love after marriage season 2 (part 18)

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Marriage finishes.. Arshu are engaged in their world.. Tapu and Madhu come there..they smile and push them.. Aishu holds Arvi’s hands.. Both see tapu and Madhu.. They both smile. Arshu stare at them.. All laugh..go towards Arjun and suji.. They all teasing each other and have fun.. Mom comes there..asks them to come have your food.. Arvi goes to mom and say something.. She smiles and goes from there.. Aishu smiles and says im feeling hungry..goes from there.. One by one everyone go from there.. Suji says arvi.. He turns back and say suji aishu msgd I’ll come..5min.. Arjun says they are planning something.. Suji smiles..

After 10min.. Aishu comes there will bag.. Arvi comes back of saying her aishu don’t disturb them.. Suji stare at him.. Arvi laughs .. Dad,mom and mummy come there.. Aishu says Akka your.. Suji asks what? Aishu gives her bag and say go out of this home.. Arvi does same with Arjun.. Mom tells yea you both leave this house now.. Arjun and suji are confused.. Mummy tells suji I never thought this will happen with you.. Arvi says Arjun get out..I said you remember im favourite of mom and dad.. Mom holds arshu’s ears and tell enough..see their’s turning pale.. Dad comes there gives Arjun packet.. He asks what is this dad? Arvi replies you’re share of get lost.. Dad tells yea get lost for 20 days..we all won’t see your face… Arjun asks what dad? Arvi says aishu I said you remember..he is boring.. Aishu nods yes.. Arjun asks what happened? Arvi says you’re stupid.. Suji holds Arjun hands and say they are talking about.. Arshu start laughing.. Mom tell him you both are going for Paris.. Dad tells you’re flight is at 6pm..i think you should leave now..go and change.. Aishu takes suji with her.. Suji says aishu you are becoming like arvi.. Aishu says sorry akka he asked me to do it.. Suji says it’s ok.. Arvi and Arjun are in room.. Arjun says you could have said directly na.. Arvi says I didn’t think you’re such.. Arjun stare at him.. Arvi says sorry bro..go and enjoy your days..take care of suji.. Arjun thanks him.. Arvi goes to suji’s room.. Arvi says something in her ears.. She starts hitting him with pillow.. Aishu asks what happened? Suji says you’re arvi wants to become uncle it seems.. Aishu says he is uncle only na.. Arvi and suji asks what? Aishu shows them a video in which small kids near her home..calling arvi uncle uncle.. Suji starts laughing..

Arvi takes aishu’s phone and delete’s video.. Aishu says it will be saved in OneDrive.. Arvi asks for password.. Aishu takes phone.. Suji smiles..takes Aishu’s phone and opens OneDrive.. Arvi says suji you know password.. Suji says everyone knows.. Arvi asks for password.. Aishu smiles.. Suji says im both decide who is coming with me till airport.. Both say we both are coming.. Arjun comes there.. Arshu smile..they all leave for airport.. Mom calls amma and tell aishu will reach after 7pm.. Amma tells okay..
Arshu and sujun (suji and Arjun).. Arshu keep talking and laughing.. Suji asks what’s happening? Arvi says nothing.. Aishu says you should not lie.. Arjun asks what aishu? Arvi replies nothing Arjun.. Aishu says arvi.. Arjun see her.. She replies bhaiyya he .. Arvi says aishu shut up..ill get you pani Puri.. Aishu asks really? Arvi says yea..ill.. Aishu says then ok.. Arjun says stop car.. Arvi stops.. Arjun says aishu come now only we can have pani Puri.. Arvi holds aishu’s hand and say Arjun if you want then go have.. Aishu says bhaiyya you will be time we will have.. Suji smiles..says aishu first says what’s happening between you both.. Aishu says he said I can’t eat 2 plates pani we were talking about it.. Arvi smiles..understands she is covering up.. Arjun comes inside car.. They leave for airport.. They reach airport..Arshu say bye to sujun..arshu leave airport after sujun goes to board flight..
Arvi and aishu keep smiling.. They both sit in car.. Aishu says im feeling sleepy.. Arvi says sleep.. Aishu keeps her head on his shoulders and sleep.. He smiles seeing her..say you’re really so cute while full day was the best day of my spoke with fought with spoke like a kid when you’re talking with suji.. Aishu holds his hand and say Arvi…I want pani Puri.. He smiles..says ill stop near shop you sleep.. Aishu says ok in sleepy voice.. He smiles… He stops at shop..see aishu.. Her hair is covering her face.. He makes it proper.. She see him..says Arvi.. He says you don’t want pani Puri.. She nods no.. He says don’t want.. She says I want.. He says lets go inside shop na.. She nods ok..both go inside..remembers his words and smiles.. They have pani Puri and then leave for Aishu’s home..

