really superbbbb n different from s1…feeling sad for aishu but arvi is her mr. Right…always….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . Muaaaaahhhhhh

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