love after marriage season 2 (part 19)


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Aishu is sitting in room…see her hands and smiles..says aishu you’re engagement is tomorrow but till now your heart is not clear about arvi..i don’t know how a girl will feel when she is gonna marry..yea it’s arranged marriage but I really don’t know why my fear didn’t reduce..i know Arvi is perfect in always..he also said me he’ll wait till I fall in love with him..I know he loves me..but I really don’t know what’s in my heart..I like to spend time with him..i like to be with him..he reduce my tension..he makes me laugh..he calls me Kiddu..but he is really a kid..yea he is prince of his parents..will he became my prince charming? thinking as a kid I know..but every girl want her hubby to be her prince charming na.. She sleeps thinking about arvi…

Next day.. Aishu’s home..
Hall is decorated with different flowers.. Papa is busy instructing catering people.. Amma comes there and asks him to get ready ..pandithji may come anytime.. He goes to get ready.. Tapu and friends come there..greet amma.. Tapu asks where is madam? She replies she didn’t wake up yet.. Tapu says ok amma we will see.. They go to aishu’s room.. See aishu sleeping.. Tapu goes near aishu screams arvi came.. Aishu close her ears… They pull her blanket.. She smiles..says I want to sleep.. Tapu say arvi will come directly into your room.. Aishu says idiot he is not like Manu.. Tapu push her into washroom.. Keeps her dress ready.. Her friends say we will go help aunty uncle.. Tapu says ok..ill help aishu.. They go down.. Aishu comes out after 30min.. Tapu gives her dress and say go wear this..after that ill help you with saree.. Aishu says OK.. Tapu says im not arvi to see you like that so ill be out call me after getting ready?..goes out.. Aishu gets ready..and call her..tapu helps her with saree.. Then aishu takes jewellery box.. Tapu selects some and helps her.. Aishu smiles..thinks tapu wait for 5months ill irritate you more.. Tapu asks what? Aishu says nothing.. Tapu hugs her and say I know you will irritate me..but i like to irritate you so know why? Aishu nods no.. Tapu says you’re my angry Aishu smiles.. Tapu says you keep smiling ill do anything for your smile.. Aishu hugs her and say you’re more than my sister..i don’t have sister but you never left me feel so.. Tapu says we are soul sisters..not blood sisters na.. Aishu smiles and says yea..but you didn’t say me how manu proposed you.. Tapu says after you’re engagement ill say you okay.. Aishu asks really? Tapu says arvi might come..get ready..

Down stairs…
Pandith asks amma to keep everything ready.. Amma replies everything is ready..please start with procedure.. Papa tell her to see aishu..whether she is ready? Amma replies him she is ready.. Don’t worry.. Papa smiles..they hear horn sounds.. They go to welcome Arvi’s family.. Arvi’s parents come inside..tell he is coming with his friends..
After 15min Arvi comes.. Aishu’s friends welcome him.. His friends keep teasing him saying you’re gone today.. He smiles and says dude its just engagement..not marriage.. His friends says ohhh.. They go inside.. Arjun signs him to take blessings.. Arvi goes to take.. Papa hug him and say you’re my will be blessings are always with you.. Arvi smiles.. Pandith asks arvi to sit.. He does so..thinks aishu where are you..i wanna see you..first time in saree.. Manu and Surya come to aishu’s room..with Madhu.. Aishu see them and smile.. Manu says Aishu you are looking beautiful in this saree.. Surya asks why don’t you wear saree?Aishu replies I don’t know to wear so.. Above that im student not teacher.. Surya says one groupie with new bride? Aishu stare at him.. He says sorry ? They take photos.. Manu says upload it.. Surya says ok…