Aishu’s home…
Amma see Arshu coming inside.. Aishu say her about sujun..then panipuri.. Amma say then you don’t need chocolate cake.. Arshu say together we need.. They smile..go for having cake.. Arvi asks aishu why is your nose eating cake.. Aishu rubs her nose with hand.. She applies cream really.. He start smiling.. Amma see him..then aishu’s face.. She smiles..tell aishu go wash your face.. Arvi takes her pic.. Aishu goes to wash face.. Arvi shows Amma pic ..both keep laughing.. Aishu comes back and ask what happened? Arvi says check your WhatsApp.. Aishu see..says’re really bad.. Amma tell Aishu you should not say like that.. Aishu says okay..

2 months goes like this..
Arshu’s small fights.. Both are busy with college..studies..and their friendship.. Only 2 days are remaining for their engagement.. But Arvi is busy with project.. Aishu is busy inviting her friends,teachers etc.. Madhu and Surya is busy with marriage preparations.. Aishu with her engagement she take care of Madhu marriage preparations..
Papa and amma is busy with decorations.. Papa tell her to see aishu’s’s fully with dresses and books here there .. Amma replies him aishu have internals na I can’t say her anything.. Aishu comes there..says amma ill go tomorrow evening na..just one subject amma please.. Amma tell ok..directly after test you’ll go ok..and take tapu with you ok.. Aishu says ok amma ill do one revision and come back..bye now.. Papa tell her have dinner now.. Aishu says papa please..please..goes to her room.. Papa tell she won’t change..I don’t know what will happen arvi.. Amma tell him Arvi love he will understand her don’t worry.. Papa tell her Arvi love her..not aishu na.. Amma tell you’re princess will love him.. Papa tell hope so..they both should be happy..asks her make our princess have food.. Amma goes to do so..

Next day..
Aishu wake up..goes to get ready.. She thinks today one subject..i should do well..else my average will come down.. She takes bath..get ready in salwar suit.. She comes down..see whole house is decorated..many things are done half half.. She goes to kitchen finds amma cooking..says amma im leaving now.. Amma tell her to have breakfast.. Aishu say im tensed amma after test ill have.. Amma gives her juice..she drinks it..then leave for college..

Arvi’s house,,,..
Mom dad Arjun are busy with preparations.. Suji is cooking.. Mom tell her don’t need to cook we will order from have office go get ready.. Suji says mom I took leave don’t worry.. Mom thanks her.. Suji says Arvi will come by are really tensed..take rest.. Mom tell her you know Arshu..both are busy with studies im thinking how will they manage.. Suji says don’t worry..we all are with smile..

Aishu is writing test.. She see’s time..write faster.. She gives paper before half hour and goes.. Her teachers think really marriage matter is making her weak.. She gives paper to respect teacher..tell she left early.. Teacher replies her don’t worry she have written everything..with a extra question.. Other teacher checks it and smile..tell she should get good marks would better if you correct her papers by tomorrow.. Other teacher tells ok..

Aishu and tapu are busy with shopping.. Tapu gives her dresses and ask to try.. Aishu goes to try.. Tapu goes towards other shop..see someone and smiles.. She takes packet from that person and comes to shop where aishu is.. Aishu comes out and say dresses are not good.. Tapu smiles and give her a dress.. Aishu says it’s good..wait ill try.. Tapu smiles remembering arvi and say bro you are right..she liked your selection.. Aishu comes out..tapu asks how is it? Aishu smiles and says perfect.. Tapu says buy other dress for puja.. Aishu says amma told to buy white and yellow colour dress.. Tapu says then lets buy a saree.. Aishu says saree.. Tapu says don’t worry ill help you.. Aishu says ok then.. They buy saree and leave for parlour.. Tapu asks parlour people for bridal makeup.. They tell her we need 3hrs for it.. Aishu says I want to be simple.. Parlour girl suggest her for simple facials..and mehandi.. Aishu tries to say something.. Tapu stops her..say ok then .. Aishu you go ill call amma and come.. Aishu goes inside..tapu calls amma and say work will be completed by 7.we will come back 8.. Amma tell her both have something.. Tapu says ok amma bye..

After 3 hrs.. Aishu hands are filled with mehandi.. Tapu says perfect but something is missing.. Girl asks what mam? Tapu says write her hubby’s name..”arvi”.. Aishu says please don’t’s engagement na.. Tapu smiles and says so hubby he only na.. Aishu glares at her.. Tapu says sorry.. Both leave for home..

At arvi’s house..
Arvi comes inside.. Mom smiles seeing him and tell him she missed so didn’t call me from one week.. Arvi say her mom I wanted to but..sorry mom.. She hugs him and tell its ok..come have dinner..with your dad.. He says ok..ill fresh up and come.. She tell ok..

Precap:arshu’s engagement..

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