After 20min.. Pandith asks to call aishu.. Suji goes to call her.. Madhu,tapu and suji come with aishu.. Arvi see aishu.. She smiles.. He thinks she looks beautiful in saree..ill ask her to wear saree daily.. She sits next to Arvi..says slowly stop looking at me like this..all are seeing us.. He smiles.. After half an hour.. Pandith start ready their wedding card.. He then asks arshu to exchange rings.. Arshu exchange.. They take blessings from elders.. Mom smiles and says go change we know you both are uncomfortable in this dress.. Arshu smiles..goes to change.. Arjun gives arvi bag and ask him to change fast.. Arvi nods ok.. Aishu is with her friends..they keep teasing her..say someone couldn’t take off eyes from you.. Aishu smiles..says ill change and come.. She goes to change..
After 15min Arvi comes out.. He is wearing blue suit.. He gets busy with his friends.. Aishu comes down with her friends.. She is wearing dark pink lehanga.. Arvi’s friends see him aishu.. Mom asks Arshu come.. They both come towards her… Arvi says aishu.. She asks what happened? He says someone is looking good in pink dress.. I think someone added meaning to beautiful word.. She smiles and says someone know flirting also? He shows her engagement ring and say I have all rights na.. She smiles.. Both stand next to mom.. Mom smiles tells you both stop fighting.. Arshu say mom we aren’t fighting.. Mom asks then? Arshu say nothing.. Relatives,friends etc come and congratulate arshu.. Aishu’s teacher come there.. Aishu introduce them to arvi.. They take blessings from teacher’s.. Sunita mam asks aishu I think this is the perfect gift for her answer sheets.. Aishu says mam… Arvi checks papers and say it’s really the best mam thank you so much.. Aishu see’s papers and then thanks mam.. Tapu comes there and take teachers for lunch.. Arvi asks for treat? Aishu says go to kitchen and make whatever you want..and have it.. Arvi says oh really..ill make you prepare kheer now.. Aishu says no chance.. Arvi says challenge.. Aishu says okay..
Aishu is with her friends.. Amma come there..ask aishu to prepare kheer? Aishu says amma now.. Amma replies yea go prepare..before you and Arvi have should prepare it and give it to pandithji and grandparents.. Aishu replies okay..goes towards kitchen.. Arvi smiles seeing her say someone is going to kitchen.. Aishu replies I should prepare kheer it seems.. Arvi says I think I won challenge.. Aishu asks you were knowing about this early only na? Arvi says yea..suji also prepared.. Aishu says then it’s cheating.. Arvi says go prepare..get me also one cup ok ? She goes to prepare.. After 15 min..she brings kheer for pandithji and elders.. She gives sujun also.. Arvi asks for him? She says ill bring wait.. She goes inside and brings kheer for him..give him.. He starts having.. Aishu keeps smiling.. He start splitting it.. Aishu laughs.. Mom and amma ask what happened? Arvi says salted kheer.. Arjun and Mom tell no arvi its very tasty.. Aishu smiles.. Amma holds her ear..ask salt? Aishu says he was irritating me..said go be in kitchen.. Arvi says mom I was irritating her..she was not knowing about Mom and Arjun start laughing.. Aishu says Amma tell ask him.. Aishu says ok..sorry Arvi.. He says at least now get me feeling hungry.. All smile.. They go to have food.. Mom feeds aishu.. Amma feeds Arvi.. All their friends see them.. Tapu says photo.. Manu takes and says now ill upload everything in fb..

Evening.. Arvi’s family is leaving.. Aishu and suji keep talking.. Arjun and Arvi go and sit in car.. Aishu says bhaiyya suji Akka will be here only.. Mom tell Aishu call Arjun bhaiyya and suji Bhabhi..or suji Akka and Arjun jiju/ Aishu says ill think and call.. Arvi says keep Arjun also here..ill take rest today… Mom asks arvi to be quiet and concentrate on driving.. Aishu and suji laughs.. Dad bless aishu and tell you are perfect for Arvi.. Aishu smiles.. Arvi starts car.. Suji go and sit inside.. They leave.. Arvi asks suji why you didn’t stay back? Suji replies him Aishu have college tomorrow..on Friday ill go and stay.. Arvi says I know leave suji don’t give these reasons.. Arjun hits him and say drive fast.. Arvi smiles..

Aishu’s room.. She changes and see her engagement ring..say herself you have just 1yr of freedom.. Next year by this time I should be getting ready for marriage… She hugs teddy bear and sleeps.. After 2hrs amma comes to her room.. Amma smiles seeing her..tell she is sleeping..didn’t have dinner.. I’ll get her milk at least..she didn’t have food properly..gets up from bed.. Papa is standing her room door with fruits and milkshake.. Amma smiles and tell him you brought it thank you..ill wake her up.. Papa come inside.. Aishu wakes up bcz of amma..says I want to sleep.. Papa show her fruits and milkshake..tell her have this and sleep.. She says papa.. Papa feeds her apple.. Aishu says papa… Amma feeds her orange.. Aishu says you both want to feed me and make me fat.. Amma smiles.. Papa tell her you can never be fat because of fruits.. Aishu says okay… Amma and papa feed her..then make her drink milkshake.. Aishu asks them..will they feed her like this till she is here? Amma tell her we will feed you..but you should have all vegetables also..even ladies finger.. Aishu says no I don’t won’t.. Papa tell her don’t sleep now..good night princess.. She hugs papa and Amma.. Then goes to sleeps..

Arvi’s house..
Arvi is sleeping.. Mom comes there..makes blanket proper..sits near his head.. Arjun comes there..say mom arvi is also go and sleep mom.. Mom tell him arvi was so small when he grew up that he is gonna be married.. Arjun says mom more 1yr is there.. Mom tell yea 1yr’re married you know you’re responsibility but he .. Arjun says Arvi may be like a kid..but he knows his responsibilities more than me mom..he is starting his own business now..he is still studying..but see..i took up dad’s business bcz I wanted to be close with dad.. Mom tell him you’re close to your dad but he never shows it arjun.. When you were born he was so happy..he wanted to give you everything so started up were reason so that he started becoming responsible..before you’re birth he was like your brother arjun..always his wishes were first but after your birth he became so responsible that he started with 10lakh business now where the business is you know na.. Arjun smile.. Mom tell him never think dad is not close to you..he is close to you by become my son bcz you spent more time with me than him..when arvi was born your granddad was expired..and your dad was alone..Arvi started spending time with him..Arvi started making your dad were in school..then tutorials and didn’t spend much time..but everyday after you slept you’re dad was with didn’t see him.but he always supported you..your first cricket match till last one in college he was always there.. Arjun smiles and says I know mom I have seen him..but he didn’t show me his love and care directly so I felt bad but seeing him in ground made me smile..he is my strength .. Mom smiles..tell him go and sleep its 12.. Dad who was hearing this feels bad..thinks I always spend time arvi that it doesn’t mean I don’t love my elder son..

Precap: Arjun and dad’s outing.. Tapu and manu’s proposal..

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